Lady GaGa: ‘The World Killed Amy Winehouse’

Because people who make claw hands’ opinions matter most, Lady GaGa was invited onto The View yesterday where, per junkie code, she proceeded to defend Amy Winehouse by saying there are absolutely no lessons to learn from her tragic, unpredictable death except, of course, for “the world” who basically murdered her. Via RadarOnline:

The Born This Way singer said when she learned the Rehab singer died July 23 at just 27 years old, she “was just so devastated and so sad…
“And I really couldn’t speak for like 48 hours straight.”
Gaga, 25, said she was very upset by the media’s spin on Winehouse’s premature passing, in that “we can learn from Amy’s death.
“I don’t feel that Amy needed to learn any lessons,” the hitmaker said. “I felt that the lesson was for the world to be kinder to the superstar.
“Everyone was so hard on her and everything that I knew about her was that she was the most lovely and nice and kind woman.”

For those of you who don’t speak crazy, Lady GaGa basically said Amy Winehouse, a walking cliche of drug addiction, didn’t need to change a thing about the way she lived her life because the real problem is people are “hard on superstars.” Kind, lovely superstars who should be allowed to consume as many drugs as they want before randomly stalking the streets like a goddamn chupacabra. Now, I’m just embarrassed.

Photo: Flynet, INFdaily, Splash News