Kristin Cavallari’s Pregnancy Was An ‘Accident’

“All too easy…”

While Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler’s friends are telling everyone her pregnancy is just a good, old-fashioned accident because that’ll stop those baby trap rumors, Jay’s now trying to tell people he never broke up with Kristin in the first place because that’s something a man who’s not staring at a shitload of child support should his relationship go south just randomly feels the need to disclose. Via Twitter:

Thanks for all the tweets. We couldn’t be more excited. We don’t usually comment on our relationship but for the record I never broke up with Kristin. Its unfortunate some people are saying hurtful things during such a joyous moment in our life.

Well, I guess that clears that up. Now if someone could help me decipher this next tweet:

Say a man were to gnaw through a human leg for shits and giggles? What kind of sauce would you recommend? Or maybe just a dry rub?

Photos: Splash News