Lady GaGa’s Bodyguards Will End You

August 17th, 2012 // 75 Comments
Lady GaGa
WATCH: Lady GaGa's Bodyguard Takes Out A Fan
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While leaving a hotel in Romania yesterday, an autograph seeking fan who looks suspiciously like your dad tried to approach Lady GaGa only to find himself instantly choke-slammed into a glass door and dropped like a sack of potatoes. Except the really amazing part is if you were to stop the video right after the takedown, you’d just assume you witnessed a murder because there’s no way that guy isn’t dead. But as you keep watching, not only does everyone in the lobby go about their business as if nothing happened, so does the guy who now has a knee to his neck. He literally gets up off the floor like this sort of thing happens to him every day and practically gives this bodyguard a polite nod on his way out. “Same time next week then? Splendid. Off we go!”

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  1. yyyenoo

    She always says she loves her fans and she shows it through her boys.

  2. Um he wanted an autograph lol

  3. Smapdi

    Looks kinda staged to me – based on camera position and how the guy who was taken down reacted. Still, good for the bodyguards, at least they weren’t up in their rooms banging hookers like the Secret Service.

    • Beaver Underground

      The guy was shocked. Didn’t expect this. He walked away like that because of it. This wasn’t staged. Gaga must choose better guards. She doesn’t have too many fans to lose.

    • Emma Watson's Vagina

      it also looks staged to me. as the picture is too clean and does not look like a cell phone cam. because if they did that to him then they would have done that to the camera person taking the movie. not to mention someone would have detained him. in fact the camera guy has a copyright on it. since this was not a practice session the guy who was attacked has to act as well.

      • Burt

        There’s are many different ways for celebrities to make cash. Selling pictures and videos of themselves to tabloids is one of them. I’m convinced that’s how Lindsay Lohan manages to pull 2 million dollars per yer.

  4. Eddie Hitler

    I don’t know why this wouldn’t be considered “assault” by anyone’s standards. Typical sheep, walk away and pretend nothing has happened. Or maybe this is just more “conceptual performance art” bullshit.

  5. YourKneeIsOnMyThroat

    The guy *did technically* bypass the barriers holding the crowd back. He wasn’t a guest of the hotel and security did their job…

  6. alex

    You people miss the point, he will sue Gaga, the security staffing company and the hotel. They just bought him a new house for the future years of pain and suffering (blurred vision, headaches, general pain, etc.).

    • Right, because this totally happened in the U.S. and not in Romania. *rolls my eyes*

      • alex

        What are you a fucking lawyer? You can’t sue a US citizen in the US for something that happened in some crappy armpit of an eastern bloc nation? That video seems to be all the proof needed.

        Roll your eyes elsewhere fuck-o.

      • Burt

        Right, you can’t sue an American in Romania….If you ever travel abroad and get in trouble with the law, please tell the cops, “You can’t arrest me, I’m an American. I demand to talk to my ambassador”. Us foreigners really love American self-importance…I swear.

  7. Dan Quayle

    Fisting goat measles

  8. CptCreep

    If i was someone who had people eager to wear my face skin as their face skin I would have a team of assassins too. He didn’t seem too worse for wear when he left and maybe next time he doesn’t sprint at her yelling “FRANKS AND BEANS!”. Watch it again, it happens exactly that way.

  9. FudgeSticks

    I geuss that cow really doesn’t love her fans as much as she professes. She is basically the Joyce Myer of the pop world. She talks a big game, but all it really comes down to is the money.

  10. don't be stupid

    Bodyguards did their job. Could have been a nut with a knife.
    If someone is dumb enough to charge at a celebrity with guards, they deserve to get manhandled. Notice the guards completely ignored the few people just standing calmly.

    • In some shithole like Romania, sure.

      If it was in the US, it would set a terrible precedent. We can’t have the whole country turning in to Florida.

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        jesus fucking christ. the pussification of america. homeboy got thrown down because he ran up on a celeb flanked by bodyguards. and he got right back up. it’s not like he got his ass kicked in or something.

      • The pussification of America is exacerbated by walking around with bodyguards in the first place.

        The Crypt Keeper herself doesn’t “need” that kind of protection, let alone this third-rate copycat.

      • the whole enchilada

        Madonna’s guards are plentiful and quite aggressive. They damn near pulled off my hand as I was opening a door because she was coming through.

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        Let’s ask John Lennon or any of the celebs that have creepy stalkers attempting to break into their homes and whatnot why celebs should have bodyguards.

      • shithole like romania :))))…..u have no idea what you’re talking about…but obviously being american u think you’re better than others….just like lady gaga thinks she’s god or satan or whatever she thinks she is

      • Being better than you has nothing to do with the fact that I’m an American.

      • :)…ok if that makes u feel better u r i’m not going to disrespect your country only because of u ;)

  11. Lady GaGa is a self important celebrity who is in it for the money? Suuuure. Next, you’re probably going to tell me that WalMart didn’t open up in my town to help pay for the little league field.

  12. Beaver Underground

    Gaga’s reaction just made me level up on my hatred for this cunt. The bodyguard overreacted and if he can’t distinguish an autograph hound from a threat he has no business doing this.

  13. Emmanuel

    Lady gaga doesn’t practice what she preaches, her love for her fans is just a fucking publicity stunt. I’m so fucking fed up with artists that proclaim they’re against violence when the truth is that they only care about money n fame, this video shows that Gaga didn’t say anything to her security. Clearly Lady Gaga is jut another fucking ungrateful artist who doesn’t give shit for the people who made her famous “WE THE SOCIETY” who were deluded by her fake words and persona Fuck You GAGA and your bloody yanks Bodyguards!!!!!!!!!.
    Thanx Superficial for always showing the truth about Hollywood.

    • You should really lay off the paint huffing…it’s clouding your judgement.
      If you actually watch the video, Gaga doesn’t see the guy until AFTER he is taken down, so how the F*CK is she supposed to know his intentions or if he is, in fact, a fan? As far as she knows, the guy had a knife in his hand you douche.

    • Bosede

      I’d ride wth you to the end on that…how in the hell can she really love her fans. yet just walks on like nothing is happening in the midst of a person (she’s payng) has their mutha-f@#king knee at the throat of a person at her expense…WOW!
      It is something that we are all born with a “heart” yet some of us can just avoid using it.

    • Burt

      The thing is, her bodyguards wouldn’t have been doing their jobs if they hadn’t made her get out of there as swiftly as possible. It’s their job to make her do what’s best for her safety, even if it goes against her instinct (which might have been to ask if the guy was okay if they had allowed her the time to think about it).

  14. diegoga

    hahaha! love it! fat ppl = stupid.

  15. USDA Prime McBeef

    I hate Gaga, yet I love seeing people getting their heads slammed into glass. So I’m quite conflicted here.

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      Well, I guess I can masturbate to a Gaga video. Shit. I feel a bit of shame, but not much. Then again, I never feel too much.

      • kimmykimkim

        Was it “LoveGame”? That’s a good one to masturbate to. Let’s see what else, um…”Bad Romance”, definitely good for masturbatory material. Really they’re all good to masturbate to if you just turn off the sound and focus on her hot body. So I’ve heard…

      • [img][/img]

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        You know I’d go totally submissive gay for you in a heartbeat, TF.

      • kimmykimkim

        Aw, you two! *Gasp* Of course, I’ll be a bridesmaid! I look best in cool colors as opposed to warm. Just something to keep in mind when you guys pick out your colors.

      • Andrea

        it is because of the difadferadent imgaes lady gaga and beyadonce9 have built for themadselves. lady gaga has been brazen from day one, beyadonce9 has always had a sort of wholeadsomeadness. she’s from texas — it’s her southaderna0charm.the cenadsorading is tongue in cheek and an intenadtional part of the video. it plays off the genadderading of the two charadacadters. lady gaga has been “a bad bad girl,” but she is reminds us of the jailed boyfriend. beyadonce9 is the woman waitading at home for her lover. all the genadder is really wonadderadfully conadfused in this video, and the deciadsion to coyly bleep beyadonce9 and not gaga is a delibaderadate styladisadtic eleadment that enhances the naradraadtive of thisa0video!

  16. El Jefe

    He got what he deserved, he was lucky he was not shot.

  17. O.o

    Gaga looked pretty shocked for a sec like “oh what’s going on” but still walks on, if she really liked her fans she would have called her “dog” off and still would have given the guy her autograph and appoligize quickly… .
    sure she doesn’t NEED to appoligize but like i said if she really cared, she would have… .

  18. Wendy

    What an asshole Gaga is. That level of bodily harm to people should be reserved only for leaders of countries, are people of actual important. Not pop stars the guy clearly just wanted an autograph and they could have stopped him without so much force.

  19. Bosede

    Now that’s some bull-shit, how does she allow a fan (one of the people that made her who she is today) to be treated that way for trying to get an autograph….WOW! SMDH

  20. vandinz

    LOOK OUT! HE’S GOT PAPER! Stupid bitch. Sue the cunt.

  21. mismy

    That “become a social worker” ad is the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen..

  22. cousinpaco

    I’m more interested in the hottie leaving the hotel just ahead of GaGa.

  23. kimmykimkim

    Hahaha! That last sentence almost made me snort. Hahaha!

  24. Devilish Diva

    I like how this ugly, so-so talented pretentious cunt practically clutches herself rather ladylike after a fan approaches her with pen and paper.
    I’m on the fence whether this is staged or not. The level of force was unnecessary.

  25. kimmykimkim

    Not staged at all. That guy should’ve waited outside just like everybody else. He fucking charged at her. If I were in her position and some guy charged at me like that, my bodyguards better do their goddamn job. And then she’s whisked away, obviously startled, by her other bodyguard, because, when you have a hundred damn fans outside, who have maybe even been camping out waiting for you, you don’t worry about that one crazy dude who thinks he doesn’t need to wait because he’s “special.” You go outside and you greet the fans that have been waiting patiently. For hours and hours.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Gaga has had to fire at least one bodyguard who was a bit over protective.

  26. lily

    LOL shes lucky to have giant dudes to deck people who walk near here….if only

  27. joho777

    That fool really charged her.

    Good work from her bodyguards, they just put him on the ground. I would have hurt him more than that!

    • El Jefe

      Thank you for being one of the few with a brain to realize that she was being charged by a large middle aged man. The bodyguards reacted swiftly and appropriately. Who knows in a split second if someone is harmless or dangerous when they are coming that fast at you.

      I bet John Lennon wished he had bodyguards and ones as good as these guys.

  28. SFRowGuy

    He’ll rear-end me? I don’t know LGG. What does he look like? (I do have some standards.)

  29. See Alice

    Lady GaGa should be arrested for loitering in front of a band .

  30. Pat C.

    1) Why did the guy charge her instead of simply walking up to her?
    2) How did the commenters determine that he actually was a fan? Charging someone doesn’t prove you’re a fan.Even wanting an autograph doesn’t prove you’re a fan. If you want an autograph so you can sell it, that would be in the same category as paparazzi. I hope no one claims paparazzi are basically fans.

    • Emma Watson's Vagina

      people who sell autographs usually go where the normal fans go. they do not jump in there like that. and usully they approach the guards . like over here the closest an autograph seller would go is by the door. and they would apprach slowly.

  31. anonym

    overrated bitch

  32. ash

    that was great!! go bodyguards!!

  33. MFBINC

    i love seeing jagoffs like this slammed to the pavement….

  34. Onyx Blackman

    Not violent enough.

  35. mol

    love when celebs forget that the fans are what give them the lavish lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to … you don’t have to sign the autograph, but you don’t need to cringe because the “filthy beast” almost touch you, or sick Brutus and Rocko on the guy ..

  36. Burt

    Was that Pierce Morgan slamming the guy down?

  37. I guess that’s what growing up during a dictatorship buys you: a knee to the neck is just another way to say “Good Morning”.

  38. It's Staged.

    I direct movies, I was sent here by my daughter, I have taken a look at it, and the bodyguard scene is as staged as Broadway. Believe it. It’s all found right here:

    ” this ugly, so-so talented pretentious cunt practically clutches herself rather ladylike after”

    You are correct. Here is why.

    Gaga is a bad actress. She knew the “attack” was coming and was acting, and prepared for it, and self-consciously affected a look of “Oh! My!” which is what a bad actress does.

    Had she been truly surprised, her reaction would have looked and been a lot more real.

    The man looks like a roadie on her crew, and actually the “takedown” looks stunt choreographed so as not to harm him for real. I’ve worked with A-list stars and have seen real takedowns – this isn’t one. Does she think those of us who work around celebrities for real do not recognize what “crew” looks like? Crew are unmistakable. The man is loading crew.

    What kind of celebrity fakes relevance to fans like this?

    She wants people to think she’s so appealing fans can’t keep their hands off her. My daughter asked me two nights ago if Gaga is so popular and has such star power, why has nobody stalked her, yet.

    That’s a good question. To me, as a Hollywood director, she lacks that certain (snap fingers).

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