Kristin Cavallari Should Never Do This Again

July 20th, 2010 // 121 Comments

For a while there, I was actually beginning to classify Kristin Cavallari as one of the hotter chicks out there, D-level celebrity aside. And then she wore this to the premiere of Salt last night which is not so much arousing as it’s suddenly making me hungry for IHOP. Or really flat, drooping biscuits. With nipples.

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  1. poop
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    Are you kidding me? Her boobs look REAL and amazing. Apparently Your expectations for “good” boobs are Heidi Montag/Audrina Patridge circus tits.

  2. ceedee
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    great face, great smile, I totally agree tho, hide them flapjacks

  3. M

    This chick is painfully average. And yes I see better looking chicks everyday and dont say “oh i wanna live where u live” blah blah blah. shes average borderline plain and she has an abnormally large face and head for her body.

  4. Alexflash
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    Nothin wrong with this woman. Appears there’s more than something wrong with a lot of this site’s visitors though. Day by day I’m starting to believe the place is crawling with horny 13 year olds.

  5. AgathaKT

    For me, the most atractive thing on a men is that primitive instinkt they have for women – there was a time when men just simply LOVED and really enjoyed women’s bodies,regardless of shape. There are no real man anymore…they’ve become critical an judgmental. I’m not talking about extremes, like for example 300 pound woman with breasts to her knies, but when a MAN calls breasts like THAT saggy and unatractive,that is just sad. And I don’t mean that in your american sarcastic and patrionasing way,but it makes me genuinely sad that so meny men think like that. When will you realise that the ONLY job you have in bed is to make the woman you are with feel like the most desirable in the world – everything else,and I really mean EVERYTHING (penis size,our looks,your skills) are just plus or minus to that. If a girl has to think about her cellulite or how he breasts look in a certain pose while she’s with you – you are not a good lover.

  6. Kira

    No, she should continue. She doesn’t look bad–it’s just mildly unflattering, is all. And, selfishly, I like to see this because my boobs are both larger and perkier. Yay for celebs as a source of self-confidence.

    @agatha calm down, on the internets we’re all critical, but in practice i don’t think most guys are that critical.

  7. YoureAllGay
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    First of all, if her boobs were SAGGY, her nipples would be pointing down. If you look at the photos, her nipples are pointing straight up. She has bigger breasts and they’re natural but the last photo you can see they aren’t laying flat against her skin. If they were floppy they’d be FLAT against her skin. They’re full and a good size. Better than any of you will ever get your hands on unless they have sacks of silicone in them.

  8. Mia

    These are just natural boobs. I would really like to know how hollywood would look like without silicone….

    Congratulations to Cavaralli that she is no plastic surgery victim yet.

  9. name (required)
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    Looks good to me. That is the bod of a normal, healthy, natural girl.

  10. devildawg

    it is postings like this that make the women think that tits should look like “jwow”, come on… she looks fine and you would be lucky to have one of those tits in your mouth… I hope women realize that dickheads like yourself are just used to blow up dolls and will stop getting implants…. Real is so much better….

  11. bdog
    Commented on this photo:

    Ahhh, harsh.
    Having the ability to suck your own nipples has its own set of consequences… “: )

    Give the girl some slack… she weighed it up (whilst suckling no doubt) and decided nipple sucking pleasure was long term and the gaping dress was gonna be a one off fashion faux pas, lmao.
    still luvin your work mr Ficial

  12. bdog

    Ahhh, harsh.
    Having the ability to suck your own nipples has its own set of consequences… “: )
    and still… those boobs aren’t exactly Beagles ears are they.
    Cut the girl some slack… she weighed it up (whilst suckling herself no doubt) and decided nipple sucking pleasure was long term and the gaping dress was gonna be a one off fashion faux pas, lmao.
    still luvin your work mr Ficial

  13. Yessir
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    Turns out…that’s what REAL boobs look like. I’d bang her rotten

  14. Bunny

    Man, this chick is probably one of the hottest things going in Hollywood right now. I love her!!!! Sexy and take no prisoners attitude. I like it. She’s racking up the dicks right now in Sunny CA. I’d love to be her wingchick. ;)

  15. Lady Blah Blah

    Where are these photos from, National Geographic?

  16. Michelle

    I agree with you Fish. Pencil test dress. If you fail the test you shouldn’t wear this dress.

  17. mk
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    The whole package looks good to me….I would…:-)))

  18. mk
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    The dress is the problem…not the body.

  19. Aeon
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    Aw, poor shut Superficial Writer – guess you’re so accustomed to avatar babes on Second Life you don’t recognize a natural boob. Step away from the computer NOW

  20. missfortune
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    Jesus. You guys wouldn’t know a real boob if it hit you in the face. Grow up. If you want to see big ol’ stretched out skin, nasty fake boobs – go read playboy.

  21. Haha
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    Lol, her boobs are just fine. They might droop a bit, but meh, that’s gravity! I think everyone is just used to seeing the tits in porn and such, where they’re either fake, or if they are real, the nipples are erect. In case you amateurs didn’t notice, breasts can take on a completely different shape when the nipples are erect.

  22. adam
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    I cannot make a determination. “Saggy boobs” are conditional on the nipple placement.

  23. J

    Is it just me or is anyone else just completely bothered by that dress? Long sleeves on a dress in the summer is barely acceptable. On top of that, the dress is (relatively) short…and the plunging neck doesn’t help at all. Sorry. I won’t even start on those shoulder-pad spikes..

  24. Drundel
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    HIDEOUS top, jesus, who the hell let her out with that on? Her ass looks good.

  25. Just Sayin'

    For the record, guaranteed that Katy Perry and Kelly Brook would fail the “pencil test” as well. Don’t judge her based on that portion you can see, boys.

  26. JMK
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    Uh, those look great to me.

  27. butterboo
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    Um…..that’s what normal boobs look like. Not “normal” as in fat, saggy, average. But natural.

    Guess we’re too used to cantaloupe sacs ‘ round here…

    Yeah, ya just dissed natural breasts.

  28. Mr. Nice Guy

    Get me a Cat cause I want Katy, Kelly or Kristin! All have Great Tits!!!!

  29. omg

    Those tits sag, and I am absolutely not a fan of fake tits. Those can’t be more than a b-cup, there is no excuse. She probably never wears a bra. I know it’s the “in” thing now to have this big plastic surgery backlash but saggy tits are saggy tits, folks.

    • McFeely Smackup

      I’m with you. I think fake tits are fucking funny as hell, in the way that fat chicks who put glitter on their face and think they look sexy is funny.

      Fake tits tell you a chick is so self conscious, has such low self esteem, that she’s willing to have utterly unnatural looking fake globs on her chest instead of her perfectly good natural boobs. Basically, fake boobs tell you a chick is a basket case of crazy.

      But that doesn’t mean that natural boobs all have to look like windsocks flapping in a slight breeze either. Real boobs don’t sag until a chick is old and/or used up.

      So deal with that. If you’re a chick and your boobs sag, you are old and or used up.

  30. justin bobby
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    i’d eat dat ass,you raging homos,kris and audrina r 2 f@n’ hot

  31. Michael

    Out of all the girls on the Hills, Kristin Cavallari (and Lauren Conrad) hasn’t gone under the knife? Maybe not everyone on that show is a fuckhead.

  32. DeezNutz
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    It’s called REAL

  33. yowillie
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  34. Me
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    I need to get the fuck out of this flat floppidy flippin flap blog.

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