Lady GaGa is Officially Madonna Now

July 9th, 2010 // 135 Comments

Here’s Lady GaGa performing on Today this morning and the only possible way she could look more like Madonna in the top pic is if scarab beetles flew out of her mouth and started abducting small black children. No, really, I literally thought it was 1985 for a second and Sean Penn was about to punch somebody in the mouth, that’s how close she nailed it.

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News, WENN


  1. Marika

    Madonna es una diosa. Con fuego a la Lady Gaga.

  2. mel

    this is a to-talent mess.

  3. Lady GaGa Madonna
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  4. Lady GaGa Madonna
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    Where’s the cone tits?? and ………. talent

  5. Lady GaGa Madonna
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    Madonna in pic 1, yeah. After that she’s channeling Hillary Clinton.

  6. captain america

    be original……………………..JUST COPY & BE AMERICAN, folks!!

  7. Cerette

    uff…. I’m getting tired of Lady Gaga already…. when are you going to come out with another album??

  8. Gigi

    Ok, so when did it become ok to simulate “polishing the knob” on live, daytime television (during bad romance/vertical stick)? Gee, hope no one’s kiddos’ pick up that dance move…

  9. So Raven

    hopefully new madonna will show us her bergina. i’m so sick of seeing nudes of old madonna, and never seeing any money.

  10. Fashion Puttana

    Madonna is a MUCH MUCH better dancer but Gaga has the voice.

  11. FunMe

    OK It is July 2010 … I just came back from Venice beach, California nice bar that had some dancing. They were playing a lot of 80s and early 90s music. Of course that included Madonna. I was enjoying it a lot. I was at a birthday celebration at Townhouse at 52 Winward a place in Venice since 1915. anywho .. eh music was hot. I was around my friends from Italy, France, Germany and many other countries. I was telling them I miss the music from Madonna then and that I could still like her, but she sucks now since she is not real. Like a robot. Not genuine.

    Thank goodness for Lady Gaga who is being extra creative. And the best part (as wierd as it is): people are criticizing her. That is a GREAT SIGN that she will suceed for a very long time I love her! (OK, she’s also from my music label and the first musician I like considering my tase are very eclectic and different.

    I love Lady Gaga .. wish Madonna didn’t suck like now (blame her superficiality).

  12. Morgan Freemason

    Italian: ✓
    Bleached Blonde: ✓
    Godawful Music: ✓
    Sometimes Nude: ✓
    Terrible Fashion Sense: ✓
    Appeals Mostly to Gay Men: ✓

    Yep, it’s Madonna.

  13. Kaz

    Madonna alot like gaga both crap fugly hahah

  14. Madonna-Leo (August 16)
    Lady GaGa=Pisces (March 28)

    People are dying to get into the music biz & they have to sell their souls to do it. That’s why they look soulless & mindless after they sell themselves. Their eyes go from brown to tombstone gray & their music is just for the sake of selling CDs.

    The Illuminati has an extremely tight grip on their zombies/ghouls er . . . I mean, artists.

  15. Lady GaGa Madonna
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    She actually looks pretty here.

    • Cock Dr

      Yes, but most straight men will never see anything past that nose. That shape nose just isn’t in style for women of this culture.
      The nose doesn’t seem to be slowing down her domination of western pop culture.

  16. Racer X

    Lady Madonna.

  17. steph

    haha, i think that’s funny Hoda was taking pictures.

    I’m pretty sure Lady GaGa doesn’t care if anyone likes or dislikes her.. the point is, everyone has an opinion about her and we can’t stop talking about her.

  18. rl

    LADY GAGA is a fucking farce, I cant wait for that nasty CUNT to fade away.

  19. RL


  20. The Lady Ga Ga

    I’m rolling around in a BIG pile of $100 bills right now monsters!
    Continue your worship & your hate; you just can’t stop watching though…..can U?!?

    • Melba

      Oh please, Fuck off you dumb ass, you are a fucking idiot. I assume you must like that stupid no talent cunt. And BTW her name is LADY CACA cause she is just a big fucking TURD and will fade away in a few years. You’ll see

      • dean

        she will actually eventually be taken to the cleaners by madonna through the courts. But yes, she is one ugly women

  21. Hanzo

    Am I the only one that noticed the gel inserts in the first picture?
    That’s a dude. A dude with gel tits.

  22. Lady GaGa Madonna
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    …and in the rest of the pictures she officially looks like Richard Nixon in a blonde wig.

  23. Jesus

    Ewww. no straight men like this ugly woman, she has zero sex appeal and she doesn’t even have tits. EEEKKK

  24. Lady GaGa Madonna
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    isn’t that madonna from that fabu film, “whose that girl” ? rent it. it’s a fine , fine, fine piece of cinema.

  25. Stevie

    Lady Gaga is shit next to Madonna period.

  26. TrumanBlue

    Lady GarGoyle is a nasty, mildly talented, dog-faced wench.

  27. paco

    GAGA sound like CACA that means SHIT in spanish.

  28. Nero

    Ugh! She’d look greasy and ugly people love her!

  29. Master Spook

    She’d look like a ripe pimple! Where’re thou master!?

  30. addi

    ugh she has nothing on Madonna!

  31. Lady GaGa Madonna
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    and mad donna is the copy of a cheap whore that desperately wanted to be famous and start sucking and fucking rich old man and spread her legs and always spread her legs and show her crotch to the whole planet, so she can be “FAMOUS” her singing sucks, she plays 0 instruments and her time s up now ! She s 50, she shouldn t be allowed to show her granny crotch and vein-y gross arms anymore… And gaga shouldn t be allowed to show her buterface !!!! She s sooooo damn ugly, at least mad donna was beautiful, but, she had no ass, no hips, no curves like gaga… AAAhh, who cares about gaga and mad donna anyway, both of them are sick pop tarts skanks egomaniac diva bitches starving for fame and gay worshipers

  32. absinthe

    I find most of Gaga’s music to be very different from Madonna’s. Both are great in their own ways. Has anyone else read Gaga’s latest interview with Rolling Stone? She’s very far from stupid. She’s my favorite current entertainer.

  33. sarah l.

    she looks more like gwen stefani, to me!

  34. yo mama


  35. Lady GaGa Madonna
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    Her popularity is confounding. Mediocrity+plagiarism+”magic-mirror-syndrome” passed off as ground breaking. Her refusal to publicly admit Madonna as an influence is farcical. Madonna was iconic, but her gimmicks wore thin back in the 80′s. Re-hashed on Lady G’s Italian grandmother-ish body 25 years later
    is cringe inducing. Lady Germanotta is a product of the reality t.v. phenomenon; the embodiment of dummying down of American culture and elevation of lowest common denominator to celebrity.

  36. Lady GaGa Madonna
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    She’s a dead ringer for Madonna and I don’t think she’s ugly at all. She doesn’t have a fat ass, buck teeth or a bulbous nose either retard!!!

    • TaT

      Then you’re blind. She looks NOTHING like Madonna. And she has all of those things, the nose and buck teeth. She also has TALENT. But, she really needs to get her own identity.

  37. GagaIsGagly


    Lady Gaga is simply UGLY !!!

    I’ve stated what everybody else has been
    thinking for years (and you know it’s true).

    She looks like a combination of BOTH
    Courtney Love (who everyone knows
    had Curt Cobain killed) AND like that
    ugly little kid who was the star of that
    moronic one show called ‘Blossom’.

    Why won’t they all just get a nose job
    and have their jaw/chins fixed already?

    Just because they are rich does not
    mean that they also have a right to
    go around traumatizing society
    with their unattractive faces.

    How dare they?!?!

    Why can’t they all just do
    society a favor and call a
    plastic surgeon already?

    And as things stand so far
    …. ‘Dude looks like
    a Lady…Gaga’
    (except the dude
    is much prettier)


  38. dean

    Madonna should sue lady gagme…what a thief! She is also butt ugly compared to madonna and she moves like she has a rather large stick inserted into her anus….completely unappealing.

  39. Lady GaGa Madonna
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    “Gaga, stop fellating the mic. We’re getting too much feedback.”

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