In Which I’m Forced To Defend Kristin Cavallari, Anti-Vaxxer

Once again, our country is descending into chaos, and no, I’m not talking about the positive reviews for Ghostbusters. That’s a different chaos with wieners and fedoras swirling towards us in a sexless tornado of rejection and loneliness. Anyway, my point is the internet is dumb and full of terrors because people actually went after Kristin Cavallari because her sons looked too skinny on Instagram, except on the list of things to criticize Kristin Cavallari for, this should be nowhere fucking on it. Via HuffPost:

“You can see the back of their rib cage,” a commenter wrote on Instagram. “Wtf you dumb b**ch! They are growing boys!!! They need to eat non stop!!!”

I’m not even going to get into a debate about nutrition in America or how much time moms are spending on their phones while their children do god only knows what in the background because here’s the bottom line: Unless Kristin Cavallari’s sons are definitively losing weight because they’re firing rubella and/or the measles from their faces – which could happen – maybe shut the fuck up? Maybe do something besides make the internet look like a giant digital cat fight? Or not. I get clicks either way because there is no bottom for me. Just endless freefalling into a dark hole of shame. Wheeeeee!

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