Kylie Jenner Allegedly Tried To Destroy A Chick Over Jaden Smith?

“Kylie, Kylie! Put it in your mouth like we paid you for.”
“Why does everyone keep saying that?!”

According to TMZ, Kylie Jenner has allegedly been on a three year rampage to destroy a girl over Jaden Smith. The Jaden Smith. Will Smith’s stupid son who thinks he can control time. And apparently she kept it up even while dating Tyga which I’m sure has nothing to do with all of those texts he sent to the penis lady. How dare you even suggest that?

Kylie Jenner’s been on a 3 year campaign to get revenge on a teenage girl she considered a rival for Jaden Smith’s affection … according to legal docs which read like an episode of “Gossip Girl.”
In the docs, 17-year-old Chelsea Clark says Kylie was pissed because Jaden wanted to get with Chelsea. She says Kylie called her and said, “Leave my boyfriend alone cause you will never be like me.”
Clark says Kylie then had people follow her and send threatening messages to her over social media. She says at one point Kylie said, “This is war.”
The alleged conspiracy gets even darker … because, in the docs, Clark says she hurt her back in a car accident which she believes Kylie masterminded.

In Kylie’s defense, this girl failed to show up in court yesterday with evidence BECAUSE SHE’S DEAD. However, remember Disturbing Behavior where all of the parents had their kids brainwashed to be model students, but they all became crazy psychopaths? Well, this is sort of like that except instead of good grades, the desired outcome is porn. Viral, Internet-ready porn. But at what cost?! (I’m kidding, Kris Jenner doesn’t care who lives or dies because every souls is inevitably hers in the hereafter. Escape is futile.)

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(Why are these Kendall’s butt? I dunno.)