Something About Kylie Using Blackface And Kendall’s A Naked Easter Bunny

“This offends me more than it should those darkies. What? Why’s everyone looking at me?” – Surprisingly Racist Silver Surfer

And now these stupid whores because it’s the day after Easter and there’s dick-o-squat happening: Kylie Jenner was accused of using blackface on Instagram (above) which is already 24 more words than I should’ve wrote about that because really? Fucking really? I hate these people and racists more than Jesus hates gay people eating pizza, but goddammit, really? Moving on, Kendall was a naked Easter bunny to which I say PLASTIC NEON PUBIC GRASS OR GO HOME:

And, finally, the most ridiculous Kim Kardashian photo you’ll ever see in your life because the Photoshopped pics of her ass are more realistic than the idea of her decorating her daughter’s Easter basket. I’ll believe Kim Kardashian’s butt displaces gravity before I believe she do anything even remotely resembling manual labor including placing prepackaged candy into a small basket. Where’s the nanny who was doing this before Kim pushed her out of her seat to take a photo? Dead? I bet she’s dead. You still have to send a hawk across the border to notify their families, you bitch. We went over this.

Photos: Apg/RAAK/TEVA/Vantagenews/AKM-GSI, FameFlynet