Kristin Davis has abs of quasi-steel

December 14th, 2007 // 47 Comments

Here are some shots of Kristin Davis filming a scene for the Sex and the City movie.


Her character Charlotte just finished working out – at a gym!


I admire how Kristin Davis doesn’t cave into peer pressure and continues to maintain her good looks as evidenced by her great abs. Meanwhile her cast mates allow themselves to be ravaged by the effects of time. Although, let’s be real, Sarah Jessica Parker was born with the face of a bridge troll. I even hear she visits hospitals to reverse the effects of Viagra overdose, so God bless her for overcoming adversity and being a beacon of light and stuff. Just don’t look at me.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. first?

    uh… first?

  2. dunkulous


  3. Sophie

    uh… yawn

  4. kristen, you give me hope

    this woman will soon be 43 ( 2 months ). Good for her!

  5. secybitch

    She’s very pretty and looks good for 42 or any age but she never had kids or got married

  6. and

    a month older than sjp

  7. :P

    She was the only hot one on the show. She should have been given the lead role on her looks alone.

  8. Pak31

    Never thought she was that cute, just average. She’s got a flat stomach but she’s always been thick in the hip thigh area. Must be hereditery.

  9. Satanas

    Finally a decent actress, a funny chick, a pretty chick, a healthy chick and probably a NICE chick.

    My faith is restored again.

  10. She is my favorite…or was…SITC gal

  11. JustWondering

    Dear Abby,

    When women like this walk down the street flaunting cameltoe so unashamed does that mean they are available for sex? Wouldn’t you say the rub on her nub is making her interested in varying kinds of penetrating activities.

    Just Wondering

  12. john

    Omg. She is hot. seems saw her before on a celebrity and millioniare dating site like But don’t know if it is her.

  13. I say shes fat. So, I’m pretty sure Jimbo would have a chance.

  14. Dude

    #12, go fuck yourself and quit trolling around this board with your shit spam!

  15. Mystress Jade

    Dear #12:

    Go fuck yourself.

    With love and affection,

  16. Mystress Jade

    Dude, you and me must be sharing the same brain…..

  17. Jimbo

    Well, I screwed you, didn’t I? And I loved your rolls. They’re soft, and I know that you’ll cook.

  18. Cynthia Nixon is a 100 times hotter

  19. #13, go fuck yourself and quit trolling around this board with your shit !..

  20. I meant Richard.

  21. She ‘s still hot….I don’t get what the problem is with SJP…she’s smokin’ too.

  22. havoc

    Damn, she’s fat…….


  23. havoc

    Damn, she’ fat…….


  24. amma

    I say she’s HOT. And SJP is too!!!

  25. Hey FRIST you are back. You have mail..

  26. Gerald_Tarrant

    That’s the type of chick I would have make me in the morning.

  27. chauncey gardner

    She’s hot. I hear she’s a real cunt, though. There’s only so much lip you can take off a bitch while you’re fucking her before you have to hit her.

  28. Texas Tranny

    Thanks for the email Jimbo………..That was great.

  29. Dude

    Mystress Jade, great minds think alike!

  30. Gerald_Tarrant

    That’s the type of chick I would have make me breakfast in the morning.

    I guess either way works though.

  31. Eye-Dish Lass

    She is the Demi Moore type….doesn’t age. She’s a beauty!

  32. She is really sexy!!! I have ever seen her hot video at which is a niche interracial dating site for all singls. She is really sexy with bikini in that video. You will wanna get her after seening it

  33. she is healthy in looking, I like her.

  34. she is healthy in looking, I like her.

  35. TDogg

    I’m sorry…Sara Jessica Parker is WAY overrated. Ugly even. Kristin Davis is definitely the most hittable chick of the SITC crew. Kim Cattrall second, Cynthia Nixon third, and Parker a DISTANT 4th. Nixon is a lesbian, and I STILL would fuck her ahead of Parker!

  36. CR

    Nuts………..completely nuts. SJP is not the perfect 10 but has more sex appeal in her pinky than most women in Hollywood. Great money bought looks are a dime a dozen in hollywood……sex appeal transcends……….and very few women really have it……….SJP does.

  37. mafme

    SJP is physically repulsive. I’m glad she does well, but she is pretty gross.

  38. redsonja1313

    She looks good for her age and definitly holding up better then SJP, but as my Grandma use to say…… she has hips made for birth’en babies. No amount of dieting is going to change her bone structure, the girl has broad hips !!!

  39. Go Kristin

    Is it just me or do brunettes seem to age better than blondes?

    Brunettes over 30: Kristin Davis, Demi Moore, Monica Belucci, Katherine Zeta Jones, Aishwarya Rai, Selma Blair, Cindy Crawford

    Blondes over 30: Courtney Love, Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears (less than 30 even), Tara Raid, Uma Thurman, mmm, I can’t even think anymore because the rest seem to be obsolete as soon as they hit their 30s.

  40. charle


  41. charle


  42. charle


  43. charle

    I love her. she is so pretty and talanted. No wonder so many men at are always discussing her.

  44. thunder thighs

    Thunder thighs.

  45. Narcissist

    I always thought she was the most physically attractive on SitC, even if her personality was still intolerable. She looks hot in that Seinfeld toothbrush episode, too.

  46. George Best

    Really hot and shes frickin 42. Wonder why she has not married or had kids or atleast come out as a lesbian. By the times our wives hit 42, they are like grandmas. This chick is more marryable then most 20 yr olds. Personality must be horrible. It is the only explanation.

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