Kristin Cavallari Malibu bikini pictures

August 1st, 2007 // 153 Comments

Kristin Cavallari, some chick from MTV’s reality show Laguna Beach, was spotted in Malibu in her bikini. I dunno, is she famous? Does being on a show nobody watched doing stuff nobody cares about make you a star? Sure, why not. Hey, I’m not complaining. She’s hot, and the more hot chicks the paparazzi want to follow around in their bikinis the better. I was getting tired of doing it myself, so I gladly welcome the help. No wait, I mean, I don’t follow around hot chicks in their bikinis. That’d be creepy. No, no, I read books. And discuss politics. With people.

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  1. Bite Me!

    Much better than Britney

  2. Sportsdvl

    Looking good, but not any better than half of the beach chicks roaming southern Cali….

  3. doodie

    whats with the c-section scar? still do her though.

  4. sixth

    wow I am really happy to say that I am in sixth place! Damn proud. I feel as though I have really accomplished something. (Damn, if only now I can hear that KrazyKooterKelli drowned I would be ecstatic)

  5. oh god no one on here has a life pressed to be first um #8 your not six by the way

  6. ip

    6. Sportsdvl – August 1, 2007 5:27 PM

    Looking good, but not any better than half of the beach chicks roaming southern Cali….

    interesting, cause douche bags use to say here that 95% of “the average US-american woman” look worse than shitney when someone says that shitney is a fat pig.

  7. Victor

    EagleEye I sent the e-mail.

  8. ipanemagirl

    Hey Victor, you’re ignoring me. I’m sad :( kiss.

  9. oh and #8 that shows you have no life how you remember someones name of this site lmao

  10. Bioplant

    Extremely hot, and even moreso because she has incredibly large beef curtains.

    She has just the right amount of chub. And now from looking at these pix, I do too.

  11. Bite Me!

    Hey Victor are you planning a rode trip?

  12. Victor

    I wouldn’t say that. I don’t know what she is even about, just like how funny and nice she is. Want to talk to her for a while. Don’t want to say a road trip right of way. I’ll just talk to her first.

  13. Mdiz

    Who is this brawd? Hot all the same though…

  14. P911GT10c

    I’ll take Jessica and her stiff nips over this chick. BOOOORING.

  15. ipanemagirl

    oh, here you are again vic .. being the nice guy you are. I’m really attracted to you .. sort of. But you don’t notice me:-( so i give it up. *sigh*

  16. ziggurat

    6. Sportsdvl – August 1, 2007 5:27 PM

    Looking good, but not any better than half of the beach chicks roaming southern Cali….
    interesting, cause douche bags use to say here that 95% of “the average US-american woman” look worse than shitney when someone says that shitney is a fat pig.
    IP, you need to go to Hermosa Beach on the 4th of July. They may not look as bad as BS or as good as this chic, but they paid to look . .. interesting . ..

  17. Victor

    #19, who the hell are you? I don’t recognize your name.

  18. I want to pork her in the doo-doo hole.

  19. ipanemagirl

    Vic, I’m a new girl, don’t be afraid, no troll. But oh well… you don’t need to care for me. I’m going to continue enjoying your posts all by myself in silence .. like i did before. *sniff*

  20. Bite Me!

    Damn Victor, first you can’t get the time of day and now you have two of them. She sounds kind of cute

  21. Jaclyn

    Has Everyone failed to notice the NZ on her left wrist!?! Tattoo?

  22. Victor

    #24, you think I fall for anybody’s crap in here? I don’t know who are trolls, who are girls posing as guys, or guys posing as girls. Everything is bullshit in these posts. If #23 is a new girl, how can she say I am ignoring her, when I have no idea who she/he is. How can I be ignoring somebody who just writes to me the first time during this post?

  23. Alli

    Is she wearing a promise ring or something? How eighth grade.

  24. combustion8

    She needs to hit the gym badly, bodies looking bleh…and shes still young, she’ll look like total shit by the time shes 35.

  25. adeliza

    As much as I hate to admit it, I’m jealous.

    This is a REAL body, not a plastic one.

    I’m bummed.

  26. adeliza

    CHECK OUT PIC #17!!!!

    That little dog!!!!!

  27. Jessica

    Is that Nick Carter from BSB she’s with???

  28. Lola

    Anything less cookiecutter on here ?

  29. Victor

    I wish I was that dog. Just imagine, she could pick you up, and place you on her chest. Then just imagine, you could be in the bed room with her every night, and watch her get undressed, watch her take a shower, and then if you are lucky enough, you can watch her masturbate.

  30. pang

    I appreciate this site and adore the commentary. But seriously, seriously, seriously stop posting boring ass pics of reality tv show stars.

  31. teddy

    How about some Lauren Conrad bikini pics next… at least shes still on tv.

  32. Bite Me!

    @26 You can be nice and see what happens. She/he/it does not seem like any of the normal trolls are float in and out of here

  33. ipanemagirl

    Vic, I posted in the Paris-Nicole thread and in some threads after that but it seems I’ve been always too late and you didn’t read those threads again. So it’s not the first time I’m writing to you, just the first time I caught you now. I know, there’s much bs going on in the interweb and especially on this site but all I can say I’m no troll and I’m a girl but hey .. I understand if you don’t believe me right away.

    BTW, i’m #10 , too. ip, ipanema, ipanemagirl, that’s all me.

    I’ve been reading the fish for a long time but didn’t bother to post so much but I’ve read your posts and you seem like a nice and sweet guy, a wee bit perv, but that’s totally ok in my book …
    Anyway, gotta go to sleep, I’m in europe so I wouldn’t matter to you anyways ;-(
    Just sayin:)

  34. Bite Me!

    See it is a girls and she seems nice. I would talk to her if I were you!!! And the best thing is she is ok with you being a PREV

  35. ipanemagirl

    hehe, Bite me!, I’m ok with pervs and prevs, I guess ;-)

    But I’ll better leave Vic alone, maybe he’ll get too confused —- ?

  36. Victor

    #38 Bite me……….lmao……….shut up. It’s you trying to fuck with me.

  37. JD

    $88768326.00 says ipanemagirl is a dude.

  38. Victor

    I am not confused at all. Just laughing at all the stupid shit going on lately. If you are truly indeed a girl, send me a picture.

  39. Victor

    #41 JD, we will have to see…………lmfao.

  40. Bite Me!

    PERVS or PREVS. I actually have to work and most of the time I am doing a couple fo things at the same time. Also, my spelling sucks.

    See what you are missing VIctor?

  41. ipanemagirl

    yeah, a “dude” with a wonderful handful of 75Bs! duh.

  42. Victor

    #44 Bite Me , why don’t you hit on her then? Why don’t you try and score with her?

  43. If i get your’s first, Vic? drop me a mail and you’ll get a pic back .. I’m still here.

  44. Bite Me!

    Vic, she wants you! and as much as you have accused me of being your troll. This is not coming from me!!! I have talked to her in the past on here.

  45. Victor

    Give me your e-mail address and I will send you an e-mail. Do it fast because I have to leave work in 35 minutes.

  46. ipanemagirl

    er … I don’t think so Bite me! … O_o

    damn, how do I make my email-address appear

  47. Victor

    #50, you just type it in the message.

  48. Bite Me!

    So can I e-mail too?:)

  49. is it in my handle??

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