Lady GaGa Wears Bikinis Now, Probably Shouldn’t

November 8th, 2012 // 130 Comments

Considering Lady GaGa is an individual avant garde snowflake resting atop an hermaphroditic penis hand-painted by Andy Warhol, it’s kind of odd seeing her in a bikini like all the other celebrities. Then again, she does cover her topless breasts with exotic fruits at one point, so I guess that’s something. Either way, you have boobs to look at, so I can go back to writing more Drunk Nate Silver tweets. They’re all that matters to me now.



  1. Fumus

    Drunk Nate Silver reveals that he’s not a genius, he stole Gray’s Political Almanac from Marty.

  2. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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  3. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
    Gavin S.
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    Looks pretty damn good to me. Awesome body.

  4. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    After seeing Heidi Montag, this is exactly the kind of body I’d rather be snuggling into. Plus we could probably get high and eat snacks too.

  5. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Def a pair of shrivelled testicles there.

  6. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    The look might fair better if she didn’t squeeze herself into a bikini 2 sizes too small.

  7. Narc

    What are you going on about, her body looks fine. She even has a little junk in the trunk.

  8. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Keep in mind, she said herself that she originally dyed her hair blonde cuz people kept confusing her with Amy Winehouse.
    Good luck masturbating to that.

  9. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    I think that’s from the reflection. Looks like street lights or trees maybe.

  10. What an idiot

    She’s ugly (I mean, she’s UGLY), she’s fat, she’s physically awkward, she’s uncoordinated, she’s dorky (not in an endearing way), and did I mention she’s UGLY? What a disgusting gutter pig…

  11. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
    Justin T
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  12. AEH

    I love everyone’s comments about her being ‘normal’ body type. The industry these days has girls thinking that skinny is perfect. Skinny is not perfect, skinny means hungry. If you’re happy, healthy, and comfortable – flaunt it. Go girl.

  13. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    She is even more beautiful with the extra weight

  14. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Countdown to blue water in 5, 4, 3, 2….

  15. Jack

    Jesus if you can’t find any attractiveness in someone who looks like this, I am sorry for you. Must suck to walk through life seeing everyone as ugly.

  16. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    I smell butt cheese and a stinky clam

  17. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Currently the ugliest person in the nation of Brazil.

  18. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    Do I think this chick is overrated?



    Nah. I’ve seen much worse on the Jersey shore…

  19. RoXanne DeMonica

    she looks better this way. her butt shape gets all weird when she’s thin.

  20. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Apparently it’s avant garde to have your foundation be two shades lighter than your actual skin tone. What an artist.

  21. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    She heard people were saying she was built like a linebacker.

  22. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    I think the guy in the background can small that fart

  23. blahblah

    She wears makeup to go to the pool? :(

  24. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    who’s this man?

  25. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    She looks beautiful!

  26. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    shouldn’t her bikini be made out of bacon or some shit? Who wears a pound of makeup when they’re swimming, anyway? How artsy farsty of her.

  27. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    The tats look so trashy.

  28. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
    Mike Walker
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    Stupid plant!

  29. Carlos Salinas

    Yum. I don’t think this is bad at all. I have no doubt she would be lots of fun. You guys can have your anorexic Victoria Secret models. I prefer mine like this or Salma Hayek. Om nom nom…

  30. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    First of all she’s short. Second, I’m betting she’s a lot smaller than you think she is. There’s nothing wrong with her body. Not every man likes nasty bone sticking out of their skin women.

  31. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Thats a coconut not a melon.

  32. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
    Your mom
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    If she took off the makeup she would be ok.

  33. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Hey look!! It’s Amy Winehouse libing as her later ego!

  34. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Nice bum.

  35. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    GaGa is not bad looking at all, just weird.

  36. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Honestly, if she was wearing waaaayyyy less makeup, and if it were applied in a way more natural style with neutral colours, and if she wore a bikini that actually fit her, she would look pretty. I think she has a great body- she just has no idea how to dress it.

  37. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    I can’t believe I clicked on this. FML

  38. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    i would fuck her. you guys are all gay if you wouldn’t.

  39. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
    Joe Mahma
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    Nice tattoos, you ugly weirdo.

  40. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    We don’t want to see Lady gag-gag’s boobs, or ass. Yech!!

  41. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    I dunno… from this angle she doesn’t look all that bad. My penis is very confused.

  42. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    She looks great in the pics and love to share it on my Push account.

  43. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Dear god how ugly, cover that body up or people will think a whale has beached.

  44. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Dear god how ugly, put some clothes or you will be mistaken for a beached whale

  45. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Pppttttttttt. Sorry.

  46. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
    Paully Boston Baby!
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    Omg! It’s the Hot Mess Monster!

  47. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
    Paully Boston Baby!
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    Wow, she is a terrible surfer!

  48. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
    Jack Kubrik
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    Picture sequence all screwed up and slow. Did not get to end, and did not enjoy

  49. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    What an ugly woman ! She really DOES need those crazy outfits to make her look better !

  50. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Shes still a freak.

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