Kristin Cavallari in a bikini

August 6th, 2009 // 77 Comments

After looking at these pics of Kristin Cavallari in Malibu this week, kudos to the producers of The Hills for finding someone to replace Lauren Conrad whose ass doesn’t literally bore me to tears. Seriously, I look at Kristin’s, and I feel like a kid in a (erotic) candy store. While anytime I look at Lauren’s, I wake up five hours later to an EMT screaming “Live, damn you. LIVE!” before juicing me with a defibrillator pad. It tickles.

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  1. Anyone else see the resemblance between KC and Tara Reid a decade ago. Pretty face, but c’mon. The rest of her looks like an out of shape 14 yr. old boy.

  2. yawn

    definitely cute.. and not coke whore skinny..

  3. Duke Nukem

    She’s pretty, but obviously not a fan of working out. No muscle tone at all.

  4. Any whore that gets blasted on the intarwebs that stems from MtV is a waste of my FAP time.. esp The Hills.. KC is old news, especially her disgusting ass that makes kitty cry.

  5. Tavia

    Has anyone looked at her HANDS?????? What the heck is going on there?

  6. saywha?


    to be honest, tara reid was much hotter a decade ago than kristen is now.

  7. Scott

    “46. asdf – August 7, 2009 10:43 AM


    are you guys f.u.c.king BLIND??????

    it’s flat and droopy”

    You’re a fucking moron. If anyones blind, its yourself, douche. Posting in caps just amplifies that fact.

    And 56…..the last thing I think most people here give a fuck about are her hands…her hands?seriously? gtfo already.

    And yea, real big ‘beer gut’ shes got going on there. Or what was it the other fucktard said? No ‘muscle tone’ ? Good God. She’s in great fucking shape, and just because she doesnt have a damn six pack doesnt change that.

  8. Superbiggerevil


  9. linda

    She looks great, good luck on the new show! –

  10. Sad

    She’s that young, and her flabby stomach is bigger than her little boy butt? Can you imagine what she’ll look like after she’s had a baby? Probably about the same, actually.

  11. Joe D

    Is it just me that thinks she looks amazing !!

    Very cute face, hot tanned body.

    One of the hottest chicks on TV at the moment

  12. chonies

    Scott’s a douche. Probably fat and forty. nice beer gut. Try the treadmill girlfriend. Cellulite and no ass. Looking like Tara R. yikes.

  13. leid-girl

    for all you losers, especially guys, that are claiming she has a beer gut.

    Come to me, lift your shirt and lets see that tight six pack. What? You don’t have one? Just a hairy pale gut? Yeah, that’s what I thought!

    Girls that are saying it…………same to you. I doubt you even look half as good as her!

    As for me..I do look good…and better than her. lol.

  14. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Italian Girl = NO ass…… she definitely reinforces that stereotype……..

  15. dirt chicken

    That skank is like the road between Dallas and Ft. Worth … no curves… and what’s with that pancake ass ? That shit is so flat my walls are jealous. Christ , she was hot at 17, but she’s hit the wall fo sho.

  16. dirt chicken

    @ 58 – “scott”

    Get your lips off her droopy ass ! I hate to burst your little fantasy bubble … but that flat-assed vapid whore isn’t going to see your “internet defender” act and search you out, so there is no need to play that role.

  17. Martina

    @56 – “Has anyone looked at her HANDS?????? What the heck is going on there?” LOL

    I’m looking at her ass (very nice), and, to a lesser extent, her tits (also nice) – but definitely NOT her hands.

  18. Kdawg

    NO Butt what the hell you smoking… that’s the worst ass I have ever seen!

  19. Rose

    Uuh.. is this a joke or do you really think her butt looks good? I guess it does if you like flat, slightly cellulite-y butts… Which I suppose you do since there was previous post like this about Megan Fox who also has no butt.

  20. Taz

    id fuck that

  21. Salvatore Gustafsson

    Mama Mia!!! Let me squeeze some of my creamy alfredo sauce into her mouth

  22. Nameless

    She’s not bad looking here. But I can see that cute little belly turning into a not so cute Tara Reid fubar gut if she doesn’t start hitting the treadmill.

    She too young to be this much out of shape. That’s just lazy.

  23. Sammy

    She has a bloated belly due to guzzling too much of my manjuice

  24. czar

    Do some sit ups for christ sake!

  25. work that beer gut , at least lauren has a personality , and a career!

  26. Her body is sort of unattainably attainable. Definitely hot. Not so hot that you think you can never look like that, but hot enough that once you hit the gym you realize, realistically, you probably can’t. Damn you Kristen Cavallari!

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