Lady GaGa Wears Bikinis Now, Probably Shouldn’t

November 8th, 2012 // 130 Comments

Considering Lady GaGa is an individual avant garde snowflake resting atop an hermaphroditic penis hand-painted by Andy Warhol, it’s kind of odd seeing her in a bikini like all the other celebrities. Then again, she does cover her topless breasts with exotic fruits at one point, so I guess that’s something. Either way, you have boobs to look at, so I can go back to writing more Drunk Nate Silver tweets. They’re all that matters to me now.



  1. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
    Frank Castle
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    The look on his face says it all.

    • Randal

      I’ve always enjoyed seeing pictures of talented singers and celebrities just being normal in their day to day lives. Lady GaGa is just as beautiful on vacation as she is in her videos and on stage. We’re all human and certainly not as perfect as the entertainment industry makes us believe.

      Lady GaGa wears normal well, just like the rest of us.


      • oh i know

        love ya Randal , your commentary always makes me smile :)

      • Pablo

        Randal! Where have you been buddy?!

      • welldoneson

        NO, Randall. If a person wants to be an entertainer he or she needs to keep themselves in decent shape. They know the paps will be taking their picture and if they look like just another flaccid secretary they’re not helping themselves at all. This broad ain’t so fuckin’ much anyway.

      • “f a person wants to be an entertainer he or she needs to keep themselves in decent shape.” I’m sorry, but this is bullshit, particularly as regards a recording artist. If someone has talent, and can sing well and/or come up with great music, why should it matter if they’re a little chunky or not? We’re supposed to be enjoying the music, not what the singer looks like. But you’re probably a product of the MTV generation, when the ubiquity of the music video demanded that recording artists—and really, female recording artists—be not just attractive but hot. I can imagine you in the ’60s: “Eww! Janis Joplin! Grungy! Flat-chested! And Mama Cass—lose some weight! (I’d do that Michelle Phillips, though. Do her so hard.)”

        It’s one thing if the entertainer/recording artist/whatever trades on her looks to achieve fame—Britney—but Lady GaGa hasn’t traded all that much on a beautiful face and hot body to get where she is today. Okay, maybe she has a little, but she’d still be about as famous and successful as she is if she hadn’t.

        (Did I say up there that Lady GaGa had talent? *re-reads* Technically, no. It sort of looks that way, but I did not say that.)

  2. Randalicious

    I’m on the edge….of Horfing…..

  3. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Looks like she’s marking her territory like any other chihuahua

  4. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    That’s no lady, no sir that ain’t…

  5. suck it

    In a thick curvy way, I think she looks good. On the edge of chunkiness though, but she looks as sexy as Gaga can look.

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      I’m on the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge

      I’m on the edge of chunky

  6. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
    suck it
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    Looks good here. Tattoos are covered. Thank goodness.

  7. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
    Deacon Jones
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    (after having velociraptor scream in face)

    “That’s, that’s nice”

  8. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    She has a body best described as “south of average”

  9. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    NO! NO! NO! Don’t take a dump in the pool! We’ve been through this.

  10. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    nice melons. Tits look pretty saggy tho.

    • immature by.

      you call that saggy? ffs. Boobs aren’t SUPPOSED to sit up at a girl’s chin. It’s called gravity dumbass. I know you’re were making a joke about melons/tits but come on -.-

  11. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    The resemblance is uncanny!
    [img] legs-259_194.jpg[/img]

  12. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Why I voted for Obama, please make this happen!

  13. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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  14. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
    Cock Dr
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    Keep going with the tattoos.
    By the time she hits her 40s the end result will be glamorous indeed.

  15. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    The Swamp Thing has finally been uncovered!


    Not a bad body. A pity she had to desecrate it with those awful fucking tattoos.

  17. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    She has makeup on and her hair has been done; are we SURE this isn’t a performance?

  18. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Who had “Mitt completely goes off the deep end after losing the election and starts dating Gaga” in the election pool?

  19. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
    Ms. B
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    She’s famous – no one told her the “don’t stand next to thinner, more attractive” people rule?

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      She prbably thought she ws safe standing next to a 6. That’s how lacking in self-awareness she is.

      • Katie

        You do realize she’s probably a 6 right? and the girl next to her is either a 2 or a 4. If you see a huge difference between their bodies you’re retarded.

  20. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    all od those tattoos have you looking really edgy there steph. g.

  21. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
    Vivian K
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    in rio, you’ll see women of all shapes and sizes wearing bikinis… and they are ALL getting attention. she looks great for an average (non bikini model) woman. just wish she didn’t have the makeup on.

    ladies, think twice before you join in with the trash trash talk about another woman’s body. not nice!

  22. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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  23. Dino Ciampa

    Penile deflation in 3..2..1..0

  24. Ernie Rutherford

    Face without makeup = very bad
    Face with makeup= not quite so bad
    Body = me turning to the internet porn sites for attactive bodies

  25. Fred Ziffel

    This face and this body earned north of 55 Mil, coupled to an arguably non – talented voice . It is better to be lucky than to be good .

  26. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
    henry hill
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    now she’s riding a badass imaginary ski-doo.

  27. I have to fully agree with the headline. I can’t bring myself to look at the gallery.

  28. akua420

    I think she looks great. I love how people say she is on the edge of obese, this is what most women look like in bikinis without photoshop!

  29. Dick Trickle

    She is vacationing with the Gandam Style guy just to prove how hip she is.

  30. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    I’m sorry, but could you be any uglier!

  31. The Royal Penis

    Good for her for being successful despite losing the looks lottery.

  32. doni

    Her body looks fine, geesh…..I think she might want to go up to the next size in swimsuits though. It looks like its cutting into her skin…

  33. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Expanded tattoos.

  34. I saw her face. The horror… the horror…

  35. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Decent body, terrible face.

  36. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    I’d park my face in there, no issue at all……

  37. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    I find her acceptable, bring her to my chambers…..

  38. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Soft music playing on the sound system, a fire in the fireplace, all of the lights turned OFF…doable!

    • will

      You left out drunk.

      • Kate

        Yeah, I’m sure you guys are super picky about the ambiance necessary for having sex. I find that dudes who spend time on gossip sites featuring a plethora of celebrity bikini photos are the most discerning sexual partners.

  39. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    In training for the Rio de Janeiro Annual Fart-Off…

  40. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    What the fuck? Did she sit on a cactus or something?

  41. Megan

    WTF are you talking about? Hideous tattoos, yes, but her body is great. I thought The Superficial was about pointing out the absurdness of celebrities and celebrity culture. So she finally looks WAY better than the stick thin women usually featured and you call her fat.

    • Alex

      I wouldn’t call her fat. Now her monkey? Fat is not doing justice. That thing could probably accommodate a blue whale’s member at this point. Like that time the Lincoln tunnel was cleared out so the F1 car could race through it.

  42. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    She winked at me!

  43. More like Marilyn Manson wears a bikini, amirite? Yeesh.

  44. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Pass the syrup.

  45. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    She joined the “usta-be-hot” list rather quick.

  46. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    Haaay fatty bum bum, sweet sugar dumplin

  47. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
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    That’s the best she’s looked all year.

  48. Lady Gaga Topless Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Ok, WTF, she shouldn’t wear bikinis? With 5% body fat, she looks fucking hot at shit. Her face on the other hand, WHOAAA, holy fuck she’s looking beastly. But that bod is super hot.

  49. FCC

    It came from the sea…

  50. All this “leave Gaga alone – she has a great average body” whining…

    Average doesn’t cut it when your sole claim to fame is your appearance. Don’t try to tell me she’s a goddamn musician. She’s on the radar for her fucked-up outfits.

    So yeah, wanna be average? Good for you. But please don’t block my view of all those lovely Victoria Secret gals.

    • Kate

      She’s not blocking your view of shit. She’s living her life while people online complain that they accidentally looked at someone who’s not a professional model. Also everyone knows her claim to fame is not her appearance, but being weird as hell.

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