Lady GaGa Got Groped. By a Lady…

December 21st, 2010 // 107 Comments

While apparently taking senior citizen porn to long-overdue heights – Merry Christmas, Grampa! – Lady GaGa was groped by a female fan in Paris yesterday and pay attention to how she reacts: Not with a look to the bouncer, a complaint to HR or yells of “Hey, we’re cousins!” Lady GaGa simply hugs the rogue yam-thief and goes about her business. It’s practically Christ-like, and I think we can all learn something a little here today. Except by all I mean women because you’re holding all the boobs and I refuse to negotiate. Trips to the mall and “really listening.” HA! Do your worst.

EDIT: Almost forgot a pic.

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  1. KKAIT

    i had a dream a couple of nights ago that lady gaga died. Apparently it WAS just a dream

  2. one legged

    that is a robot

    all people are aloud to touch any robot

  3. Pangulin

    You all have it wrong ..Lady CaCa was trying to hug the woman and the woman was pushing Mother Monster’s ass away! “Don’t you dare hug me beatch!”

  4. wim

    only women are allowed to touch this “Granny”.

  5. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
    Commented on this photo:

    This just in to the news desk” Lady Gaga to star in remake of “Bel Ami” after on street audition for the role of Bel. Catherine Deneuve is said to be furious at the selection of a wooden faced, tranny rock star for the role.”

  6. janicethompson456

    nowadays, the popular words are oh my ladygaga…we can see how popular she is…

  7. Gando

    All what we’re trying to do is to restore a mistake what was made thousands if not tens of thousands of years ago. The Chosen One selects his own people. If you aren’t in this selection, don’t bother him again. The size of his task is bigger and heavier than anyone of you can ever imagine. And finally it’s in sake of all human beings.

    • Galtacticus

      It started out with the Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons. Something went wrong… All what we could find was this (bit reluctant) Chosen One to do the job. Hopefully he’ll get less reluctant.

  8. Rough, the tool of my trade

    ♫ I just got rough, and it felt so goood♫

  9. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
    Betty White
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    I can’t wait to taste her muffin.

  10. Lady GuyGuy

    Good! She’s been sexually assaulting the world ever since she started performing in horrible revealing attire.

  11. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
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    that jacket is fanfkntastic, beyond gorge…and the rings are amazing, number 7 is the best pic, other than that, she’s a looney toon who is trying sooo hard, its kinda sad.

  12. Caper

    “Lady GaGa meets Lady TaTa.”

  13. bereaud

    whao decidement cette girl est faite pour etre une bombe ambulante ta vu un peu ces nichons merdes si j’etais un ami je voterai surement le;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.bereaud

  14. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
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    At no time does she actually look at the woman who is feeling her up. Even when she sort of hugs her.

  15. Jeffrey

    Lady Caca’s titties are to her knees. Those are some saggy tits even for a fake 24-year old and what’s with the blonde Frankenstein wig.

  16. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
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    ILLLL who want to kiss tht face n grab her tits n pull her dreess apart to see her naked wow trust me honey there isnit nutiin under there

  17. Brah

    Do your boobs hang low, do they hang down to the floor, can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow…

  18. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
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  19. Big Dick

    Id grope her all night, then shag her for 15 hours untill she dies

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