The Shannon Twins Got In A DUI Accident Trying To Get Nipple Rings

And now for A Tale of Two Idiots. TMZ reports:

Former Playboy Playmates Karissa and Kristina Shannon were rushed to the hospital Monday after a horrific accident where Kristina rolled their SUV … and then got arrested for DUI.
Sources close to the twins tell us they were on their way to get their nipples pierced (yes, really) when Kristina lost control of their G-Wagon in Beverly Hills. Karissa had to be pulled from the vehicle through the windshield and firefighters cut open the SUV’s roof to rescue Kristina.

Cool. And now for the part where we still stare directly into butts that are almost definitely going to vehicularly manslaughter someone in the face. Then again, that poor sucker – or possibly even family of suckers – isn’t a practically naked butt on a screen right now, so were they ever really alive in the first place? Eh? And, BOOM, I just rationalized murder-butts. WE RIDE!

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Photos: FameFlynet