Lady GaGa Bites It

June 23rd, 2010 // 234 Comments

Here’s Lady GaGa biting it at Heathrow Airport this morning which seems almost impossible once you look at her shoes. You’d just assumed 20-foot-tall platforms would be the most stable piece of footwear known to man. Like wearing rollerskates on a field of marbles. Then again, this is Lady GaGa we’re talking about, so she probably made them herself out of papier mache to get Tim Burton’s attention. “He’ll have to notice me now. Wait, we’re going down, deploy the zeppelin belt!” *crash*

Photos: Flynet, INFdaily


  1. Wishbone
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    WHAT. A. FOOL.

  2. Kitty Karloso
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    Skinny?! Ha! Look at those chubby stumps she calls arms and legs. She only looks thin in her videos because they fix it.

  3. S J West
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    What an absolute fucking idiot. I mean she looks like a bad transvestite for fucks sake? What next? I wanna see her in an outfit looking like a pile of vomit next. Or a big log of shit?

  4. black jesus

    dumb bitch

  5. Jebus
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    Kimberly is a maroon too, apparently.

  6. fail
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    looks like her stupid fucking shoes buckled under the pressure of her stupidity

  7. Brooke
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    See, I can get her wearing goofy stuff for photo shoots and for shows, but this is what you get for wearing KISS footwear at the airport or whatever. I wore high heels to the airport once, and with all that walking it’s not worth it. Lady Gaga, buy yourself some sneakers. We don’t really care if you keep up this silly image of yours all the time… you weren’t doing this four years ago when nobody knew who you were, so get over yourself and buy something functional.

  8. Commented on this photo:

    I think her cape had something to do with it

  9. Randal's Rectum

    Whoa there fashionista. You don’t have to rush, the audience will wait for one of YOUR stellar performances. Be careful. We don’t want to lose the unmatchable talent that has landed on earth to lift us up from these hard times.

    Randal’s Rectum

  10. Ted

    In fairness, if you’re walking around all day with a tucked-back penis, you’re bound to stumble at some point.

  11. Marcella
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    Hows that for karma bitch? She broke her phone too. She tweeted but deleted.

  12. Kalia

    He he he ha, This is funny. But, I guess, Everyone trips over their own 2 feet. Yup. I sure do. lol

  13. captain america

    ……….that she is able of FAKING americans?

  14. jane Gray
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    Does she think looking like a fool is good publicity?? She looks so so stupid!!Well , she wants attention , any kind of attention!!

    D U M B

  15. Jay Jeffries

    I see gayyyboy Randal is posting here again; too bad.

    As for hermy caca, wouldn’t it be HILARIOUS if, everytime he/she/it walked around like a stupid f*cking dumbass on foot tall shoes, someone pushed him/her/it over so she/he/it fell like the stupid dumbass it is? Hermy cac falling over & over & over until it stopped being an attention whoring assh*le; that would be GREAT…

  16. jane Gray
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  17. hypocryte?
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    i cannot stand this woman cause shes constantly trying to make a show of herself and her music has no emotion and no story to tell.
    but i really want the lower-half of her outfit. shoes included

  18. RasputinsLiver



    …guess supposed edgy fashion is a risky business, man.


  19. Blech

    OK. I don’t only come to this site for the articles (which are usually quite funny) but for the comments.

    I couldn’t get half-down this thread without spewing my water.


  20. Owow
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    You know with shoes like that – falling on your face is gonna happen sooner than later

  21. dissernin

    can you JUST imagine being SO idiotic AND so played out with a trip ?
    she’s a fuggin moron …

  22. jerry
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    fucking retard.

  23. jess
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    seriously? ha. you know I guys thats just what she gets. she falls down in her rediculous shoes & no one is there to help her up but someone is there taking a picture of her as she falls & struggles to get back up.

  24. ozgal

    About bloody time.

  25. rachel


  26. the biggest bitch evar
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    “.. i wonder how the floor tastes like…”

  27. TapDatAss

    Shame what a retarded woman she is …….can’t wait till 1 of her weird outfits actually kills her….now that would be funny :D

  28. Rhialto

    It’s most unlikely but if she’s ever going to meet a sane person in the near future.Punch her hard in her face!

  29. Master Spook

    Who wanna get laid by 24 virgins folks!?

  30. Darth

    If you aren’t blessed by talent and good looks.Most likely you’ve to walk on your toes!

  31. Randal

    Hi, i m a fat gay well known as “Perez HILTON”.. I Love lady gaga s nose and penis, they re so unique, original, and so “artistic” i wish she could lick my arsehole so i can feel her unique beautiful nose on my balls.. Even the way she falls is unique look at her people, isn t she beautiful, perfect and aaaaaaaaaoooooohhh awesomeeeeeeee !!! gaga awesome queen of fags look at her damn you, she s the most original artist in the world alejandro ale ale jajandro wooooooah, i just can t get enough of this new “mad-donna” this new taste of the month and sooooo relevant song writer gaga ooo làlà disco stick buter face su bolsillo alejandro pa pa paparazziii, such unique lyrics in the whole planet !!! Thumbs up for caca, the new goddess of bullshit on the floor !!!! coz she wants so badly to be unique !!

  32. Master Spook

    We could have her easily hashassinated….. Must i?! Master?!

  33. She would look well on crutches

  34. Lou
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    Wooohooo!!! Platform shoes Freestyle competition winner, looool

  35. kitty furry
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  36. Sandra
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    made my day shinner ^_^

  37. Eric
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    who flies in that kind of get-up? what an attention whore.

  38. Some people think she is unstable.

  39. kayneisgay

    Wish she had POKEDHERFACE into the concrete !

  40. mafme
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    That’s a long fall. How pleasing.

  41. RasputinsLiver


    Leave the costumery and the image for the stage, kid.

    And when off-stage just be a normal human being. Quit buying into your own PR created hype.


  42. Commented on this photo:

    its bout time one of her horrific outfits fights back. sometimes she is edgy and funky but most of the time she just looks ridiculous. eat it lady gaga…haha!

  43. Mrdiamondcut

    …hmmm… Amy Winehouse…Lindsey Lohan…What goes up, must fall down.

  44. Lady GaGa at home……. damn, I’m glad to take that fake ass shit off, removing costume and fake nose. Now let me read the superficial and see what the kids are saying…… Baaaahhhhhahhahah BAAAAAAAHHHAHAHAHAH, they know it’s fake and they still pay to see it. Baaahahhahahahahh, what a bunch of bitchy ass, no talent, losers. Now butler, please replace the roll of toilet paper in my bathroom with a roll of 1,000 dollar bills….thanks.

  45. ortal
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    am i the only one who thinks she looks like shit???

  46. Whipman
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    What A Friggin’ Idiot. Can’t Stand Her! Disappear Already! Too Bad There Wasn’t A Big Steamy Pile Of Dog Stool On The Ground!

  47. Lulu

    Did she have to take those off at the security gate?

  48. yeababy
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    Is that like a half cape she tripped on? Everyone knows capes are bad–No capes!

  49. Julien

    You guys are a bunch of heartless people … this girl is playing the game of fame which one has to when one is involved in the type of music she makes. I can’t say that I particularly love her music, but ask yourselves, each and every single one of you; why do you feel such a need to hate on a person you don’t even know? What does it say about you? Why do you even care? What the fuck is going through your minds at these times that you decide to write such nasty things about people who are already getting shat on enough as it is!? Do you have nothing better to do than to scour the internet for opportunities to bring down people who are in the limelight? It would be one thing if she was dolphin hunting or rapping kids, but … platform shoes? Really?

  50. btnup

    if she would stop giving the world the finger maybe things like this would not happen. God don’t like ugly.

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