Kristy Swanson arrested


Kristy Swanson, who appeared on Skating with Celebrities and caused a scandal when her skating partner left his pregnant wife for her, was arrested Saturday night for allegedly assaulting the ex-wife. People reports:

“I had to go the police station where I had an appointment at 9 p.m. to begin the process of being arrested,” she confirms. Swanson was released on $500 (Canadian) bail. Officers escorted her into the police station in Kingston, Ontario, after Eisler’s ex, Marcia O’Brien, filed a complaint against Swanson. Swanson, 37, claims she was attacked by O’Brien in front of Eisler and O’Brien’s children. The actress’s rep, Michael Sands, says Swanson plans to press charges against O’Brien, saying that police took photographs of her back and other parts of her upper extremities to document the injuries.

There’s nothing quite like stealing a pregnant woman’s husband and then beating her up. I believe it was Mother Teresa who once said it was the greatest gift you could give a person.

UPDATE: Kristy Swanson has counter filed an assault claim. Yay for people we don’t know doing things we don’t care about.

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