Lady GaGa Banned at Yankee Stadium

June 21st, 2010 // 43 Comments

Lady Gaga has reportedly been banned from the New York Yankees clubhouse after “smooth-talking” her way in Friday night and drinking herself stupid in her underwear. She also met Alex Rodriguez who somehow didn’t have sex with her which is probably the most shocking news I’ve ever heard in my life. The New York Post reports:

Gaga, drinking Jameson Irish Whiskey, was wearing a Yankees jersey half-unbuttoned, exposing her black bra, fishnet stockings and a bikini bottom.
But apparently she didn’t think that was enough to catch the players’ eyes, so she kept groping her chest over her jersey.
The show inside the clubhouse was news to Yankees brass.
Hal, who is co-chairman with brother Hank, club president Randy Levine, general manager Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi all had no idea she was going to show up, sources said.
In fact, when a Post reporter told Cashman about Gaga’s presence, Cashman said, “What? I didn’t know that,” and stormed off.

If Lady GaGa’s going to start showing up at ball games, she should at least have the decency to recognize one of the oldest and most cardinal rules of the game: Keep it boring as shit. To illustrate my point, if someone gave you the choice between watching golf or baseball, you should choose slipping into a coma where you have the option to piss in a catheter without getting up. I’m full of little nuggets like this.

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  1. lucci

    love her.

  2. lucci

    and – FRIST

    • Impy

      Good job, lucci, you’re the first to write a comment on this article, props. Really, you’re a truly a rider of short buses everywhere. Try not to fall into a manhole, sweety.

      Imp C.

  3. Gen

    “If Lady GaGa’s going to start showing up at ball games, she should at least have the decency to recognize one of the oldest and most cardinal rules of the game: Keep it boring as shit. ”

    This is why is visit this blog all the time. The ONLY blog that makes me laugh out loud.

  4. Ron Burgandy's BallSack

    Love her music but this attention whore stuff has got to go. Just be a whore and I’m fine with that.

  5. lettuchuga
    Commented on this photo:

    banned? I doubt it. money talks

  6. Julia

    Whoever wrote this is an idiot for several reasons. Mostly because they can’t appriciate baseball, fucking loser.

  7. Taz

    Get a nose job already GaGa

  8. Nero

    *Sweet voice* Really?!

  9. mike

    baseball sucks dick so long u dumb motherfucker

  10. Darth

    Did the Gagaloo-train get thrown out?

  11. Franksinatrastein
    Commented on this photo:

    Back in the day, in Vegas we referred to chicks like this as Dumb Broads.

    The term seems to still apply

  12. fthis
    Commented on this photo:

    this bitch just jinxed my f’in team….she better keep that poison pussy away from our players

  13. DOOD


  14. myDick In your mouth

    You are all ASSHOLES for fucking liking this stupid waste of human body’s music!

  15. Rhialto

    This looks bad but this decision was made after several incidents.She could have been counting down for this.

  16. GiorgioMoroder

    What a piece of shit.

  17. Galtacticus

    Only true talent does get recognition in sports.

  18. ladykaka
    Commented on this photo:

    I thought it was Madonna in Who’s That Girl except the schnozz is too big. Maybe she’s hoping to take a baseball in the honker so she can get a discount on a nose job.

  19. skink

    She was looking for a ball game, was dressed for one, and even met A-Rod and yet there was no ball game for Gaga. Struck out. The big “K” lights up on Gaga’s scoreboard.

    Maybe she should show up to the next game topless.

  20. Commented on this photo:

    Hey A rod might be a horndog but he isnt stupid. He knows this babe has had more dongs than Jenna Jamison and Pamala Anderson put togeather. He doesnt want all thoes pennicillin injections to show up as a positive drug test.

  21. booger

    A-Rod didn’t have sex with her because he hates penis

  22. anonym

    gaga = attention whore.

    keep that shit on stage only.

  23. eddie

    Hey whore, you’re were off the clock at a baseball game. No need to parade around like you’re performing.

  24. captain america

    WHO WE MUST THANK, folks?

  25. Mr.President

    “eddie”, YOU are the true whore and everybody knows it-plus your posting was grammatically incorrect which further shows how stupid you are on top of how BIGOTED you are need i reiterate the fact that you are a…

    women do not respect men who us whores
    what are you jealous? insecure? grow a pair!

  26. Yogi

    Who cares it frakken baseball let her go nude if she wants too!

  27. Little Nuggets

    Full of something anyway.

  28. mudcup

    If an ORDINARY woman went to the baseball game dressed like that or even try to approach the games with nothing but underwear on, she would be banned right there on the spot. Cut the attention seeking acts Lady Gaga, you do it everywhere. At the airport, restaurants, even to a baseball game. For once in your strange life, dress normal and with some respect. Nobody wants to see you almost nude on a daily basis.

  29. strangeways

    Im sick of this attention whore.

    that is all she is, she is a terrible singer, her music is sh**, she isnt that pretty and she is not a musician. she is just a tool of major media marketing and the people just swallow it wihout question. about time this worthless wench gets kicked out somewhere.

    btw: there is nothing cool about those sunglasses, looks like early 90′s terrorist sunglasses if you ask me.

  30. joe

    whoever wrote this article is a fag

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