Lady GaGa: ‘The World Killed Amy Winehouse’

August 2nd, 2011 // 89 Comments

Because people who make claw hands’ opinions matter most, Lady GaGa was invited onto The View yesterday where, per junkie code, she proceeded to defend Amy Winehouse by saying there are absolutely no lessons to learn from her tragic, unpredictable death except, of course, for “the world” who basically murdered her. Via RadarOnline:

The Born This Way singer said when she learned the Rehab singer died July 23 at just 27 years old, she “was just so devastated and so sad…
“And I really couldn’t speak for like 48 hours straight.”
Gaga, 25, said she was very upset by the media’s spin on Winehouse’s premature passing, in that “we can learn from Amy’s death.
“I don’t feel that Amy needed to learn any lessons,” the hitmaker said. “I felt that the lesson was for the world to be kinder to the superstar.
“Everyone was so hard on her and everything that I knew about her was that she was the most lovely and nice and kind woman.”

For those of you who don’t speak crazy, Lady GaGa basically said Amy Winehouse, a walking cliche of drug addiction, didn’t need to change a thing about the way she lived her life because the real problem is people are “hard on superstars.” Kind, lovely superstars who should be allowed to consume as many drugs as they want before randomly stalking the streets like a goddamn chupacabra. Now, I’m just embarrassed.

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  1. so maybe gaga’s on drugs too. she reminds me of a boxer who claims boxing doesn’t give you brain damage–cos they already have brain damage

  2. S'up Bitches!

    Could someone PLEASE raise Whinehouse from the dead and kill her AGAIN so we could perhaps get ANOTHER 48 hours?

  3. Mark M

    One can only hope that “The world” will take out this talentless cunt next.

  4. Yeah, “the world” and all that heroin killed Amy Winehouse. Maybe the people around her who sponged off of her instead of helping her. And the world.

  5. Lady Gaga The View
    Commented on this photo:

    Well, the WORLD better work on its aim, because you’re next you fucking freak!

  6. STFUP

    “I don’t feel that Amy needed to learn any lessons.”
    Gag-gag, you’re a f’n IDIOT! How about the lesson to STOP DRINKING & DOING DRUGS BEFORE IT KILLS YOU!?
    Why couldn’t it have been Gag-gag? Why oh why!?!?!?

  7. billiam

    Won’t someone please think of the superstars!

  8. Cock Dr

    “she was the most lovely and nice and kind woman.”
    Is she talking about the same Amy Winehouse who used to get trashed every day, staggered around with her boobs out, starting fights with random passers-by?

  9. DamnFoolMan

    Shit, I wondered those dalmatians went too….

  10. Thugnificent

    Gaga looks like a living optical illusion…

  11. Jasmine

    As much as I love Gaga, that is hands down the most idiotic thing she ahs ever said. Sometimes she needs to learn to STFU.

  12. troy

    Sorry lady GuyGirl, you’re a stupid cunt. None of us stuck a needle in her arm. That stupid bitch made her own fucking moronic decisions and paid the ultimate price for her. Stupidity. None of us asked her to be in the public eye, she got what she wanted. Only person to blame is the idiot who does the fucking drugs in the first place.

    • moo

      That is funny, actually… I saw Biography last night on her and they seem to all blame Blake to ruining her. Yeah…. right. God I really hate this pass the buck bullshit… like her Mum said, it was only a matter of time. PERIOD.

  13. MarkM

    DAMN YOU WORLD! For daring to tell Amy Winehouse “Uh, hey, maybe you’re taking way too many drugs.” The world’s next message: “Hey Lady Gaga, maybe you shouldn’t step in front of that bus!”

  14. well Gaga is again talking out of her ass. was thinking if i had anal sex with her. would that count as a blow job . well anyway.

  15. Julie

    This is exactly what gaga is talking about.people who sit here and talk shit about nothing they know about.Whatever amy did as a human is NO ONE’s business.But society doesnt’ seem to understand that.All everyone cares about is bashing eachother & talking shit.

    • Julie, let’s be clear about this. Amy was a junkie and died a junkie’s death. That’s not some baseless accusation like “who knocked up January Jones”, it’s a fact.

      Now what is it you expect us to do with that? Talk about what a wonderful human being Amy was? She didn’t cure cancer, she didn’t found any charities, she didn’t rescue sick kittens…she made money singing and spent it on drugs until she died.

      That’s not a legacy to be proud of. In short, shove it up your sanctimonious ass.

    • first up. lot of stuff for the public is publicity stunts. to be honest AW was cute when she started out. and had a good success.not to mention she was talented. it was later during the drugs that i saw people starting to talk shit about her. there is a lot of pressure to take drugs in the music industry wether it is gonna be jazz, R&B,rap, rock ,pop music,etc.

      it’s also the pressure of facing anywhere from a dozen or so people to millions of people. you have to have a high self-esteem about yourself which can be confused with ego.

      and there are other things as well. so someone bashing her shouldn’t matter as the old saing goes”any publicity is good publicity”

    • PoorMaryKelly

      Regardless of GaGa and whoever, Amy is responsible for how she lived and how she died. Don’t blame everybody else. That’s all Amy.

      • Drew

        PoorMaryKelly you’re wrong. Everybody is responsible for each and everyone of us. This seems to be forgotten in this world.

        None of you have one single clue about what the hell she’s been through in her life in order to take those drugs. What pain she felt that needed to be surpressed. What person makes a superstar? Insanly ambitious? forced by parents? insecurity? talent? fame doesn’t all derive from the good stuff. So stop comparing yourself and what you’re all about to others. As apparently you can’t walk a mile in anybody elses shoe. And if you don’t do that, you’ll never learn from anybody. You’ll simply remain clueless.

      • PoorMaryKelly

        I never compared myself to anybody. Everyone has a hard luck story. Nobody grew up like the Cleavers. But if I become a drug addict or an alcoholic I’m an adult. Regardless of what happened to me when I was a kid, me being fucked up is my doing. I liked Amy Winehouse but at the end of the day you have to be responsible for yourself.

      • Bee Bee

        I wish it were that simple, unfortunately it’s not. There are so many factors that lead to self destruction. Amy had an unstable childhood with questionable parents and severe low self esteem (which in turn leader her to disordered eating) and was surrounded by enablers, one of which was obviously her own husband who introduced her to drugs. No doubt genes and personality played a role too. I am not saying Amy has no responsibility, she certainly did, but its not quite as simple as you make it. The people who raised you and grow up with and who you hang around shape us more then we like to admit.

  16. The Brown Streak

    Lady Gaga doing her best Baron von Raschke impersonation

  17. Lady Gaga The View
    Facebook Me
    Commented on this photo:

    “Can you see any powder residue in my nose?

  18. Now I know what happened to the seat covers from my Grandfathers 1972 Oldsmobile.

  19. troy

    Sorry Julie, just one of the many things you need to consider when living a life in the public eye. You wanna live life in the public eye and thrust yourself out there whenever you can you’re gonna give people reasons for one opinion or another. You say its no ones bbusiness…well then its none of lady guygirls business either.

  20. name

    Sick how these celebrities use someone’s death to bring attention on themselves. If there is any lesson to be learned, it is that Amy was a true talent and Lady Gaga will forever be a pretentious non-talent. That’s probably what shut her up for 2 days.

    • Cara

      GaGa was asked to comment about Amy’s death SPECIFICALLY on The View, you fucking shit head. You all need to get your fucking shit straight before you make your IGNORANT comments. You’re all fucking dumb, heartless, fat assholes who’ve never been laid dwelling in your mom’s basement, fapping to pictures of supermodels.

      • name

        Amy Winehouse’s death wasn’t about Lady Gaga, the “Superstar,” or a lesson for Lady Gaga to interpret for the world. The respectful thing is to give your condolences, or say a nice remembrance of AW, not make it about yourself. Why should it matter who asked her to talk about it?

  21. Noe

    self-centered and delusional. “oh, the poor, poor superstars..”

  22. Mohammed 's taint

    Now the World needs to kill GaGa.

  23. Bubba

    Claw your way back to the top (on someone elses death) ,.GAGGAG, you’re pathetic.

  24. My Left Nut

    Her outfit is nice and stylish. FOR NOVEMVER!! It’s friggin’ 100+ in NYC.. That coat gotta be nice and ripe by the end of the day.

  25. karen

    “And I really couldn’t speak for like 48 hours straight.”

    Granted, this is an absurd lie, but still it makes you think about how much it would cost to knock off a famous musician every 2 days.

  26. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    “The World” did not kill Amy Winehouse.

    *GOD* killed Amy Winehouse!

    That is all.

    • God

      Uh no I didn’t. It was all the drugs and alcohol. I wrote a book about how to live godly lives. She should have picked it up.

  27. milkcerealbaby

    Hounds tooth jackass

  28. Cya later

    Can’t someone please kill lady bullshit already? Her continuing to breath air is like nails on a chalkboard to us normal folks…

  29. Lady Gaga The View
    Commented on this photo:

    Amy Winehouse killed Amy Winehouse. Nice doesn’t have anything to do with it, if you worship the drug the way she did, your time is up.

    But no, what am I saying? Of course, Pope Gaga the First has to defend the genre of dysfunctional slutwalkers with, “boo-hoo, it’s so hard to be a multi-millionaire with anything in the world that can be bought instantly at your fingertips! The world hates that. Now buy my all of my derivative, over-produced driveling, minions!”

  30. Lady Gaga The View
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    Now, if she’s only SLAM her neck down on that post….. then, the World will have peace…..

  31. Lady Gaga The View
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    Is this one of those dresses you can scan with your iPhone to make a purchase?

  32. fartbucket

    Holy crap! Sarah Jessica Parker has never looked this good.

  33. Dumbing down the vulnerable,rough

    If Amy was someone who mostly sat at home and read about herself, then, yes the world is guilty. If her system turns out to be clean, then yes the world is guilty. Now, I have a feeling once again the world will once again, get away with being a mean, cold, place, without any comeuppance…

  34. Bleh

    That guy behind her is fucking huge.

  35. Who puts the “Hound” in “Houndstooth”?

  36. Caroline

    I love GaGa, but I don’t really agree with what she said. But anyway. Doesn’t the concept of ‘respect for the dead’ exist anymore? YES, Amy did drugs. Does that make her a bad person? NO. It makes her somebody who made bad choices. That doesn’t give ANYBODY the right to treat her like she was less than human, because that’s all she was. Human.

    • grobpilot

      Respect for the dead? What the hell for? If she didn’t respect herself and we didn’t respect her when she was alive, why would we behave any differently now that she’s kicked off? Exactly what are we supposed to respect about her? Her contribution to humanity? Feeding the children and saving the fucking whales (which are tasty, by the way)?

  37. There’s always a seven foot bald guy in the background, who’s saying it all with his 12″ cranial scar.

  38. Ed

    Being a superstar is a harsh, tough, stressful business. It’s not a secret. If AW didn’t want to put up with that in exchange for wealth and money she could have chosen to stay home. So up yours GaGa.

    • Drew

      Fame doesn’t happen over night. There are people who are almost destined to be famous. Certain characters mixed with talent, pain and ambition. This derives also from parenthood and genes. Harsh, tough and stressful doesn’t get you drug addicted. Pain does. That goes far back in your history. You don’t really chose your path. There are things you can’t change. Except you’re working really hard on changing things. But not everybody is willing to. But that’s up to the person, not for anybody else to judge.

  39. Lady Gaga throws an imaginary tennis ball for her giant to chase.

  40. Lady Gaga The View
    Commented on this photo:

    Release the hounds…………………….tooth.

  41. sc4play

    I had a pair of sheets in the 80′s made out of that same material. True story.

  42. XFX

    See? I told you drugs meant the world to Lady Gaga.

  43. Robomouse

    …Macho Man?

  44. the one

    oooh nooo……………….

  45. Nobody

    Well f*ck! I just bought my kid a houndstooth coat she can never wear, thanks a lot you b*tch!

  46. Whyask

    Forget dressing like Elton John – finally, here’s something I hope Gaga rips-off from another celebrity.

    Fingers crossed…

  47. cutta

    didn’t winehouse marry a crackhead for a bit
    jew ladies are nutty

    and you shouldn’t blame anything about the hollywood movies on anyone but jews who own all 7 big hollywood studios as presidents or whatever

  48. If by “world” she means drugs, then yes.

  49. Mark

    Her and Miley Cyrus should have a “pretentious crap” face off. The loser gets sent to Saudi Arabia the winner gets to do porn. I would rig it for Miley to win. Then she would truly make the world a better place. Everybody wins.

  50. nilo

    Here is a video that tells you what addiction really is.

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