Here’s Krysten Ritter In A Bikini

I know Krysten Ritter is in some comic book thing for Netflix called Jessica Jones, and now that I’ve put both of those things in bold, I’ve fulfilled my SEO requirements for this post. Not that I needed any reason other than “Butt.” to post these, but I’m about to write about Jared Fogle and I already feel the nausea that only Subway sandwiches and pedophilia stories can induce. Also, it gave me a reason to re-post these Leighton Meester pics, which for a moment I thought Krysten might have a chance at unseating (BA-ZING! Miss Fish yet?) until I looked at them again. All of them. Several, several times.

I’ll never doubt you again, Leighton Meester’s butt.

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