Lady GaGa is a Dude

Somehow I missed these shots yesterday of Lady GaGa posing as her alter ego Jo Calderone for Vogue Hommes Japan, so here he/she is for your edification. I honestly don’t know what these will do for anybody, but if at least one person says, “Dude, this is gay” I like to believe I made the Internet a safer place.

You’re welcome.

UPDATE: Bumping this to the top because apparently you people can’t get enough of Man-GaGa proving, once again, I will never understand the Internet. That being said, to the person who wrote “Shia LaBeouf?”, you actually made me laugh at a comment which means now I have to kill you and absorb your funny as it steams out. I spelled that out in the Legal section, right?

Photos via ONTD

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