Kristin Davis in a bikini and other news

December 9th, 2009 // 27 Comments

- Mariah Carey’s new video is chock full o’ “mono-kini.” [Lainey Gossip]

- Paris Hilton criticizes police response to Nicky’s burglary presumably because they were helping poor people. [PopEater]

- Lady GaGa apparently got bored with looking quasi-attractive. [Drunken Stepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Jennifer Garner can be Photoshopped to have less man-face. I owe science a dollar. [Just Jared]

- Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are probably broken up. [PopSugar]

- Olivia Munn gets invited to premieres now. [Celebslam]

- Rihanna got a new tattoo that should probably make Chris Brown stop dreaming about getting back together. Then hitting her with a mallet. [The Blemish]

- Ricky Martin is also getting invited places. That one I don’t get. [Socialite Life]

- Taylor Lautner is set to host SNL. [ICYDK]

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Photos: Fame

  1. dfv


  2. BlahBlah

    Thanks, but we’ve already seen her pussy — maybe it’s time for a NSFW update since that other photo was taken a million years ago

  3. Fribbles

    She still looks good.

  4. BlahBlah

    Thanks, but we’ve already seen her pussy — maybe it’s time for a NSFW update since that other photo was taken a million years ago

  5. Itty bitty titties.

  6. qtpie

    You’re dumb! Jennifer Garner is flippin gorgeous!!!

  7. woof

    i am deeply convinced that jennifer garner and ashton kutcher are the same person.

    those photos are a slight improvement, but she still looks rather like a man in drag. they even managed to hide her dumbo ears.

    she’s masculine and dopey.

    qtpie i know it helps to think that if the world thinks other she-males are hot, that you are too, but…nobody likes a square jaw and no tits, except for gay men…sorry!

  8. tcash

    She freakin looks like my 60 year old aunt Edna! She has veins and cankles, wtf?

  9. The “older” women of entertainment are darn sure keeping up with all the youngsters. Maybe it’s the other way around. She looks fantastic for any age.

  10. Fegirst

    I would if I could.

  11. hard boiled pegg

    She has some big inner labia, not a nice looking pussy. If it got wet I’d stuff it.

  12. she spend the weekend there.

  13. I don’t want to say anything about her,i say only she is looking very sexy and hot.

  14. Rough 360

    I dont consider myself an admirer of a mom like Jennifer Garder but that dig was ugly and I don’t like it, and its not you Fish…

  15. Ice

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  16. Not bad. I think.

  17. Come on, who is she with? There’s a guy with her…who is he?

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  19. very good women

  20. good very good bikini

  21. dion nash

    Looking very cute in desert. i like her in this picture.

  22. sohot

    You guys are so dumb. This is Kristen Davis from Sex and the City and NOT Jennifer Gardner!

  23. Looking great, I’m sure she does a regular colon cleanse…

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