‘OMG, How Do These People Keep Finding Me And Taking My Picture? I Just Want To Be A Teenager!’

September 17th, 2013 // 41 Comments

It’s your mother. Your mother’s doing it. You are nothing but a whore battery for her to whore into her whore cells, if I recall the words of the prophet Isaiah. (Dude kind of had a lisp.)

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  1. Die, high-waisted shorts! Die! Pow pow pow! Ker-plooie!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who is this again?

  2. Temporarily Blind

    Hey. The ugly one needs attention too. Momma just cares.

  3. cc

    Why is there another generation of these fucking sisters?

  4. Kylie Jenner Booty Shorts
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    i just wanna eat that ass.

  5. Kylie Jenner Booty Shorts
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    This is exactly the expression you make when you’re (a) a Kardashian, and (b) you suddenly become self aware.

  6. Kylie Jenner Booty Shorts
    Cock Dr
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    She looks well nourished. I guess mommy’s been distracted from calorie watch 2013 what with all the other doings within the family.

  7. I wonder who the lucky 4th tier rapper will be. I’d buy that guy a gallon of water and a diuretic.

  8. Kylie Jenner Booty Shorts
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    She has her father’s legs, and her stepfather’s hair.

  9. Kylie Jenner Booty Shorts
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    Enjoy your childhood while you have it. Your mom is auditioning foot long hip-hop cocks for your “sex” “tape” right now. In her mouth.

  10. Kylie Jenner Booty Shorts
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    Guess she’s working on her Michelin Man costume for Halloween

  11. Kylie Jenner Booty Shorts
    Hugh Jass
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    With Kim breaking away from the family, somebody else may have to release a tape.

  12. poop

    Better body than Kendall, but Kendall has the better face

  13. Kylie Jenner Booty Shorts
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    “Just don’t pee on my face, Jayden. Okay?”

  14. Kylie Jenner Booty Shorts
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    do some squats bitch.

  15. Kylie Jenner Booty Shorts
    bingo bong
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    Does anyone have their itinerary handy? I’m trying to find out when this one is scheduled to leak a sex tape.

  16. Kylie Jenner Booty Shorts
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    She’s morphing into Chewbaca Kartrashian already.

  17. Bane

    I’m not going to lie. I had to click on this to see who that was.


  18. Kylie Jenner Booty Shorts
    Goonie Goo Goo
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    Looks like the ass skipped a generation. Smh

  19. Kylie Jenner Booty Shorts
    Edvard Munch
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    If she becomes famous9er) (more famous) the terrorists win. Yeah, Im bringing it back.

  20. Kylie Jenner Booty Shorts
    uncle ruckus
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    A little young to have such nasty legs

  21. She looks like a dirty Selena Gomez. After a few cosmetic operations and some whoring classes from her mom and sisters she’ll be ready to go..

  22. Kylie Jenner Booty Shorts
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    I want black , i want black dick all of kardascians love black dick dick.

  23. Jenn

    Is it time to recycle 1990′s pants already? Damn, time flies when people have no fashion sense.

  24. Kylie Jenner Booty Shorts
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    Khloe 2.0

  25. I got it: Kris Jenner is the 2013 Miss Havisham from Great Expectations. Holy shit, how did I not realize that sooner??… (watch the South Park adaptation of GE from season five for reference – fuck the book and any movie that faithfully adapts it)

  26. Kylie Jenner Booty Shorts
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    It must be tough being even less attractive than your sister Klhoe er Kluee, or whoever that one that looks like Gollum is.

  27. Cat's Meow

    I think she’s been eating her feelings…

  28. kery

    She is fat and ugly but kendal is pretty ;P

  29. anonym

    grooming her to be a sexpot

  30. Kylie Jenner Booty Shorts
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    When is one pedophile with a camera phone considered paparazzi? If this is legit, then I have a new skill to add to my resume.

  31. Kylie Jenner Booty Shorts
    Da Produca
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    can’t wait to see the next kardashian sex tape!

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