Krysten Ritter Is Your New Marvel Person

After confirming Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, Marvel announced that Krysten Ritter landed the title role of Jessica Jones for its upcoming Netflix series. I should probably mention Alexandra Daddario was also up the part, but mostly so I can link to her nude scene in True Detective because the SEO game don’t sleep, son. Anyway, for those of you don’t know who Jessica Jones is, she was a character created for Marvel’s mature line in the early 2000s who used to be an Avenger but quit to start her own detective agency and have butt sex with Luke Cage which naturally led to them getting married as butt sex so often does. A plot line I’m pretty sure won’t be in the show because The Avengers only just formed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and you can’t sell action figures with grinding anal thrust. I got estimates. As for who’s playing Luke Cage, Deadline reports Mike Colter is the frontrunner, or they could just use Sugar Ray Leonard because I’m pretty sure Seinfeld jokes are old enough to be public domain now. Newman.

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