Kurt Cobain Had a Giant Penis

May 26th, 2011 // 72 Comments

“Can you just give me a second with that thing? It’s stuck in my shoe again…”

For their June issue, GQ put together a “definitive oral history” celebrating the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s debut which, of course, Courtney Love felt would be the proper venue to talk about how huge Kurt Cobain‘s penis was:

“Kurt was a leader, he was strong, in fact he was well fucking hung, if you really want to know.”

Okay, so Kurt Cobain was rich, talented and apparently hung like a Centaur, so can someone explain exactly what it is Courtney Love brought to the table- Oh, right, heroin.

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  1. Annie

    Well he would have had to have been, because no one touches Courtney Love unless it’s with a 10-foot pole.

  2. Dan

    You always have to consider the source when taking compliments, and that actually is probably the nicest compliment Courtney Love can give you.

    She must have really liked him.

    • castallare

      Y’know, I have to agree. While on one hand, the only thing she really has going for her is that she’s still the “widow Cobain”, she’s shat on literally every other person who was part of her life during the early 90′s (including her poor poor daughter), so the fact that she’s never spoken ill of Kurt says a lot, really.

      • capt obvious

        murderers don’t speak ill of their victims…

      • superior

        capt obvious: are you retarded? Courtney talked all kinds of shit on kurt for kiling himself. Ever listen to her read his suicide note?

        How the fuck do you know murderers don’t speak ill of their victims? Know some murderers?

  3. Was it bigger than Courtney’s?

  4. Mandi

    I call bullshit. He wouldn’t have wasted himself if it was big, everyone knows huge dicks cure depression.

  5. Paulo Hash

    I guess that “something in the way” was his penis after all.

  6. Venom

    Uh huh….

  7. the captain

    …………not any more.

  8. KurtKobain

    According to my neighbor who grew up in Seattle and claims he saw Kurt Cobain on the medical examiners table, his quote was “Huge hands, small dick”

  9. cc

    Me too!

  10. MR. T

    well since she had him murdered and make it look like a suicide, telling everyone ten years later that he had a huge cock was the least she could do…….

  11. jonnyhunglo

    She said in multiple Howard Stern interviews that he had a very small penis

  12. fooey

    pictures or it didn’t happen

  13. Kurt Cobain Penis
    Commented on this photo:

    RIP Kurt. The Man who sold the World.

  14. fapappy

    RIP Kurt, Shoulda been Courtney.

  15. Shit, shit, shit… dude should be SO not dead, damnit to pissfuckshit…

    • Somebody grew up in the grunge era. Let it go buddy

      • bitingontinfoil

        “Grunge” was the last vestige of rock – kurts death introduce the death of REAL music. What to we have now? Beiber? Spears? Selena fuckin’ Gomez? If you want to hear *real* music – check out MotherLoveBone, Pearl Jame, AIC, etc….either that or go back to Lady GAGa

      • bitingontinfoil

        …and yes, the irony of the typos contained in my post are not lost on me! ;)

      • I actually don’t even have any of it on my hard drive anymore. It’s just that I saw the pics and… I dunno. Look at him, just fucking around. He was just a kid, goddammit. It breaks my fucking heart.

  16. Kurt Cobain Penis
    adolf hitler
    Commented on this photo:

    man who sold the world is still alive

  17. Well, that explains the jerky-like, mummified dildo she’s been using.

  18. Rancid

    Kurt could’ve been hung like a Clydesdale, but she still wouldn’t be able to feel it. Her meat curtains could probably dress the stage of the Coliseum.

  19. Cock Dr

    Hindsight being 20/20, he should have dumped the bitch and gotten into a detox program.

  20. TomFrank

    Did anyone else notice what Fish named this post in the link? “Kurt Cobain hung Courtney Love”?

  21. It had to be said

    Kurt Cobain and a random black man perform the Chicken Dance . . .

  22. What did Courtney bring?

    I thought it was brains that Courtney brought to the table….Kurt’s brains.

    So there, she was good for something…I’m sure the paramedics and maids appreciated the clean up help.

  23. You kinda have to have bring a large penis to the table if you’re going to marry the biggest cunt in town.

  24. Kurt Cobain Penis
    Commented on this photo:

    Cool! A picture with a Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, RuPaul, and Alanis Morissette!

  25. kk

    why is she still talking about this? i feel so terrible for her daughter (who is a brave old soul for getting out as soon as she could) and anybody who was friends with him. courtney is such a loser!

  26. Kurt Cobain Penis
    Commented on this photo:

    You guys are talking about David Bowie, right?

    • I agreed, YES. It was David saved the world. Then, I apologized to Bowie. For saying, “Dear OLD David should accept what He has taken on and visit a Dr. working in plastique. Hell, even I have anual sessions, and I have not elected for fame, just yet. But, I am working on my Auto-Biography and even going so far as to due a copy in Collage. The title has not hit me but it shall be penned by Seth Curiel. Buy 12 copies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. bitingontinfoil

    Didn’t Court admit to trying to snort some of Kurts ashes? Fuckin’ psycho.

  28. Turd Ferguson

    He was a whiny little bitch that killed himself because it was hard being a famous, talented millionaire.

  29. MrsPlant

    Good God. So beautiful. With a face like that, he doesn’t even need to have a dick. I could just stare at it all day…

    Unfortunately, Nirvana is pretty overrated.

  30. Nancy

    Noooo, he wasn’t hung……he was shot……………oh

  31. Kurt Cobain Penis
    Commented on this photo:

    Jesus fucking H Christ, people are stupid. “The Man Who Sold The World?” What are you retards talking about? What does that even mean?

    • fapappy

      It means you’re a dipshit.

    • I realize, from your statement regarding the meaning of “The Man Who Sold The World” that you have gotten very little in the way of education, We can’t all be winners. But, Let me give you a little colouring around the story. You have been high atop some city and problems of day to day life. Let’s add a very, VERY healthy does of a substance known as China White. That would be top quality heroin. that was one the primary substance used by Bowie at the time. Let me ask you this, did you attend any sort of school beyond 3rd grade or this. “If you could spend time in a bottle, what would be the first thing yould like to do.” One more thing ask Sonny Bono if “The Beat Goes On”. It would appear that you may be the one “educationally lacking.” As oposed to whomever you used that 19 century term………..RETARD! You are an absolute idiot, you sounded like a fool! Maybe, you should set your jug of corn whiskey down for a time. You do know, Nancy is out of office. Don’t you? Oh Yeah, that whole “WAR ON DRUGS” project of hers-how do I say this. It sort of went down the old crapper! Pick up a newspaper. I can’t tell from your note if you are 6 or 106.

  32. Cliff Poncier

    Again, there’s that black guy in the background saying EVERYTHING with his eyes!

  33. Racer X

    I miss Kurt Cobain.

  34. Kurt Cobain Penis
    Commented on this photo:

    Courtney needs to sober up, he wasn’t well hung, it was a shotgun blast.

  35. SIN

    He had the giant cock in his mouth. Thats wht no one could understand what he was singing.

  36. Shankaskank

    He was a leader and strong, eh? Is that why he splattered his brains all over a wall? If only i could be that strong.

    Kurt Cobain is an overrated pussy!

  37. Kurt Cobain Penis
    Commented on this photo:

    Ihateemo, The man who sold the world is a song created by David Bowie. Kurt Cobain made a cover.

  38. Burt

    She says he was hung? Man, that woman is high. He actually wrapped his mouth around a shotgun.

  39. Lissa

    Wow, if her idealistic leader and strength in a man is someone that blows his head off and has a huge dick she should just go and date Charlie Sheen, cuz I’m pretty sure that he’s heading in the same direction if he doesn’t get off the meth and heroin.

  40. Kurt Cobain Penis
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    big or not i would tap that again and again…tragic huge-penised waste…Courtney Love was a very lucky girl

  41. Kurt Cobain Penis
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    God, he was so beautiful.Look at those eyes. Amazing

  42. wowza

    Oh fuck guys he was murdered! there’s absolutely no way the conspiracies were born from pure fabrication- point blank mudered. He was a beautiful and talented musician who loved his daughter the love of his life and was desperate to escape courtney love. She’s the cunt who fucked the whole thing up…it’s such a waste and she could atleast have the decency to keep the size of his awesome cock to herself and shut the fuck up for her daughter’s sake.

  43. jd

    good stuff

  44. Steve

    Wish I saw it

  45. mariana braz

    stuped! he used heroin before he got to know courtney you ass…. read his bio ass

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