Lady GaGa Fell Off a Piano

April 12th, 2011 // 99 Comments

The Internet was built for exactly two things: Porn and watching people almost die from hilarious injuries. Somehow, this video of Lady GaGa falling onstage in Houston qualifies as both. Here she is proving the numbing qualities of cocaine by surviving a ridiculous tumble that sent her careening off then under a piano while singing the entire time. Although she did miss a beat, so I’m going to have to dock her points despite the Grim Reaper standing backstage going, “Here she comes, here she comes, here she comes- ah, you’re fuckin’ kidding me.”

Photos: YouTube


  1. Elizabeth

    too bad

  2. Phil McCracken

    A video actually exists of this incident which *hasn’t* been pulled down by the Internet Nazis? Wonders will never cease.

  3. Lady GaGa Falls Fell Piano Stage
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    Damn, glad she was okay, but got back up and going strong again. sounds like tough women out there.

  4. dosa

    nishe recovery

  5. Anna

    this pretty much looks like the usual routine of her performance…

  6. ilovekatyperryandcummonher

    hahah dumb bitch

  7. anonym

    she fell gracefully.

    i wish she had hit her head though.

  8. Lady GaGa Falls Fell Piano Stage
    oh i know
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    funniest thing i’ve seen all week…lmao!!!

  9. Lady GaGa Falls Fell Piano Stage
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    That fall was far shorter than the one she took out of the ugly tree…. a lot less branches on the way down too.

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