Kristin Cavallari Seems Really Important All of a Sudden

September 10th, 2010 // 100 Comments

Realizing taking photos of a Lindsay Lohan movie that mysteriously nobody is talking about making anymore is astronomically dumb, photographer Tyler Shields has wisely moved on to taking sexually provocative photos of Kristin Cavallari. A woman whose breasts I once insulted but only because my penis deep, intellectual brain part underestimated how relevant she is. So very, very relevant. (How do we get her on our money?)

Photos: Tyler Shields


  1. Tom

    Tyler Shields is just a Terry Richardson wannabe. He has totally ripped off Terry’s style which is humorous because Terry’s style has always sucked anyway.

  2. JENN

    nothing special, another anorexic generic looking blond

  3. Kristin Cavallari poses for Tyler Shields
    Rocky Bushrod
    Commented on this photo:

    Butt-average skinny ho. Dime a dozen. It’s prolly not too late for her to get her job back at A&F, she should do so.

  4. peaches

    this photo would have been way hotter if they’d cover more of her face

  5. Kristin Cavallari poses for Tyler Shields
    Commented on this photo:

    wow, these are some poorly shot photos and kristin looks terribly waifish here…id love to see her gain 20lbs…she would be stunning….god bless rubenesque women! …this the word of mao.

  6. Kristin Cavallari poses for Tyler Shields
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    She’s awful.

  7. Kristin Cavallari poses for Tyler Shields
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    I think her scrawney body is disgusting. Anyone who finds that attractive most likely gets off to child porn as well. awkward, not sexy…eewwee

  8. bruce

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  9. Kristin Cavallari poses for Tyler Shields
    Commented on this photo:

    thats a luck flucker…She would look better with a pearl necklace

  10. I had no idea of who she was to be honest. Kristen Cavalerri never rang a bell until I read she was on the Hills and Laguna Beach, which would explain why I hadn’t heard of her at all ….

    She’s definately doable but not for a long term booty call kind of thing. Perfect for tapping whilst on Vacation though.

  11. Kristin Cavallari poses for Tyler Shields
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    pic 3 is pretty hot — like dude’s hand

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