Lady GaGa in Her Underwear at a Mets Game. Why Not?

June 11th, 2010 // 99 Comments

Here’s Lady GaGa at last night’s Mets game wearing basically nothing but her underwear and a pair of fishnets, so I’m sure Katy Perry will complain before smothering a small child with her cleavage at the Teen Choice Awards. “Pfft. Walking around in your underwear is so cliche. Now who wants to see my tits?”

Also, I should probably point out GaGa is sitting in Jerry Seinfeld’s private suite, so he’s probably going to want to burn that thing to the ground if he hasn’t already. I don’t know how an arrangement like this even gets made, but there had to be some sort of pants clause. Or at least a promise not to leave the place smelling like vagina and weird.

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  1. Tommy gun

    Her penis is hidden behind the beer cup.

  2. bob

    The fuck is wrong with this bitch!!! The fuck is wrong with us caring about this bitch. she is famous because you motherfuckers make her famous. boycott her music and she’ll disappear

  3. callie

    “Money can’t buy you class” song by Countess DuLepps of Real Housewives of NY definity applies to Lady Gag me with spoon.

  4. Xander
    Commented on this photo:

    Ugly, contrived, tired- @ss attention whore

  5. Dread not

    Enough with this, C-U-Next-Tuesday, already. Her so called “music” is crap. Her infinite and bottomless attention whoring black hole knows no bounds, so much so, that she sucked the light of her sisters graduation into her pit of patheticness. Fuck you, Gaga, and the horse that rode you on the way in.

  6. shoopa
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    wow, what a stupid whore.

  7. shoopa
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    stupid whore says what

  8. Rachel

    I wish i had the balls to go to a Mets game in just my underwear. But I don’t. But Lady GaGa does. Have the balls that is. Lady Gaga has balls.

  9. Felipe Bondy

    Jack McDowell flipped the bird years back in NY. So not original.

  10. zoomzoom
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    looks chilly

  11. Gen
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    Oh yea, she’s flippin’ off the paparazzi because she fucking hates them! Christ, they would take pictures of anyone dressed like that to a baseball game. How obnoxious can she get…

  12. ana22

    fuck of

  13. Lenny

    Music today has just gone to hell. Look at the people.

  14. sasha
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    Yeah, tell them where you will be, show up in your underwear, and then flip them off when they take your pictue. Pathetic.

  15. Linda
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    Who wears heels to a baseball game?

  16. sara-omg

    what a fucking attention whore … jeez i dunno what people like about her she’s annoying ;S

  17. El Bob

    That Lady Gaga is such a classy fellow.

  18. Quinn
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    This is what she wore at the jail scene in Telephone video. She is wearing the exact same bra, but the bikini bottom is only slightly different. The exact bikini bottom style was worn by the dancers in the video.

  19. John Schmitz
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    The sooner this skank’s 15 minutes are up the better. She should fall off a cliff.

  20. ew

    That thing GagGag is so disgusting. Her music sucks ass and she’s fugly as hell. Why is this bitch famous? She needs to go away forever with a paper bag over her head and duck tape over her mouth.

  21. Mandi
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    Ok, seriously, if a non-famous person was to go out in public like that, they would be arrested and put in the crazy house, so why is she allowed to do it? There is something wrong with this bitch..

  22. Mike Nike

    She looks foolish and not in touch with reality.

  23. ultraviolet72
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    Nice way to be a roll model for preteen girls there Miss Classy

  24. Commented on this photo:


  25. kobe
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    i love her ass

  26. Tyson Carr
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    Id hit it. Love to tap that ass.

  27. Yep

    Clearly the photographers were in the wrong and deserved to be flipped off, as she was obviously just there to watch the game like everyone else. In outfits specifically designed to get attention. And to make it obvious who she was. And have people take photos …

    Sorry, the hypocrisy in her fake act is too much. She needs to just die already.

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