Kylie Jenner Got A Butterfly Tattoo That’s Not Basic At All, Guys Srsly

It’s been a while since I’ve had to do a post on Kylie Jenner actually doing something. Lately it seems the Jenner/Haberdashery Klan has just been walking around in public in some sort of silent nipple pageant- so I guess it’s just business as usual…

Today’s ‘bidness’ however, is this fantastic piece of CarCrashian vomit fodder – Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend, sub-mediocre rapper Travis Scott (I use the term rapper but really mean ‘emotionally stunted nursery rhyme lyricist’), call each other “butterfly” because they’re that couple that would probably start making out at a dinner table whenever the conversation goes deeper than ‘shiny things’. Their vapid disregard for the outside world would definitely suck to be around, but I’m not hating- I’m actually happy they found each other, guys srsly…

“Butterfly” posted this picture to Snapchat showing off her new tattoo, supposedly as a tribute to Travis Scott.

kylie jenner tattoo

Nothing says “short-sighted decision” like a butterfly or a crescent moon or a Mountain Dew logo on your ankle… haha! Who would do that, it’s so dumb!

*nervously pulls down pant leg to cover Mountain Dew logo*

Not only is “butterfly” Kylie and Travis’ go-to pet name, it’s also Scott’s latest shitty song that record labels are tricking people into thinking is hot, so this is kind of like his “branding” of her body to sell Spotify plays (Is that how these guys are getting paid?? I know people don’t buy this dude’s album).

Tune in next time when Kylie goes full rebel and starts smoking cloves and listening to Elliot Smith.