Kristin Cavallari in a bikini

March 15th, 2009 // 56 Comments

Here’s Kristin Cavallari* at the 2nd Annual Cosmopolitan Bikini Bash in Miami Beach Saturday, and how the hell is this not a national holiday? Didn’t I just vote for a guy who said something about hope and change I can believe in? Lies!

*Celebrity status NOT implied.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. first

    nice, first

  2. Dianne


  3. amanda

    she has on the most unflattering bikini in the bunch.
    those tops look terrible on just about everyone

  4. BigHeadMike

    Amen sister… Who chose that bikini?????

  5. jlylec

    man I’d nail the hell out of that big tooth bitch…

  6. SOS

    Big tooth… huh?

  7. jlylec

    she’s got big teeth…but she’s hot…real dumb, but i’d hit it.

  8. Lain

    I remember her name from somewhere. Who is she?

  9. She looks pretty and charming, she is a natural beauty. I have seen a profile with some sexy pictures on
    ====BigBlackConnect.C om==== looks like her very much.
    It is a niche ebony dating service. Is she seeking for fun, love or something else??

  10. xyz

    #3 – good call. the girl has decent sized boobs if i remember correctly, but some how that thing make them look like a sad sausage. don’t even talk to me about the color.

  11. sin

    Boring. You can get much better pictures in any catalogue. Waste of space. But then, this site is all about wasting space, especially between the site runners ears.

  12. liz

    she looks tubby and her boobs look small.

  13. amanda

    its that bikini!
    they look good on NOONE, theres no fat on this chick!

  14. Alie

    I don’t think this looks like Kristin (even though she hosted the event so I guess it must be).

  15. combustion8

    her body looks like shit.. why are these here?

  16. ToTellTheTruth

    the bitches behind her look better than SHE does..

  17. eric

    Meh, your average girl in orange county.

  18. Allen's Woody

    Hey diddle-diddle, you’re soft in the middle….

  19. Doc

    #17 is absolutely right… nothing all that special about Kristin… girls like that are a dime a dozen in OC. On a side note, what has she done to warrant celebrity status? It’s not like she’s on the Hills or something…

  20. Dusk till Dawn

    I bet she is trying not to cry being around all those women with better looking bodies than hers. That’s probably why she kept her shorts on and put her shirt back on in the last pics. But that bikini top does nothing for boobies, I would never wear one. Speaking of which I wish she would move so I could see the girls boobies behind her. Much more intresting than Kristen!

  21. Lowlands


  22. Fati

    Agreed, very average. An ordinary skinny caucasian girl. Has got kinda short legs.

  23. sin

    Boring. Who is she anyway? I have never seen her or heard of her before.
    Did they have a contest for lame white girl?

  24. I actuallt think she looks good

  25. Parker

    I’d dump a load in her dumper but that’s as far as I’d go.

  26. Da

    It just goes to show you can’t be too careful!

  27. ph7

    Gross paunch.

  28. Moo

    Aren’t you meant to go in at the waist? She’s just skinny – she has a guy’s torso.

  29. She was my friend in college, I have much better pictures of her:

  30. vito

    She’s gorgeous except…what the fuck?!…no hips!

  31. raven

    who even cares about her anymore? those photos aren’t even candid, so she probably hired the photographers.

  32. Eight out of ten americans cannot wear a bikini, folks!!

  33. vito

    Yeah, right, #32. They’re called men and children.

  34. realistic guy

    She’s pretty but she’s a little soft in the middle. The girls behind her have much better bodies…..BTW WHO IS SHE?

  35. Kellogs

    She looks like a box of cereal. Talk about no curves or @ss

  36. dan

    She is actually slightly below average

  37. brooke

    She looks better than the bitches in the blue bikinis around her with their gunts and cellulite

  38. beata

    Who is she, and who are the teletubbies around her?

  39. sin

    Nobody has answered…Who the fuck is she??? What does she do??

  40. damnitall

    Man this site makes me feel like crap about myself. I honestly always thought I was a pretty girl and others have always seemed to think so as well. I’ve never had any trouble dating, and dating hot guys for that matter. And yet, when I get on this website and everyone talks about how fat some beautiful girl is, I feel ridiculously ugly. If she’s fat in the middle, then I’m a fatty fat fat.

  41. Oliverlover

    who says not?
    then guess you better see what hot and sinceretall singles on _____Tallmingle.C O M_____ are saying about her!! BTW, it’s the place where tall people meet and mingle! Nothing but love rules there!!

  42. you

    @40 – this site isn’t about you, get over yourself.

  43. Deva

    Seriously, who is she and why is she not-exactly-famous?

  44. Max Planck

    What women will do if there is a camera around…

  45. she used to be in a mtv program called laguna beach and she modeled 4 something

  46. theanswer

    She was on “Laguna Beach” with Lauren Conrad. This show spawned “The Hills.” I guess she could be considered the precurser to Heidi Montag!

  47. Amy

    You are all ridiculously jealous. She looks hot. So what if she doesn’t have abs? Her stomach is pretty flat and she looks feminine.

  48. aint that the truth

    no waist … i hate boxed girls … NASTY

  49. Arroyo

    Seriously, no big deal.
    She’s fit and pretty good looking, but nothing special.

  50. Aoppo

    It just goes to show you can’t be too careful!

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