Kylie Jenner Flipped Out At A Hotel After Being Denied Bottle Service

I’m going to be frank: Kylie Jenner was my favorite of the inevitable wonder whore twins. She has the Kardashian curves, she doesn’t want to be an anorexic model like Kendall, and I spend a lot of time alone on the Internet where I say really weird things that sound creepy when I go back and reread them like this whole post so far. Anyway, apparently Kylie reached the next stage in her metawhorephosis by throwing a goddamn hissy fit at hotel after being denied bottle service. Not only that, but the report came from People who generally avoids this kind of horseshit unless they have very good reasons not to:

On Oct. 18, the 16-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star reportedly cruised into a luxe Beverly Hills hotel around 8:30 p.m. with her longtime friend Jaden Smith, 15, and a group of other young pals.
According to a hotel source, Kylie was in “a good mood” – that is, until she requested employees provide her and her pals alcohol and bottle service.
An insider claims that when Kylie was turned down, she berated the hotel host, asking, “Do you know who I am?” The source adds that the reality star also declared the swanky hotel “not worth her time.”
We’re told the host held firm as Jenner stormed out of the bar with her entourage while reportedly cursing that the establishment was “f–– lame.”
“She was a complete nightmare,” says the hotel source. “She started out really nice. But when she didn’t get what she wanted, it was like someone flipped a switch.”

Kylie has since fired back on Twitter because her mother’s blood courses through her veins forsaking all goodness, purity and truth:

Bout to be straight up because I’m sick & tired of the rumors this past week..
I’m sorry to disappoint, but Kendall & I will not grow up to be let downs. I know that’s what some people would unfortunately like to see…
but I’m not going to sit around and let grown adults create untrue stories about me underage drinking & partying every night with a fake I.D
..And F.Y.I. regarding the “club nights”, I was with my father & family supporting my brother and sister-in-law
We can stop with all the stories now

And my favorite part:

And to all the young girls out there just like me, carry yourself with class and dignity and don’t let ANYONE determine your future

“Unless it’s your mom and she’s powerful sorceress. In which case, you’re going to have sex with a dude while she films it, so you might as well get it over with. And really it’s not that bad. I only cried curled up in the shower for three days then dad took us to Pinkberry until his nose fell off. The cold does that.”

Photos: FameFlynet