Kristin Cavallari in a Bikini and Other News

May 26th, 2011 // 19 Comments

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- So, who wants to see Kim Kardashian‘s $2 million ring? [TooFab]

- Kara DioGuardi accidentally ate pot brownies at Paula Abdul‘s house. Of course. [Popeater]

- Who is Joey King? She’s 11, and she’s a baller. [Huffington Post]

- Oprah‘s last show was basically a self-help seminar. [Dlisted]

- Olivia Wilde‘s parade of famous penis. [Lainey Gossip]

- Kate Upton milking a cow. [Hollywood Tuna]

- And Lucy Liu had the same idea for the premiere of Kung Fu Panda 2. [Popoholic]

- If this is the least creepy thing that Marilyn Manson makes his girlfriends do, I’ll be shocked. [DrunkenStepfather: NSFW]

- This is officially the strangest method ever used to curb domestic violence. [theCHIVE]

- Vin Diesel will take a huge pay cut to make a Chronicles of Riddick sequel. Wait, he gets paid for those? [FilmDrunk]

- Apparently the Apple ‘Genius Bar’ is really just a euphemism for ‘Whites Only.’ [Bossip]

- Cindy Crawford finds excuses to see her mom naked. [Starpulse]

- Chris Pratt lays down the 11 Rules of the Grill. [Maxim]

- People You Might Not Realize Are Asian [BuzzFeed]

- 20 Summer Sports Hotties [Bleacher Report]

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Photo: Flynet


  1. AT

    Dude “Miranda Kerr” being on Conan is no news! that was like weeks (or maybe months) ago!

  2. yawn

    nice.. camel and nips.. and fire.. she looks mad =)

  3. Kristin Cavallari Bikini
    BB Zing
    Commented on this photo:

    Why does her cameltoe go almost to her belly button?

  4. the captain

    be honest: the average person shits every 24 hour.

    normal americans twice a day.

    • Lady

      … What?

    • UnholyKrep

      Captain, the very nerve! You leave me no choice but to say:

      Shoehorn bananafish trombone, smack the walloon bathtub incandescent lightbulb!

      And carry your sister to the washing tub for acne medicines with the tennis shoes named barberships, clydesdale already!

      Harrumph. A good day to YOU, sir.

  5. Lady

    Also, someone please explain Upton’s face. How is she considered to be gorgeous??

  6. ugh why no ass shots?? what a prude

  7. At first glance, I thought she was carrying out two bags of trash while wearing a bikini, and I thought, finally, she’s being useful. I was sorely disappointed upon closer inspection.

  8. horn dog

    What the hell kind of photoset is this? Standing in front of the grassy knoll on a windy day…hmm, yeah, sexy.

  9. Kristin Cavallari Bikini
    chris breezy boxing academy
    Commented on this photo:

    “Here Kristin, take this robe and cover up your twat “

  10. wen

    Her belly button is way too high…looks weird

  11. Kristin Cavallari Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    cameltoe or pad?

  12. Kristin Cavallari Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    that is an awesome cameltoe.

  13. BarbieSamBarrry

    WOW! Joey King is soooooooo god dam BEE-U-TEE-FULL!!

    and i wouldnt wat kims 2 million ring.. cuz its to much… ill rather have a 2 million house.. or wedding.. or.. something else that wont get stolen… and ill just cry my entire life.. :(

  14. Kristin Cavallari Bikini
    The Ugly Truth
    Commented on this photo:

    With shoulders like that she shoulda became an athlete.

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