Lady GaGa Wants A Harvard Man With A Giant Penis

November 29th, 2011 // 65 Comments

“I’m talking this size, and his dad manages a hedge fund.”

In a recent interview with The Sun, Lady GaGa reveals exactly what she’s looking for her in a man:

“It ranges from a really big d-ck to a degree at Harvard.”

Which sounds reasonable until you realize her boyfriend Taylor Kinney is from goddamn Amish country and went to college at West Virginia University. So either he has a gigantic penis, or he does an incredible impression of a Harvard man. “Excuse me, my dear GaGa, I do believe it’s time to shovel the poor off the veranda. Hold my penis, so I won’t trip it over, won’t you? That’s a good lass. Ah, yes, this is just like rowing crew. Did you know we say ‘rowing crew’ at Harvard? Because we do in between inventing Facebook. True story.”

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  1. SisterRay

    Didn’t Madonna say the big dick thing like 25 years ago? Way to be current and shocking…

    • Richard McBeef

      madonna said it better too. and did it better.

      but didn’t every girl say the big dick thing, like yesterday? and the day before, day before that….

    • cc

      Yes, she did. The more time passes the more evident it becomes that Lady Gaga’s has no real creativity or talent. The only creativity comes from the people that design her elaborate costumes.

      • MJB

        @kimmykimkim: You’re right. Woman on Top is a better position but I still don’t want the guy to lay there like a log.

  2. Chrissy

    I think ALL women have said something about the big dick thing before. This has nothing to do with old madge.

  3. who does’t want a big penis?

  4. Help

    Big penis, sure. I’ll pass on the Harvard. Harvard education doesn’t mean anything.

    • cc

      I didn’t go to Harvard but I did go to an Ivy League school and you know what? You are right.

      • jack of jacking off

        You don’t value top tier education yet still went to a prestigious school. You’re like rich people pretending money isn’t important. A hypocrite.

      • “I didn’t go to Harvard but I did go to an [unnamed] Ivy League school” = “I went to Brown (or Penn)”

    • cc

      I am not a hypocrite at all. What I am simply saying is that a) not everyone that gets into those institutions is particularly clever, there is plenty of nepotism, b) even people that get into those schools based on academic merit have other shortcomings that make them less than admirable (think Wall Street) and c) plenty of people who go to ‘lesser’ institutions accomplish a great deal.

  5. MJB

    I’m reminded of a quote by Mae West,”My idea of the perfect man is someone with a high IQ who will make love to you for hours and then turn into a pizza at 4AM.”

  6. ET

    I think if they have a degree from Harvard, they’ll be smart enough not to go near GaGa

  7. Snack pack

    Guess “she” is a fan of sword fights.

  8. riptide

    Why would a Harvard graduate want anything to do with her unless he works on Wall Street stealing money and ran out of potential clients.

  9. suck it

    I Googled “Taylor Kinney” and he is super hot. Wow. Good job Gaga.

  10. rough


    Here’s another one, going through all the bar tenders in the states, while dreaming about marrying some British loser.

  11. jim x

    “what she’s **looking for her*** in a man.”

    Just drop “her” out of the above sentence & you’re good to go, knowhatumsayin?

    You make great lines man! ANd I’m glad you do them quick. Just maybe give it a going over sometimes?

  12. jack of jacking off

    GaGa is 5.1. What the hell would she do with a large d&ck? Climb it?

  13. kimmykimkim

    All I need is a scientist. Dick size not relevant. I have a new obsession.

  14. Grand Dragon

    This is what chicks that are already rich want. Otherwise it’s a man with money that’s too stupid to know or too apathetic to care that she’s banging the unemployed black guy she met at the convenience store on the side.

  15. Dude of Dudes

    Why doesnt she just reach between her legs if she wants some dick.

  16. LauraTheSnod

    Bleh bleh belh it’s only funny when you make fun of celebrities that deserve it.

  17. Sounds about right. Harvard men are used to squeezing their coxswain into a hard soulless scull.

  18. Venom

    That whole women wanting a big penis thing is bullshit or at best partially true.
    Here is the hierarchy of what women really want and surprisingly money or a big penis is not number one.

    1. A funny guy with personality that they can actually talk to. Money and penis size don’t mean shit if you have nothing to talk about and you can’t stand each other.

    2. A funny guy with a little money and is not cheap. I have a buddy who is stinking rich, like $25 million house in Palm Beach rich and has a Ferrari and can’t get a woman to save his life. He asks me all the time what I think the problem is and mainly he is cheap, won’t spend money on women and he has the personality of a dead fish which does not help.

    3. Power. Women love men with power, whether it be a CEO, rapper/movie star or the biggest drug dealer in town. Go to your local bar or club and look at who the women are around, it is the guy that looks like he owns the place, buying everyone drinks etc etc.

    4. For the women that like drugs, drug dealers are king. If you can get them what they crave, it does not matter how fat, hideous and disgusting you are, you can get some top notch women.

    5. Time. Women like a man that pays attention to them and spends and makes time for them. Believe me if you are ignoring your girl and not spending time with her, she will find someone who will.

    6. For women that like intelligent men, there is no substitute.

    7. The women who are obsessed with the whole big penis thing.

    8. Women who like bums for whatever reason that is.

    • Frank Burns

      From the upcoming self-help book “Things To Tell Yourself To Distract You From Your Small Penis”, by Mr. V. “Vienna Sausage” Venom.

      • Venom

        Not small at all buddy, think what you want to, but it is the truth.

        Clearly you are really insecure as you are trying to insinuate on the Internet that you have a big penis because you know it fucking matters on here. What do you think the chicks on here are going to e-fuck you now? lol

        Quite frankly the whole penis size nonsense is irrelevant anyway, because I know very few guys that can’t find a chick to fuck them. Even the most pimply faced video game nerd can find some other pimply faced video game nerd chick to fuck them so big whoop.

        You can go back to jacking off your large Internet penis now Mr. Burns.

      • Frank Burns

        just for that, I’m now not going to buy the book

      • Dan

        +1 Venom

        Though, I think merely from how things work there is probably some threshold that is not satisfying. That being said, I think most women have sex to snag a guy to marry them and then just once in awhile to keep them interested.

    • WhiteKnight

      You could of summed all of that up in one little sentence.

      1) Women are gold digging whores, that want all of the rights but none of the responsibilities.

  19. Lady Gaga Ribbon Cutting Gagas Workshop
    Commented on this photo:

    Post modernist scissors. I’m impressed.

  20. for christ’s sake, you don’t “row crew”. you row.

  21. Lady Gaga Ribbon Cutting Gagas Workshop
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh, it’s a pair of giant pinking shears. I thought she tore off a unicorn’s head. You know, to drink its blood.

  22. Lady Gaga Ribbon Cutting Gagas Workshop
    Commented on this photo:

    “There can be only one! Looking at you, Nicki Minaj.”

  23. kirby

    even if you had a big penis, would it matter? I mean you’d be sticking it in Gaga-gina. that’s enough to make John Holmes’ penis shrink to infant size. can you say “thimble?”

  24. Just Cause

    Who needs other dicks when you have one yourself, eh Gaga?

  25. gaga having a dick is so played out people. If that is the worst you can come up with, you should seriously go back to playing your World Of Warcraft. Haters are her motivators. and btw-little dicks suck and it doesn’t matter what kind of power you have, you do not have the power to please a woman fully. Deal. You may get a romp, but not for life. And if some woman marries you, you will be making it up to her for the rest of your life.

    • kirby

      spoken like a truly fat chick whose ass is so big that she needs a 10″ cock just to inseminate her. Would you think less of a male singer who said “I like women with massive titties!”?

      Really, this whole “I like big dicks” banter is played out. Know why? The avg. size is something like 5 – 5 1/2 inches, and that ain’t massive and yet we are all still here and have been for 10′s of 1000′s of years! Know what that means? It means guys are fucking like crazy and girls are liking it!!!

  26. Bryan

    Sounds like she’s secretly in love with Lexington Steele (granted it wasn’t Harvard, but he did make a lot of money on wall street before going to to other things…)

  27. sexy.brains

    Don’t we all.

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