Kristin Cavalleri To Host a Crappy Show

kristin_cavalleri_thumb1.jpgFrom what I understand, this show Laguna Beach is basically about a bunch of spoiled rich kids who are either drinking or having sex with each other, or both. Making it much like my own high school years, but without the bare-knuckle death-fighting championships. In any case, this girl Kristin is now going to be a co-host of UPN’s new reality show called Sluts on Unicycles Get This Party Started.

“We’re just really happy to have her,” said executive producer Allison Grodner. “Certain people, whether in acting or television, have something – a quality – that ‘it’ factor,” Grodner said. “I think it’s there in Kristin and we were really pleasantly surprised with her.”

Nothing like a story of a small-town girl of modest means who works hard and makes good. Of course we’ll never hear that story, because that girl was run over by a limo carrying a drunken Kristin on her way to some billionaire’s ball. Life can be cruel sometimes.

‘Party’ time for ‘Laguna’ gal [NY Daily News]