Kylie Jenner Dressed As Christina Aguilera For Christina Aguilera

If there’s one thing I love, it’s examples of how just how easily the Kardashians can be bought and sold by other celebrities. So here’s Kylie Jenner at Christina Aguilera’s birthday party on Saturday where you’ll notice she’s wearing her “Dirty” costume from Halloween because when Kris Jenner takes your call, she guarantees service based on your needs.

“Alright, so you want it in the costume. That’s an easy one. Now, let’s talk vibration settings. We just put in some upgrades that I think you’ll lov- Christina, honey, relax. You can do whatever you want to it. Listen. – *loud gunshot* – I just shot it, and you’ll never even know when we drop it off. The other day Khloe ran off into the woods with it. I can’t even see a single teeth mark. Trust me.”

Happy Birthday @xtina !!!!!! 💋💋💋

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