Lady GaGa Bought Her Fan McDonalds, Actually Looked Half-Normal

Half-normal for Lady Gaga that is. Anyone else looked like this, your family would stage an Intervention and demand to know where you’re hiding the heroin.

Lady GaGa fans – a.k.a. “Little Monsters” because she rips off Fred Savage too – stood outside Chateau Marmont yesterday and apparently sang to her while she got ready to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Moved by their worship, her heart grew three times in size and she fed them all McDonald’s. Go ahead and read that again: McDonald’s. Maybe it’s because Lady GaGa is so avant garde and the one true, living, breathing theater, but I seriously can’t wrap my head around her doing something so mundanely commercial as springing for a fast food run. Did her assistants hear her right? Because I’m pretty sure she said, serve them a solitary sprig of okra with a bindi on it, but it was muffled by the steampunk fishbowl she calls a sleeping mask. That’s probably it.

Photo: Bauer-Griffin, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News

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