Who Wants To See Lady GaGa Get A Concussion?

June 11th, 2012 // 33 Comments
Lady GaGa
WATCH: Lady GaGa Takes A Pole To The Head

While performing in New Zealand yesterday, Lady GaGa was struck in the head with a pole by one of her dancers who I’m just going to assume is Catholic and/or in possession of a modicum of taste. GaGa still managed to finish the show despite having a concussion but reportedly was overheard in her dressing room saying, “Next show, I’m just flashing my tits at the Middle East. I had a plan, it worked, I don’t know why I tried to change it. Gimme that cone bra.”


  1. USDA Prime McBeef

    I’m so hard right now a cat couldn’t scratch it.

  2. Deacon Jones


    …have to giver her props for not missing a beat, even though she annoys the hell out of me

  3. Damn you, work firewall. If there’s one thing that could brighten my day, this would be it.

  4. Dude of Dudes

    The good news is she’ll start dressing as Massive Headwound Harry.

  5. joe

    Nope. No lip-synching going on there. None. At. All.

  6. kimmykimkim

    Well, I just hope he keeps this part in the show, because if I’m going to pay to go see this woman again, I wanna see real blood this time.

    • You called Lady GaGa “he” and “woman.” I don’t know if I should ask you to make up your mind, or credit you for judiciously giving out one of each.

      • kimmykimkim

        Fucking typo. Sonofabitch! Yeah, no I’m not that clever and I don’t buy into that she has a penis bullshit.

  7. lawn

    The show must go on! I wonder if Katy Perry or Rhianna could take a shot like that and keep on going.

  8. it had to be said

    Good thing she was wearing that helmet. Or, put another way, WTF was she wearing on her head?



  10. Billy Rubin

    Thought she already had one …

  11. Smapdi

    Love it when she takes a spill due to the ridiculous shoes or other clothes she wears, and getting beaned in the melon by a stage prop is pretty good too. Still, if it had happened to Madonna, I’d have to be hospitalized from laughing too hard.

  12. The Royal Penis

    She’s used to taking big poles upside her head.

    Nobody wants to put their poles any place else.

  13. Now we’re even, she’s been giving me a headache for years now.

  14. SeeAlice

    Dale Bozzio is laughing …..

  15. Poser Hater

    I am so sick and tired of all these posers saying they have concussions. I mean an idiot 18 year old canuck walks into glass and he has a concussion. A no talent rip off artist has a pipe dropped on her head and goes on to sing 16 more songs and she has a concussion. I guess the medical definition for “concussion” got expanded to “stupid people doing stupid things.”

  16. kirby

    never has a metal pole contributed more to the world of art, but I am left asking: can it do no more??

  17. Larry Jones

    The only thing that would have made that little snippet better is if she was decapitated by the pole. C’est La Vie.

  18. “Who Wants To See Lady GaGa Get A Concussion?”

    Oh me! Me! Pick me!

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