Kristin Cavallari’s Goat’s Milk Baby Formula Will Kill Your Kid

Kristin Cavallari is famous for being on TV because she had rich parents who bought a house in a certain neighborhood in California and she’s a blonde with really awesome breasts. Jay Cutler is an NFL quarterback she successfully honeypotted into shoving three babies in her. Neither one of them is a doctor, or anything close to a scientist, yet last week PEOPLE thought it’d be an awesome idea to publish their recipe for goat’s milk baby formula anyway, which resulted in them yanking that shit down after finding out it will kill your kid dead. And faster than not vaccinating them, which I like to believe was Kristin’s goal the whole time. That other shit was taking too long. Via Raw Story:

The “People” article refers to that warning by quoting a pediatrician who expresses concerns that alternative formulas don’t meet FDA nutritional standards required by food manufacturers — but doesn’t mention some of the severe risks to babies associated with goat’s milk.
Those risks include life-threatening conditions such as anaphylactic shock, hemolytic uremic syndrome and infections, as well as severe electrolyte abnormalities, metabolic acidosis, megaloblastic anemia and allergic reactions.

Of course, if you’re taking nutritional advice for your newborn infant from a reality TV star who used to blow Brody Jenner, that’s some pretty undeniable evidence that not only is natural selection real, but it’s far more cunning than we even imagined. Jesus Christ, it introduced a gun into the Kardashians ecosystem. That’s fucking amazing.

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