Kristin Cavallari in a Bikini

April 26th, 2010 // 132 Comments

Apparently Vegas does hire hot women to host pool parties, because here’s Kristin Cavallari at Liquid over the weekend and I can’t even imagine going to this party then attending Paris’ the very next day. That’s like staring at a beautiful flower only to turn around and get a pine cone shoved up your urethra. Or am I thinking about that hiking trip when I told a hippie chick my sex is like bombing innocent children in a foreign country? Which one had a bear telling me mushrooms make me Jesus?

Photos: WENN, WireImage

  1. Que

    Que liuke.

  2. cc

    First bitches! AND I slept with her.

  3. yawn


  4. Taz

    Great legs

  5. She’s still the hottest piece of ass from that show

  6. Parker

    I guess Kristin was wearing a butt plug in the pool but I don’t think that’s very sanitary. On the other hand I’d be happy to replace it with my weiner.

  7. Sport

    pretty girl, no clue what she is famous for.

  8. Captain_Insano

    Is she on Jersey Shore? No? Then why is the asshole Superficial writer writing about her?

  9. truth

    finally…a hot chick on the site. very doable

  10. xylus

    Pine cones in the urethra…. sounds like somebody’s tried the hors d’ouevres at a Tom Cruise soiree…

  11. misterfister

    She should keep doing coke. It’s good for her body.

  12. Zach


  13. jlylec

    goddamn she’s hot. sucks about paris getting ugly over the past week or so.

  14. Deacon Jones

    Very nice, I would def. eat snatch on this one.

    Now if only she’d cut out her tongue…and nod obediently whenever a male told her to do something.

  15. Wow. She’s really hot! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  16. jlylec

    i have to rescind my last comment. just looked through all the pics and she’s ‘Eh’ at best. way too big mouthed and toothy and small-titted for my liking. not that great. there are much hotter broads at your average mall. what the fuck is wrong with this country? we’re wasting bits and bandwidth on this shite…

  17. Tom cruise

    never heard of this bitch before.
    she must be famous for sucking famous dicks

    nice ass though. needs a boob job. anybody knows Audrina’s doctor’s number?

  18. j.

    OMG! i cant see anything! how do u get the squirt gun out of the way?!?

  19. SCUM

    I got a super soaker for her poker.

  20. Truth

    “she’s the hottest piece of ass on that show”

    I propose the phrase piece of ass should be retired and a new phrase for worthless, but doable, girls from reality shows like Kristin should be coined.

    She’s the hottest piece of cunt on that show?

  21. pimp

    let the ass eating begin!

  22. Bob

    I think some are being a little too picky here. She’s cute. And I’d definitely stretch that heiny.

  23. kingofbeer

    She can play with my squirt gun any day!

  24. Sardonic

    Slurp, slurp. Pound, pound.

  25. Tek

    She’s alright. I wouldn’t kick her out the bed.

  26. The Pig on the Internet


  27. GIRL

    She’s a hot, natural beauty. Likes to keep her look low-key, I like that. she could be done up a lil more, but eh, she doesn’t need it at all. That way she won’t look like the orange pancake ass, formerly known as Paris, in 8 years.

  28. Best comment

    LOL @ 10.

  29. gen

    I’m such a superficial person because all the mildly ugly girls from reality shows really bug the shit out of me, but with her I’m thinking “wow, she’s so pretty, there’s nothing dislikable about her”. Well whatever, I’m at the right place, aren’t I.

  30. Zee Brat

    I guess if you hung around her all the time you might consider having 10 plastic surgery procedures done at the same time too.

  31. greggo

    The dark eye make-up is really practical for swimming. One splash and she’s Tammy Faye.

  32. Doodle

    Haha, you know what’s awesome is I’m pretty sure she hasn’t had any plastic surgery but she’s still way prettier than Heidi montag will ever be. Heidi needs to realize she’s like mr potato head. You can put a new nose, or a new mouth or whatever on him, rearange it, but he’s still gonna be ugly, cuz he’s mr fuckin potato head.

  33. Dn

    @ 10

    That’s a sweet piece of tail. I’m in.

  34. being Rough, in a Classless world

    I don’t understand this chic. Sometimes she looks busted and sometimes she looks HOT…

  35. This is the only good thing that came out of that “hills” show.

  36. Willie Dixon

    Anybody else notice at these swim appearances they have their own plexi-glassed off little section of the pool and the venue? Understandable, but I keep imagining them spinning on a little platter like that Paris Hilton video.

  37. jason

    Is she a virgin?

  38. ok--then

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, i’ll pass thank you

  39. Sport

    ^^^ Gay ^^^^^

  40. Dank

    Sweet mother of Jesus this chick is hot. I always thought she was pretty cute but DAMN!

  41. whoa.. those black bikini bottoms are hot!



  43. fap

    Waist too long, legs too short.

  44. Redhead

    #42, I hear you, fella.
    Kristin’s tummy isn’t that good looking and she doesnt have nice boobs and… Audrina and LC are much hotter than her (even plastic-Heidi is way better than her lol)

  45. bassackwards

    Take note Kim LARDASSian, this is what a hot chick looks like. Now go look in the mirror and realize you don’t look anything like this.

  46. She look pretty hot in this bikini.She is really good looking lady in recent year her smile is fabulous.

  47. Stephanie

    #34, It’s because of a number of factors: I can tell she has had her hair done professionally and has lots of makeup on here, something that will enhance almost any girl’s appearance a lot. I know this from experience, as I can achieve a similar look when I do too, and sometimes I look like crap when I don’t. But she certainly has a great canvas to work with.

  48. bassackwards

    13. jlylec – April 26, 2010 2:54 PM

    “goddamn she’s hot. sucks about paris getting ugly over the past week or so”

    As if Parisite was ever hot to begin with

  49. cellphone

    I’d like her natural and non-anorexic looks.

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