Kylie Jenner Should Quit TV Now, Right?

Kylie Jenner’s new reality spinoff is awful and people hate it. Turns out The Life of Kylie is exactly what you’d expect from a reality show based on one of the richest 20-year-olds in the world… shallow and boring. The show’s premiere was so garbage that producers are currently scrambling to recut future episodes…

“The show was a disaster – no one liked it,” says an LA TV source. “The whole family is panicking and the rest of the series is now being recut to make it more exciting.”

“The ending of the second episode needed more ‘bang’ – like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you need something that viewers want to come back for.”

“Everyone’s worried that Kylie’s life isn’t exciting enough for viewers who want drama and fighting.” (From PageSix)

A true testament to her doltish fanbase is that they are disappointed when there isn’t enough “drama and fighting” on Kylie Jenner’s reality TV show. Have they not heard of Game of Thrones? There’s such better stuff out there why, WHY is this an issue.

Kylie Jenner just turned 20 and her cosmetics company is already worth $400 million. TMZ thinks that by 2022 it will be a billion dollar company. Personally I’m doubtful of this projection as it’s only a matter of time before people realize that her cosmetics are made from radioactive chalks that are dyed in Malaysian sweatshop factories or something. She can already wipe her prosthetic butt with hundred dollar bills, why keep up the act? Jenner went as far as ironically stating that she wanted to “run away from fame” on the show, making her look even more out of touch than her sister’s Pepsi ad.

The next episode better have Kylie getting into a cage match with a day spa masseuse or I’m walking… farther.