Kylie Jenner Is Allowed To Talk Publicly About Jaden Smith? You Don’t Say…

Posted by Photo Boy

Presumably because she doesn’t understand complex interstellar mathematic computations, the sum of which always equals wearing an Iron Man costume to a five star restaurant, Kylie Jenner engrammed the hell out of Jaden Smith’s thetans (It’s clear the Smiths are whack job Scientologists at this point, right?) by talking about their friendship to some reporter. Via E! News

“It’s refreshing,” she tells us. “Some people don’t understand and some people do. And it’s just great to have someone grow up in the same position as you and you can relate in that kind of way, so it’s fun.”

First, I had no clue Jaden grew up waxing his older sister’s backs and fluffing NBA stars while his mother set up the camera and carved pentagrams onto a bible cover. Second, is anyone as surprised as me that this girl is only just now talking about him? I honestly thought their first play date would have been shot from a low angle in night vision then leaked online in conjunction with a perfume, clothing line, album release party, and E! News exclusive. “You’ll call them Kyja,” Kris Jenner would purr into Jason Kennedy’s ear, her full fist hungrily probing his anus, “Or maybe Jalyie, yes, let’s go with Jaylie.”

Photo: Fame/Flynet, Getty, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN