Lady GaGa Fell Off a Piano

April 12th, 2011 // 99 Comments

The Internet was built for exactly two things: Porn and watching people almost die from hilarious injuries. Somehow, this video of Lady GaGa falling onstage in Houston qualifies as both. Here she is proving the numbing qualities of cocaine by surviving a ridiculous tumble that sent her careening off then under a piano while singing the entire time. Although she did miss a beat, so I’m going to have to dock her points despite the Grim Reaper standing backstage going, “Here she comes, here she comes, here she comes- ah, you’re fuckin’ kidding me.”

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  1. MLVC

    this is one obituary i have been waiting to read…i bet her penis broke her fall…the music business would be better with this she-male dead

    • Colin

      Get a life you loser. Would love to see internet cowards like you say shit like this to someone in real life.

      • ChinaSuperficial

        MLVC – She has a billion youtube views and enough money to buy NASA. You have your mum’s basement.

      • KV

        I’ll do it for MLVC. DROP DEAD COLIN !!!! And please take Superficial China with you !!! See you in hell !!!! XOXO

      • MLVC

        bring her/him to me and i will say it to him/her face assbag

      • Brad

        or the balls to get up on stage wearing a speedo and sing. I’m not even into Gaga but feel that comments like this deserve a virtual bitch slap.

        GFY looser.

    • You people really take this cite seriously don’t you. This is a place to talk shit… one cares how many celebrity assholes you be eating

    • KV


    • Ron Mexico

      I’d triple team gaga. Me and two pit bulls., Heyyyyyy.

    • horn dog

      Yikes – looks like the scrotum was ripped beyond repair in the first photo. What a shame.

      AND: the largest LOL I have experienced since perusing this site was looking at the succession of photos of this hack busting her/his ass. That’s what you get for lifting Bowie’s persona, WHORE!!!

      • ChinaSuperficial

        MLVC – You want Lady Gaga to come to your mum’s house, introduce herself to your parents, apologize for the limo blocking the minivan, politely complement your dad’s mounted deer head, walk down the stairs to the basement, wait for you to finish watching gangbang porn, then ask you to denounce her for being a secret man? Okay, sure, I will call her agent and set it up. How is Friday for you? LG had planned to take a swim in her olympic sized pool of $100 bills that afternoon, but she can make time for you….

      • MLVC

        friday will work for me…i will make sure to have plenty of ammo in my rifle…maybe i will ask madonna to come along, since this is a copy cat of what she did years for my parents China – they were both killed by a drunk driver less than a year ago, so when you send the worlds greatest shemale over, have her/him bring some roses

  2. Trippleguns

    at least she kept singing. Maybe she should have stayed in the egg…LOL!!!!!!

    • Town Cock

      He/she kept singing ’cause it’s all taped, they don’t do anything life, these days, especially while on crack and other shit! Mr Ga Ga probably was wearing a jockstrap w/cup to take the fall!

  3. The hearts of gay men everywhere just skipped a little beat.

  4. Kylanyx

    It’s interesting that at no point in the video do you see anyone rushing to help her. It’s like it was orchestrated or something. Either someone behind the scene won a prank bet or lost a death poll bet.

    • LJ

      If you watch the first part of the video, there is a roadie who runs up behind the piano, but by the time he arrives she is upstage.

      • Kylanyx

        Ahh, my bad. Still you’d think she’d have more handlers around. I mean look at how many she had for the egg. :D

  5. Sizzle

    It’s ok. Her nose broke her fall.

  6. Black and blue is the new black.

  7. Nome King

    Great way to start the morning.

  8. ted

    She’s always had a “fallen off a piano” face.

  9. Richard McBeef

    I’m pretty sure Madonna never fell off a piano and it’s a bit strange that Gaga would just go and do it on on her own.

  10. Bubba

    ..this is the happiest moment of my life. My wedding means nothing compared to seeing this…..

  11. Mandi


  12. Fuck me what stunning poise. Truly one of the three graces.

  13. Dan

    I am impressed she kept singing…

  14. KillerKyle


    • MDIZ

      There is no god… If there were he would have shown us mercy and took her out.

      • Or, one could take this as a sign that the angry Old Testament god is at work, and that he wants everyone to suffer.

        Actually, I don’t really mind Gaga so much…at least she’s more talented than Rebecca Black.

  15. Lady GaGa Falls Fell Piano Stage
    Commented on this photo:

    All fall only few manage to get up, she in my books is one of the later

  16. In other news, this is the first time I have found her body attractive. Nice to see she has hips and some wiggle.

  17. Ron Burgundy

    Well…she didn’t fall hard enough…

  18. Reido

    Credit for getting up and continuing. I would’ve guessed she would have ended up with a rolled ankle, but those super high tops must afford a great deal of ankle support.

  19. me

    I don’t like Lady Gaga, but you have to admit that was pretty awesome she sang THROUGHOUT the fall.

    • Chinto

      You mean lip synched through it. No one takes a fall like that and stays completely “on pitch”.

      • Haylan

        actually she never lip synchs. she is known for always singing live. and since i was at this specific houston show, i can guarentee you she wasn’t lip synching. she’s just really good at what she does.

      • Marley

        Which is singing really fucking horribly.

  20. Deacon Jones

    One of the roadies told me the stage under her spread legs melted through like the grate floors in “Aliens”.

  21. the only opinion that matters

    Do not give a rats ass what you haters say, saw her in concert, she was amazing, I am NOT a man, gay or otherwise. This woman has talent, more than Madonna by far (I saw Madonna in concert too).

  22. You think she fell, but really there was just a gay solider under the piano she wanted to hang with.

  23. krunkkybooty

    Isn’t the whole falling down thing kind of her schtick? I’ve heard she does this crap all the time. I’d still do her in the butt. I’m jus sayin.

  24. jack

    Nothing to complain about really. She fell, she handled it. Next article pls!

  25. shit if it’s not off a cliff i’m not interested

  26. the captain

    don’t say a word.

  27. jojo

    Even a piano tries to avoid chlamydia.

  28. She has the grace of Amber Portwood and the good looks of Gary Shirley.

  29. The Observer

    Fuck all you haters. I’m no fan of hers, but I do know someone who keeps the show going at all costs. Good on ya Stephanie….

  30. tits

    all things considered, she fell with grace AND kept singing, hate her or love her, that is the mark of a true performer.

    • Charmless Man

      She wasn’t singing at all. See when she puts her mic down to push herself up? Notice how her voice is mysteriously still coming from the speakers?

      These days, if you’re not from a band that actually plays their own instruments, you don’t sing live. And sometimes not even then.

  31. YES! whahahaha I don’t know why I just got so much satisfaction

  32. What? No hair on fire? I miss Michael….

  33. Mazaltov! Its a bris!

  34. What does she have against clothes???

  35. The Critical Crassness

    Having been successful with her “Fall from the Piano” musical, Lady Gaga announced today that her new stage show entitled, “I Fall Off the Stage” will be released in 2012 and it will be EPIC!

  36. jim eh

    And the video’s down… fuckin assholes.

  37. noooooooo

    Steal the random classic piano music from family guy, turn the video black and white with some film effect and play it in fast motion back and fourth and you have a legend in the making.

  38. Lady GaGa Falls Fell Piano Stage
    antoine bugleboy
    Commented on this photo:

    I would say “play her off, keyboard cat”…but I fear she just killed keyboard cat, and will now likely wear his squashed carcass as a cape.

  39. I for one am glad she didn’t die. The last thing we need is for today’s kids to turn her into their Kurt Cobain. Let her keep being their Courtney Love.

  40. Lady GaGa Falls Fell Piano Stage
    Double D
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    And now the floor has herpes.

  41. Doc Scweinstrudel

    ah, THAT’S HOW she came to be…

  42. anon

    stupid bitch needs to die

  43. It looks like she was jumping off for an extreme penetration on the mic stand, but misjudged the distance and tried to play it off as “oops I fell”

  44. kimmykimkim

    I don’t care what you motherless asshats say. GaGa is one bad bitch.

  45. I came here ready to join in the shredding but damn, that was pretty hardcore of her. I bawled like a girl last time I smashed my pinkie.

  46. Lady GaGa Falls Fell Piano Stage
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    I think she was trying to play hide the microphone stand and missed.

  47. Lady GaGa Falls Fell Piano Stage
    Commented on this photo:

    I love her so much! Are you okay Gaga!?!

  48. Lady GaGa Falls Fell Piano Stage
    Big Ass Bunny Feet
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    And she’s back!

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