Lady Gaga Wears a Blue Merkin Now, Of Course

And now back to the important news.

Lady Gaga performed at the Much Music Awards last night and demonstrated her keen, almost genius attention to detail by making sure the massive pubic wig sticking out of her pants matched her hair color. Had it been red, I’d think we can all agree this would’ve been fucking ridiculous, but fortunately she’s the walking embodiment of social commentary, according to her new Communist bestie. Via Page Six:

Lady Gaga has struck up a strong friendship with mysterious Marxist Slavoj Zizek, dubbed “the world’s hippest philosopher.”
… In a recent blog post titled “Communism Knows No Monster,” Zizek called Gaga “my good friend” and said, “There is a certain performance of theory in her costumes, videos and even (some of) her music.” He says her infamous meat dress is a reference to “the consistent linking in the oppressive imaginary of the patriarchy of the female body and meat, of animality and the feminine.”
… Zizek, who once described himself as “communist in a qualified sense” and a “radical leftist,” will be a visiting professor at NYU, where Gaga once studied. He’ll teach German in the fall.

“And vhen she shows her titties to zee people, zees is vhere you vill find a cry for zee vorker to receive his vair share of zee riches. Das titties are everyone’s! Es lebe, Lady GaGa!”

Photo: Splash News

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