Lady Gaga’s ‘G.U.Y.’ Video Wasted 365,000 Gallons of Water In The Middle Of A Drought

April 15th, 2014 // 30 Comments
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California is in the middle of an historic drought, so it only makes sense that Lady Gaga blew through 365,000 gallons of water so there wouldn’t be an empty pool in the background while shooting her “G.U.Y.” video at the Hearst Castle. Did the water table write ARTPOP? Then it can go fuck itself. Radar reports:

The pool had to be drained before the shoot because it was leaking 5000 gallons of water each day.
However, once Gaga had finished filming, the water — earmarked to be re-used for on-site irrigation at the state park — was discovered to be unusable, a source who works at the Castle told Radar.
“The water had to be chlorinated because Gaga got into the pool with synchronized swimmers,” the insider, who asked not to be identified, said.
“Since the water was chlorinated, it couldn’t be used for any of the irrigation or landscaping at the Castle. The water was simply drained and disposed of.
“It was a huge waste of water which is such a precious resource in California at the moment because of the draught.”

For those of you living in California, I embedded Lady Gaga’s “G.U.Y.” video below so when the vaqueros begin The Great Water War, you’ll always remember how weird her butt looked as you watch your children die of thirst in a lawless wasteland of dust and hopelessness. Not to mention the Real Housewives are in it, so I don’t see how anyone can act surprised that it foretold the apocalypse. They practically spell it right out.

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  1. Screencaps From Lady Gaga's GUY Video
    Commented on this photo:

    If you’ve ever wanted a sex doll that combines a truck stop stripper with the puppets from the Dark Crystal, here’s the prototype you sick fuck.

  2. Cock Dr

    This pretentious diva believes that her “art” trumps everything else.
    She used to be fun, not so much anymore.

    • …every teen/twenty-something thinks they invented the wheel …whether you love her or hate her, madonna was the first* …xtina (circa ‘dirrty’), kesha, gaga, and miley are just johnny-come-lately …that’s why gaga had to go for vomit …everything else is old hat, and it’s killing her inside, she wants so desperately to be an envelope-pusher. (*some might argue that mata hari or josephine baker were actually first, but i’d argue that was different)

  3. Greg

    Celebs are known to waste resources……it’s what they do.

  4. Smapdi

    They still make music videos? There used to be a channel that played those, but its not around anymore.

  5. She’s a terrible actor, isn’t she? As she hurt-staggered around with her broken wings and then collapsed melodramatically, I kept expecting Jon Lovitz to jump out and shout, :”Actiinggg!”

  6. Kimmykimkim

    We only have to deal with her til they shoot her into space in 2015. I have a feeling she’s either no going to make it, ala Challenger, or she’s not gonna make it back, ala Columbia. That was a thing right? Anyway, go ahead and call me crazy, I know, I know. But you’ll see.

  7. 365 gallons of water, but a video HAD to be made….I mean, would MTV even play the video without the water scene? DOUBT IT!

  8. loeber74

    What is a “video”?

  9. Screencaps From Lady Gaga's GUY Video
    Commented on this photo:

    “As soon as the water touches us, it becomes unsuitable for irrigation.”

    “Is that because of our otherworldly perfection?”

    “No, it’s the multi-drug-resistant gonorrhea, love.”

  10. Barf

    Ugh, the worst part was Andy Cohen

  11. JC

    Born This Way, in Clothes I Can’t Wash Because of Lady Gaga’s Video

  12. Is this really a SNL skit? The Pink Suit Lady Orchestra looks like they stepped over from The Lawrence Welk Show. Getting the dead to rise? The wasted water is not the only tragedy here, what about my eyes?

  13. If only there were some gigantic body of water nearby that California could make use of.

  14. What the fuck is wrong with Gaga lately? It’s just been bad PR move after bad PR move.

  15. jason

    sunlight destroys chlorine over time, there wasn’t any real need to “dispose of” the water. it would have been decholorinated in a day or two

  16. Kronaz

    lol, “an historic” — like we didn’t already know you were a pretentious twat.

  17. queef

    Some pigs are more equal than others.

  18. FraudGa strikes again.

  19. no amount of water can wash away the skankiness of it all….wonder when she will be on Dancing with the Stars….

  20. This website is accurately named, because the author didn’t even bother to read the whole RADAR article, or merely chose to ignore the last paragraph where the RADAR basically admits its whole article is false. The water WAS used for irrigation, there is no story here.

  21. EGM

    The pools and other water elements at Hearst Castle are fed by natural springs on the property, and that has been the case since it was built nearly a century ago. Not a single drop of outside water was used to fill the pool for Gaga. The pool was initially drained because they were leaking through cracks in its base. In exchange for filling up the pool again (using exists water on the property), Gaga donated nearly $300,000 to the foundation that oversees fundraising for large maintenance projects at the site, ostensibly to help repair the pool’s cracks and make it more water efficient. Historical research and attention to official press releases from the state of California (who runs Hearst Castle) totally debunk the point of this article.

  22. old man

    If the maintenance staff had kept the pool in proper working order to begin with, this problem and article would not exist. FAIL.

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