Kristin Cavallari in a bikini

August 6th, 2009 // 77 Comments

After looking at these pics of Kristin Cavallari in Malibu this week, kudos to the producers of The Hills for finding someone to replace Lauren Conrad whose ass doesn’t literally bore me to tears. Seriously, I look at Kristin’s, and I feel like a kid in a (erotic) candy store. While anytime I look at Lauren’s, I wake up five hours later to an EMT screaming “Live, damn you. LIVE!” before juicing me with a defibrillator pad. It tickles.

Photos: Splash News

  1. BallsToTheWall

    First, and i’d her asshole.

  2. BallsToTheWall

    First, and i’d hit her asshole.

  3. Dave P

    What does she do?

  4. The Observer

    Am I the only person who has absolutely no idea who 75% of the people in this blog are? I’d like to think that’s a good thing, but then again it could be considered a sign of old age.

  5. The Observer

    Am I the only person who has absolutely no idea who 75% of the people that this blog talks about are? Considering how stupid and worthless most celebrities are, I’d like to think that’s a good thing…but then again it could be considered a sign of old age.

  6. maric38

    Personally, I think it looks like she doesnt really have a butt. Otherwise she’s pretty though

  7. Over 40

    This is America, #2.
    You don’t have to do anything anymore.

    hehe, #2.

  8. The Observer

    Well now I know why people double post!

    I stopped it while it was loading by accident, and my post wasn’t there after reload. I refreshed it again after 20 seconds, and 30…still no post. So I rewrote my original post, hit submit, and sure enough…

    I demand compensation for this insult!

  9. Nikky Raney

    I love her for admitting that she ACTS on The Hills and that it isn’t real. She’s from Laguna Beach, I loved her on that show… then again I was also 16.

  10. Nikky Raney

    She makes me feel good about having a lil b um

  11. Circus

    When Cindy Crawford, at her age, has a tighter body than you, MTV tart whose sole talent is that she has no talent, then you should really get the fuck off my tv and computer.

  12. asdf


    she’s got no figure.

    she’s got no ass.

    even my hairy man-ass sticks out more than hers

  13. yuki

    lol. nice mini beer gut ur workin on there.

  14. John Cameron Swayze: This is John Cameron Swayze reporting for Timex. Today we have the Timex -’Marlin’ – in front of a loud speaker broadcasting main stream media news…and oh…Kristin – nice cut-offs…let me just hook ‘er up here…don’t want to scratch the strap…etc…
    wait a sec…Ok. – Turn it up…Turn it up …to… to Williams….!!!
    Later Deleted Sounds : Babang …sprong… what time is it?…Kapow !
    John Cameron Swayze : (off camera) Cut. Cut . Cut. Where are they making this crap now – China ?

  15. Knee Ya Ha Ha : So. John Cameron Swayze – what point you twing to sway here exactwee ?
    Inside job ?

  16. What see thinking?

  17. What see thinking?

  18. Derek

    Anyone who thinks she’s not smoking hot is either blind or fucking jealous.

  19. Lowstandards

    That is one ugly annoying bitch

  20. asdfjkl

    I would tonguefuck her asshole until it was raw.

  21. fast

    I would like to masturbate frantically over the top her and spray my demon seed all over those perky lady lumps.

    I might even sign my name on her beer gut with my ball batter if she’s lucky.

    Can’t wait until her sex tape comes out……

  22. fdajfhaeh

    she needs to do some more situps and crunches, she kinda has a gut.

  23. why

    Why is this site constantly posting ‘no name whores’ in bikinis?

    Surely you can find some ‘name whores’ posing in bikin’s too……

    Quit this shit or i will have to start jacking off with the other hand just for a little excitement.

    (o o)

  24. likeit

    Pic 16 – looks like someone beat me too it…. surely that wet patch is where her latest conquest pulled out and shot his goo all over her…..

    I’d love to drench her sloppy ass with my salty sperm

    Got to love dirty sluts like this one.

  25. Ragnarok

    And we care who this girl is why?
    … oh right, the tits.

  26. Rontti

    Whoa, that’s one ugly ass.

  27. Billy Boy

    God i love me some Kristin!

  28. uh Uh UH! Yeah ... hand me a kleenex, and clean yourself up. Here's $10, take a taxi home.

    She left her ass in her other bikini.

  29. Superficial, the Lauren Conrad link goes to pictures of SHORTS. Please find pics of her ass hanging out so I can make a fair and righteous judgment. Please.

    @ 4-5 – If they’re on television I generally don’t know and don’t care :P Especially if they’re on MTV.

  30. Ronald McDouchebag

    alot of gay boys and jealous girls here, this bitch is hot… quit yer hatin.

  31. saywha?

    I’ll admit she’s hot, but only for a regular chick. For someone who’s on TV, she really has no ass and could do a few sit ups. I’m not hating; I’m just being honest.

  32. So theyre 2 different people KC and LC? Id bust a nut on that gut…who am I to turn that down….

  33. Darth

    Great tan!

  34. I remember this gal being really mean and stuck up in Laguna Beach.

  35. Doug

    She’s got an ok face…but that stomach really needs some work on it. For someone being on TV and all. For a regular chick you’d see on the beach in Virginia or the Carolina’s…ya she’s hot.

  36. Jim

    No tone, no ass, beginnings of a gut. A vanilla girl who’s starting to melt. The very definition of boring.

    Seriously, I look at Kristin’s ass, and I feel like a kid in a meh store.

  37. Deacon Jones

    I thought this chick was young = tight.

    My fucking ex has 10 years on her and has a tighter body. Then again, if all I did was walk around SoCal and get filmed, I guess I’d fall to shit to.

  38. attention whores united

    Wow….so another “candid” moment where some no name hollywood whore just so happens to be posing perfectly for paparazzi (who just so happen to be in the area) to take pictures of her in a bikini.

    Coincidence is a bitch

  39. jlylec

    ummm…that douche she’s with shaved his stomach so you could see how retarded he is with a tattoo. the fact that she’s with a guy like that makes her fat and dumb.

  40. ha

    She’s much prettier than any other girl that is on one of those reality shows. I think if anyone makes it to the other side without falling into oblivion, it’s her.

  41. spinal

    @ 31 – word to that. Yeah she’s ‘hot’ compared to your average American she-beast trolling through Wal-Mart, but hot enough to get paid millions to appear on TV? Hell no. Her gut sticks out further than her ass does, which is ridiculous on someone that young, and since her personality isn’t interesting, I can only conclude she is simply another LA douchebag getting paid big money to do nothing and be nothing.

    So yes, I AM jealous, and not because of her looks. I’m several years older than her and my stomach and ass look much better, and I go to the gym every day and read books and educate myself and do what I can to contribute to the world – and I will never make a fraction of the income at my 60-hour job that this chick gets to wear bikinis and show off her flabby body by the pool all day. Who wouldn’t be jealous?!

  42. Christina

    Smoking hot rofl…Yeah….ok…..personally i think i’m sexier and that’s saying something…she’d look at me with that jelous look all skanky biches have, then flick her hair as a sign of defiance as all skanky bitches do when they’re jelous

  43. Perkin Merkin

    Good boobage. Nice ass. Yep, this will do.

  44. RB

    I’m starting to think there are some seriously lonely men with mother issues who post to this site…now let me go back to drowning kittens in my bathtub.

  45. boo

    nice gut, girl. guess youre human like the rest of us.

  46. asdf


    are you guys f.u.c.king BLIND??????

    it’s flat and droopy

  47. chonies

    not only is her ass droopy and flabby, her belly button looks like a portal to a deep black hell. Put down the hotdogs girl and do some situps.

  48. shred

    Yet another perfect example that being naturally thin does not mean you don’t have to work out. Get some muscle tone, Kristin!

  49. Tom K

    She’s falling off too!! This girl used to have a smoking body! Why are these bitches letting themselves go? Newsflash your not the average girl on the street your on TV it’s your fucking job to look good all the time, so do so!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Jenn


    @13 – @22… Your both Fukin IDIOTS! she has a great stomach… Hot hot!

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