Lady GaGa’s Bodyguards Will End You

While leaving a hotel in Romania yesterday, an autograph seeking fan who looks suspiciously like your dad tried to approach Lady GaGa only to find himself instantly choke-slammed into a glass door and dropped like a sack of potatoes. Except the really amazing part is if you were to stop the video right after the takedown, you’d just assume you witnessed a murder because there’s no way that guy isn’t dead. But as you keep watching, not only does everyone in the lobby go about their business as if nothing happened, so does the guy who now has a knee to his neck. He literally gets up off the floor like this sort of thing happens to him every day and practically gives this bodyguard a polite nod on his way out. “Same time next week then? Splendid. Off we go!”

Photos: Getty, Splash News

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