Kristen Bell wears a bikini

September 27th, 2007 // 79 Comments

I’m not exactly sure who Kristen Bell is or what she’s done, but here she is wearing a bikini on the set of Heroes. Apparently her character has the ability to put on silly hats and pretend her hand is a gun. That’s a pretty neat power I guess. In a tough situation she could make a bank robber, I dunno, laugh to death.


  1. jerri


  2. Riotboy


  3. pointandlaugh

    who is this broad? why are we paying attention?

  4. Binky

    I like when the guy with the wire shows up – first last row.
    ‘Hun – change of plan. No bikini.
    You’ll be playing a slightly off-color Barney impersonator”

  5. judy greer

    What a pretty young lady…

    …just the kind of target you losers like to rip into to make their sorry selves feel better.

  6. Oh god….what Hero character is she going to be? I hate her already.

  7. DickMatters2EveryoneButJudyGreer

    Judy, Yes she sure does look good. That is because she is thinking how much Dick Matters in her life. I know you have no time for Dick Matters so perhaps you could run out and get me a soda like the good little secretary you are. I’m sorry your not a secretary are you> I meant to say administrative assistant.

  8. David

    Kristen Bell played the title character on Veronica Mars, which was one of the best television series ever. She’s also incredibly cute.

  9. Hasn’t that crappy show been cancelled?

  10. anna


  11. UCrawford

    I think she plays the snotty head cheerleader on “Heroes” this season. Guess she decided to build on her repertoire of high school characters.

  12. She has the kind of legs that are made for wrapping around things.

  13. David

    “Hasn’t that crappy show been cancelled?”

    Hence “played”. but the show wasn’t crappy. Just badly promoted by the network and tampered with too much in it’s 3rd season.

    and no, she doesn’t play a cheerleader on Heroes. Her character won’t show up for a while.

  14. I want to pork her in her doo-doo chute.

  15. Jamie

    She’s average looking in the face, nothing special…and her stomach hangs over.

  16. #1

    Not sure who she is? My lord, she’s only one of the hottest women in the world.

  17. MikeyB


    aw nubs.

  18. You’re right – never heard of her. So…in other news
    ‘Notes from a Gulag Dinner.
    -So I’m at, like Mom’s and she has this show on ‘Dancing with Moons’ or something. (Irina’s safe) Couldn’t escape.
    -Don’t think I’d seen it before, but noticed they’d brought in one of the ‘Backdoor Boys’ as a host. ( Like it wasn’t gay enough already?)
    -So,they have this tap dancer on. All I can figure is:Tap Dance ?’What’s the point?’ Unless you’re standing in line or something – and looking for something to do. And, if you’re, like, in a lineup (que for the Brits) on an icy sidewalk,or something. Like -Good luck to you. Another hobby maybe…
    - then they vote out Josie Marin?! Personally I would have said Sayonara to the billionaire from Cuba. Like WTF !? And didn’t she go out with that street magician guy ? You know…David …ummm Kreskin ? You’d think Kreskin would have told her she’d be voted out. (telepathists still pull chicks I guess)
    Love’s a bitch.
    (Oh – I’m not the only one banned from ‘commie’ sites) ( And they call that left wing ?)

  19. justme

    i believe her character has some sort of lightening power that shoots from her fingers…hence the fake gun. at least it’s not as bad as that show evie, who froze time by putting her two fingers together.

  20. Kristin Bell is the most adorable creature on earth. I’m Natalie Portman’s HUGEST fan, and one year Kristin beat her out for sexiest vegetarian, and I was okay with that.

  21. MrSemprini

    She also, apparently, has the power to make her hat appear and disappear. You don’t suppose she could do that with her bikini? Ha, dare ya!

  22. Why do you continue to post stuff about people that you (and we) haven’t heard of?

  23. justtheobvious

    She’s hot as crap. Veronica Mars was a good show. She needs to get more work, and smaller bikinis

  24. Andie

    Who cares?
    No one cares about her!!!

  25. wedgeone

    Awfully young to have such a fat stomach.

  26. Victor Ward

    The comments on this board are ridiculous. I’m pretty sure that most of the people that write comments on this board are definitely overweight, have disgusting skin and incredibly uneducated. Yeah – I’m pointing at you wedgeone.

  27. bye bye Judy!

    Judy, you aren’t going to change anyone here. Time for you to go to some nice, religious, fat-soccer-mom-with-a-bad-haircut site where they post nothing but wholesome pictures of happy, happy butterflies, teddy bears and rainbows (but not the gay kind of rainbows because that would be too awful for you).

  28. sugartits

    wow that is a big gut. and she’s a nerd chick. heroes is a perfect home for her. nerds rejoice.

  29. she was pretending to be cute.yikes.and hey i spot bruise on her thigh.

  30. check it out

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  31. VCHAGZ

    30 – what the fuck is that about???

    FIRST, bitches!

  32. KC

    You don’t know who Kristin Bell is? You’re a loser, Fish. A fucking loser.

    Now go make a joke about someone being “classy” and reference the Monopoly man. Then make a joke about your abs or penis. Don’t forget to ignore all of the lame “frist” posts instead of deleting them like you should.

  33. samechick

    loved loved loved veronica mars, she’ll be great in heroes. so damn sassy.

  34. Now that’s a bell I’d like to gong! Bada bump!

  35. oy vey!

    check it out is my hero.

  36. millie

    @30 i didn’t come here for porno but hey… i’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth…

  37. adema

    Hello! That’s Kristen Bell…

  38. upchuck

    I’ve read the scripts for the Kristen Bell Heroes episodes. Her character’s power is the ability to induce disabling, painful, constant erections in any straight man who gets within 1000 feet of her. I think this is a real power of hers, because I’m looking at those photos, and I’m starting to chubb up.

  39. Spud-u-like

    Kristen Bell is the hottest thing ever.

    Anyone who says otherwise is just a huge homo.

  40. Huh, drinking a margarita in the sun. Someone will get blown this evening…

  41. Steve

    She should cut down on the drinking to get rid of that gut.

    And anyone who says “anyone who says otherwise” is a huge homo.

  42. Spud-u-like


    You should cut down on being a complete failure at life

  43. dsa

    Veronica Mars was an ok show but still her face makes me sick

  44. WordLimits

    Thanks to #30 I hope the Fish will institute a word limit on comments. This is not a literary porn site. All that verbal crap could have been summarized by saying you know they are gonna have sex when they get home. I didn’t come hear to read a detailed blow by blow ofhow Harry Potter loses his virginity.

  45. Spud-u-like


    The only reason her face makes you sick is because she doesn’t have a beard like the “women” you usually jerk off to do.

  46. and the Oscar goes to...

    “Spud-u-like” for Worst Comebacks Ever. It’s his second award, the first was for Lamest Name. Congrats, ya retarded tuber.

  47. Spud-u-like

    It’s more than you’ll ever win in your entire miserable existence.

  48. Texas Tranny

    This is pretty boring…………….Wake-up people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Oops, i crapped my pants!

    If she’s not in porn, who gives a fuck.

  50. Jack Moonshine

    50th !!!!!
    Is it just me, or is the high heels / bikini thing kind of stupid?

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