Kristin Cavallari Won’t Vaccinate Her Kids

March 14th, 2014 // 160 Comments
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While appearing on FOX News The Independent yesterday, Kristin Cavallari revealed that she won’t vaccinate her kids which prompted Kennedy to point out how fucking retarded that is and that the study linking vaccines to autism has been thoroughly debunked. But Kristin’s read books so that makes her smarter than a doctor. Via Deadspin:

You know what, I’ve ready too many books about autism. There is a pediatric group called Homestead—Homestead or Homefront, now I have pregnancy brain I got them confused—they’ve never vaccinated any of their children, and they haven’t had one case of autism. And now one in 88 boys is autistic. That’s a really scary statistic. The vaccinations have changed over the years, there’s more mercury and other…

NO, BITCH, THERE ISN’T. This is probably my biggest problem with the anti-vaccination crowd outside of annoying shit like bringing measles back and killing kids. Nine times out of 10 if these people get sick, who do they go to? A doctor. When they’re pregnant, who do they see? A doctor. Their kids need their tonsils out? A doctor. And, yet, somehow they’ve read enough Internet to know better than a trained physician with a medial degree about how rigorously tested vaccines will affect their child. You’re basically calling your doctor an idiot, yet expecting him/her to be on standby the second little Timmy gets rubella. If it’ll make you idiots feel batter, I got a TDaP and flut shot just last month and I didn’t get autism. I’m susceptible to government mind control and will probably shoot up a school to further Obama’s anti-gun agenda, but not a lick of autism.

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  1. JC

    I fully support people’s right to not vaccinate, given one small condition: They have to go full Amish. You believe people were healthier in the freakin’ 1800s? O.K., then live it. No electricity, no cars, no cell phones, no air travel, no mixing with the normals in public schools (no bullshit religious exemptions), nothing. You can pick out fun little places in really rural areas to farm. The lack of mobility will help keep the diseases restricted to your own little Idiotvilles, and it will make it easier for the CDC to quarantine your asses when some old-timey disease ravages your population.

  2. viceroy

    Natural selection will thin the herd of these idots. Thank you Darwin!!!

    • malaka

      this is not the case among humans.

      • Bigger than Life

        What is not the case in humans, I am pretty sure that i got the chickenpox when I was a kid and well wouldn’t you know I have immunity for life, any baby boomer who go it back in the day has immunity from measles for life (no booster needed), we didn’t eradicate it with vaccines, it was already on the decline when the first measles vaccine was introduced, and less than 1% actually died from it, I believe it was something like .8% actually. You people buy too much into the scare tactics, the people feeding you the bullshit are the same ones that need you to be sick so they can profit, are you seriously that dense or just that brain washed. They don’t want you to not need them, they want you to always need them, duh!! The United States is the greatest country in the world and out of the 17 of the most affluent countries we are the most obese and sickest. By the way it is a fact that the single greatest contributor to the eradication of almost every single of our greatest virus threats is good ole sanitation, we are fucking clean people. Stop taking vaccines to africa and give then indoor plumbing and access to water and they same will happen…. Cleanliness is next to Godliness right!!!

    • Actually it’ll kill vaccinated people too, because even vaccinated people can sometimes get sick again later in life as the vaccination weakens over time. So just having unvaccinated people around puts everyone in danger, not just the idiots.

      • Bigger than Life

        Oh so they don’t really protect you really, how long is the protection for. I mean what if everyone finally got immunized, but then a few years later some asshole from India, yeah lets pick on India, comes to the U.S. and your force field is inoperative. Oh shit, now what… The percentages do not add up, what roughly 3-4% have a chance to die that get measles (so lets say 3 out of 100), and currently 2% of all children get autism, but it isn’t just autism, it is epilepsy (it is on the warning label), mitochondrial dysfunction, cancer and many more…. I don’t see how the good out weighs the bad. Oh well we gave little Timmy vaccines, he is alive but man a seizure could come and take him away any time now, NO DEATHS FROM MEASLES SINCE 2003, we have the technology to keep people from dying from it if they get it.

    • Bigger than Life

      Ummmm where is your logic, if you are vaccinated then aren’t fine, shouldn’t you be immune, oh wait that is right, immunity to something only happens naturally. You know you don’t have to be a doctor to figure this shit out, if your prize vaccinations work so well then why are you so afraid of unvaccinated children. And this so called measles epidemic has not killed one single person in over a decade you morons, and the outbreak in NY was 7 people, 7 and 2 of them got measles at a doctors office from someone that had gotten the shot and was shedding. People that get the so called savior pollutant are actually more contagious than someone that has it naturally, grant it only for the first two weeks while the virus sheds…. Point is you don’t have to be a doctor to find this shit out, but all you assholes and uneducated fucks can keeps spewing your bullshit, that you read on a bullshit sight like this that only reads the scare tactic articles, but if you read the article they have to quote you will see the whole picture and it isn’t as scary. Last year there were 33 total cases of measles in the U.S., none of which were fatal, 2012 there were just over 40 I think and most of the cases are those being vaccinated that spread it. Think for yourselves you idiots, doctors are not gods, and many of us are just as capable of reading at the same level of understanding as these single minded quacks.

      • Suzy

        Are you really this fucking stupid? Honestly, I read every single rant you posted on here. If you think you are somehow more enlightened than medical doctors, I have some news for you.

        You sound fucking stupid. Can you stop, yet?

        Have you read anything about the actual science and history of vaccines? It sounds like the most recent shit you read was out of a people magazine. Let me give you a hint. The good articles DON’T HAVE PICTURES.

        Do us a favor and shut the fuck up, like, yesterday.


        The human population.

      • Bigger than Life

        I read all sorts of things, most importantly I read from multiple sources from both sides of the fence to educate myself. Unlike yourself that finds one source which boasts your own hateful opinions and Then you carry it around like the bible. I also draw from my experiences for which I have seen the destruction first hand and I hope to hell you never get to experience. You have an opinion based on what you have read I have first hand knowledge. So keep spewing your hate it is the only real December you have.

      • Suzy

        Yes, I’m sure your personal experience with small pox is extensive.

        I just follow science. It’s a passion of mine. Which is why I know definitively you are completely full of shit.

      • Bigger than Life

        Definitively you don’t know your head from your ass Ms. SUZY. My story is real, what happened to my children is real, real injury and instead of just doing the prescribed therapy, with only hope for the best as our guide from traditional medicine we decided to fight and not accept convention. Now my boys are verbal, the tell me they love, talk to me, look me in the eye and give me hugs and call me daddy. Until you walled in my shoes you have no idea the depths you will go to help them and to say it is an easy choice between vaccinating it autism just completely shows anyone persons ignorance. I’m one of the lucky ones, we caught it early and started the healing process before too much damage was done. Don’t lecture me on my reality you idiot, you have no platform to judge anyone, guaranteed you have no horse in the race, just an opinionated asshole that enjoys trashing others as if it a weekend hobby. Karma is a bitch remember that.

  3. MD2020

    I went to Catholic grade school in Philly, and while the Archdiocese has fucked up a lot of things, mostly related to covering up priest abuse, at least they understood science enough not to let in kids who weren’t vaccinated.

    Anti-vaccers are an interesting mix of fundamentalist fuckups, hippie morons, and wealthy white women with too much time on their hands.

    • …don’t forget anti-government, militia-men, conspiracy-theory types.

      • Bigger than Life

        You know whats funny is that I served this country in the Army, 12B Combat Engineer, stationed at Ft. Carson Colorado, part of Charlie Company 4th Engineers. Was proud to wear my uniform, and still very proud of my service. So lets start this off by FUCK YOU!!! Now that we have the unpleasantries over. Just know I didn’t choose to be on this side of the fence, unfortunately something bad and significant happened to two little guys that I love more than my own self, and all I can say is that it woke me up. I still love this country, just not what it stands for much anymore. It is about money and greed, keeping us just sick enough to where we need them, and then once we start to stray they scare us back a little. Literally 33 measle cases in 2013, and that is an epidemic and no one has died from it. Not sure where you people are getting this stuff, literally when you see an article click on the links to the articles they are citing, typically the article is a huge embellishment of the truth. And I can’t say this probably doesn’t happen a little on both sides. All I know is my children were injured, there is a vaccine court, there have been children awarded moneys for being injured by them and that injury has manifested as Autism. And until you walk a mile in anyone’s shoes that this has really affected than you should just piss off, you don’t have a horse in the race. All you are is an uneducated ass…

        From the CDC, out of every 1,000 children, this is just children now, 1 or 2 may die, so 1 or 2 out of every 1,000 but 1 in 50 children get Autism… The last measles death in the United States was in 2003, according to the agency. We have the technology and sanitation to keep ourselves safe…. Everybody run and hide the measles monster is coming!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Here is the break down, now keep in mind these numbers are from 1985 to 1992 when there were hundreds more cases than now… And these are the most common complications that someone can have, and pneumonia causes 60% of the deaths… But are you seeing how insignificant these numbers are comparatively. It is tiny in comparison to children with cancer, birth defects, epilepsy, and mitochondrial disfunction which have all been on the rise as we have risen the number of vaccines. I these things are all connected, it ain’t just about autism….But we are easy to attack, just as I struggle to make ends meet so I can heal my children, which I am healing them and they are getting better because we focus on the damage done by vaccines, and we are winning. But it ain’t cheap and we get no help, I am not rich, making $70k a year supporting a family of 5. Things are swinging, and the truth like it always does will come out. So the next time you start to bash someone else for how they live try to take a second and maybe see things through their eyes, there is another story here, just because you haven’t read it doesn’t mean it isn’t real… I hope this never happens to anyone you love…

        Diarrhea – 8% reported

        Otitis media – 7% reported

        Pneumonia – 6% reported

        Encephalitis – 0.1% reported

        Seizures – 0.6-0.7% reported

        Death – 0.2% reported

    • Bigger than Life

      Or hardworking middle class with seriously injured children. What you need to know and what you will never understand is what it is like to have a child that is vaccine injured. Have you ever looked up the vaccine court, did you even know there is one. Started in 1985 by President Reagan, it was made to take all liability for vaccine injuries off the backs of the pharmaceutical companies, so vaccines are safe and it is a one size fits all and everyone should do it, even though there are billions of dollars that have been passed through this court because it IS NOT a one size fits all and some children have terrible reactions to the poison in those vials. What if it was your child, would you be so hateful, would you still vaccinate that childs brothers and sisters. Or maybe it wasn’t death but all of a sudden your perfectly healthy 2 year old started to have seizures right there on the doctors table 2 seconds after receiving the MMR shot, now that child is bound to a wheel chair, or maybe it wasn’t your child but your neighbors, or your brothers, You fucking people have never walked in any of these peoples shoes so how can you judge. WAKE THE FUCK UP, STOP DRINKING THE KOOL AID and realize the only people looking out for you and yours’ best interest is you, and you have to do the work, and you have to do the research…

  4. Add another one to the moron brigade. Thanks again Jenny, you fucking imbecile!!!

  5. Juch

    There’s no vaccination for stupidity.

  6. This would be funny if it wasn’t another small step toward an eventual pandemic.

    “I thoroughly researched this one group that I can’t remember the name of.. It’s Home…something.”


  7. So we should do what we do with STDs, if you knowingly don’t vaccinate your child and your child catches and spreads a communicable diseases you are guilty of assault with a deadly weapon.

    Also shit that pisses me off. “Not all scientists agree.” YEAH CAUSE YOU CAN PAY SOME SCIENTISTS TO SAY ANYTHING OR THEY HAVE THEIR OWN NON OBJECTIVE GOALS. But you get enough scientists together they form a god damn concencus and if you can prove them wrong in a way they can actually repeat in their labs they will go “Shit wrong. Good on ya.”

    Third. You know why there is more autism diagnoses now, BECAUSE WE FUCKING KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR. I mean remember in the good old days where if you admitted that you hear things that aren’t there either got you burned at the stake for being a witch or set up as a prophet. Now we just go “Oh that’s a bit of schizo effective disorder. We have a pill for that.” If you were an high functioning autistic then you were the very very weird kid nobody talked to, if you weren’t so lucky you were labeled Mentally Retarded and shipped off to a special school. Now they know that maybe taking some steps with it and you can help a kid who thinks a lot differently to you know survive, function, and hopefully flourish in society.

    • The fact that there’s better diagnostic tools means that kids who were previously diagnosed with some form of mental retardation are being classified as being somewhere on the autistic spectrum – you can literally see the numbers go down in these other areas as spectrum orders increase.

      To the pea-brained out there like Cavallari, this of course means vaccines are making more kids autistic. The fact that many families have more than one autistic child, so that there appears to be a genetic link to it, is simply not something they’re going to “believe” in – it’s vaccines, they know it. Their tiny minds are made up, don’t confuse them with facts.

    • Bigger than Life

      The Autism rate has risen 6,000% since 1937, even the CDC in front of a Grand Jury admitted that just having a better detection tools does not account for such an increase. 6,000% increase, that seems like a much larger % of the population than the 33 known cases of measles, and these are children that have all the same hopes and dreams that every other child has but it is being stolen from them, you are the bullshit liars, you are the murderous ones. Also the CDC admitted to never actually testing for a link between vaccines and autism, but without a shadow of a doubt it cannot be them…. What is it then, if you are all so knowledgeable and so sure that autism and vaccines are not connected, then please enlighten me as to what is causing this. Oh and by the way who in this discussion is a catholic or is at least against abortion, did you know they use aborted fetus cells on top of thimersol in not all but still sum. In the 80′s we only got 8 maybe 9 vaccines and autism at that time might have been 1 out of 100,000. Now our children must endure 49 vaccines, unnecessary vaccines and autism is 1 of 50 in boys, 1 in 88 overall. There might be a link, maybe, you all keep playing Russian Roulette. I don’t wish this on anyone, so please do not judge and be as hateful as you are until you walk a mile in my shoes, and carry this burden and hardship. Some day this might affect you, they are predicting in 10-15 years 1-5 children will be affected by ASD (Autims Spectrum Disorder). That makes it very real for everyone at some point, nothing is crippling our youth at a faster rate than this… Change is needed….

      • We get it dude, you’ve got two autistic kids. That sucks and I’m sorry you have to go through that, but just because your kids are sick doesn’t mean that autism is an epidemic or that vaccines are evil it just means you got unlucky. When you look at the world through rose colored glasses you shouldn’t be surprised when everything starts to look pink.

  8. Run n Gun

    Women are such fucking idiots. That’s why they fail as leaders whenever they are appointed.

  9. Juano

    Who’s Kristen Cavillari?

    And regardless of who she is, I have to agree with your commentary. If she really believes that people like Jennie McCarthy are wiser than thousands of doctors and researchers, perhaps she should start going to the witch doctor, who I’m sure can do a nice dance to be sure her kid doesn’t get polio, measles, rubella, TB, etc.

    • To answer your question, Kristen Cavillari is an ignorant asshole who will be the mother of children who could become blind, deaf or dead due to measles, dead from whooping cough or diphtheria, and dead or crippled from polio.

      And the direct cause of the death of someone else’s child who was too young to be vaccinated but caught the disease from one of her unvaccinated offspring.

    • It’s likely her kids will never get measles and polio since everybody else vaccinates their kids. It’s called herd immunity. You really only see these outbreaks of measles and shit in fresh off the boat immigrant populations and Portland, Oregon where the concentration of unvaccinated kids is big enough to for the disease to spread.

      • Uh, NO. LA had a nice big whooping cough epidemic in 2010 that left 10 dead, and it wasn’t due to anyone being off the damn boat. The disease tends to be cyclical – another infant died from it just a year ago.

        Currently, there’s a major outbreak of measles in upper Manhattan;19 people are reported sick. Four are kids too young for the vaccinate; three 13-15 month old kids who were vaccinated, two who weren’t vaccinated by parental choice, and rest were adults 22-63 years old. The Health Department is pushing vaccination for all it’s worth and trying to keep it from spreading in hospital ERs. Kids whose parents aren’t idiots normally get a second vaccine dose between the age 4 and 6, but they’re urging parents to get that second dose immediately, regardless of age.

      • *rolls eyes* of course somebody took the Portland, OR (anti vaccine capital of US) comment too seriously. And fuck knows your hyper-PC mind can’t comprehend densely packed concentrations of unvaccinated immigrants being a breeding ground for vaccine preventable disease, despite something like a third of immigrants from the undeveloped world being susceptible. I wonder how many of these NY measles outbreaks in these 22-63 year olds are unvaccinated immigrants? I’m not sure there are many unvaccinated adults that grew up here, Jenny McCarthy didn’t even exist then and everybody got vaccinated. And fuck knows that outbreak in NY originally hopped off a boat or an airplane from the third world. It’s not racist, it’s just how that shit works.

        I believe these whooping cough outbreaks are partly not vaccinated kids and partly the effectiveness of the vaccine not lasting as long as previously thought. I think there are a lot of adults affected.

        Either way, it’s unlikely that Cavalarireise’s kids or anybody else’s unvaccinated kids will get measles or whatever else because of herd immunity. Which the anti-vaccinators will champion as, “See! We don’t need vaccines!”

        If Jenny gets her way though, all kids will have a good shot at getting measles like it’s 1940.

  10. Vanderhootchie

    My God, ignorance abounds!! Did you know that after vaccination, you can shed the virus you were just vaccinated for? You can give the virus to other people from BEING the vaccinated one. Doctors know this, and they tell cancer patients to stay away from recently vaccinated people. Furthermore

    • now there’s a reputable source. Also, fuck you. In the face.

      • Vanderhootchie

        Like I said, ignorance abounds. There are more sources; this is just one. The U.S .is so fucking brainwashed. LOL.

      • Mama Pinkus

        I agree there’s a lot of ignorance and brainwashing in America (people who think the Earth is 6000 years old, gun humpers, people who vote Republican) but the science and evidence behind vaccinations and yes, global warming, is sound……people like you and Ms. Cavallari do a great disservice by showcasing your ignorance.

      • I’m sorry but it’s the other way round. YOU are the ignorant one. Do some research FFS. Too may flu shots even, hello early dementia! God, do some research. Disease outbreaks occur in vaccinated populations too! One’s immune system does not work by being jabbed with chemicals and preservatives. There is NO safe level of mercury, NONE. It’s neurotoxic. And don’t give me the bullshit can of tuna defense, either. No one injects tuna into their bloodstream. Fuck off. Your own Govenment lies to you. You believe 911 was terrorists. Good luck with that. Did I tell you to fuck off? Fuck off again. Google some info on vaccine injuries, jerk-off.

      Maybe try a credible source….

    • Here’s a reality based link to help you understand.

      You’re welcome.

      • The first paragraph from the link provided by Equinox:

        “One of the tactics of snake-oil salesmen is to fearmonger about mainstream medical practices so as to scare potential customers into their clutches. A common target of such fearmongering is vaccines. Vaccine are an easy target – they are generally required by the government to some degree, and involve sticking small children with needles and injecting them with a cocktail that parents often don’t understand in detail.”

        Interesting read.

    • unless you have an actual infection at some time or another, I’m not sure how you shed virus. Oh, that’s right you don’t. Fucking dumbshits.

    • Dr BillyBob

      No, actually technically he/she’s right, but totally misses the point, and is still a total fucking moron. Some of the vaccines we give are weakened, broken versions of the virus – picture the armless, legless night from Monty Python. They can still replicate and make some more broken, retarded viruses which the vaccinated person sheds. These shed viruses are totally harmless except in extremely rare cases – picture Bubble Boy or someone actively on chemo – and are much less harmful than any of the other, regular stuff your body is going to see on a daily basis. There’s the truth, now go fuck off.

      *The more you know*

    • Dr BillyBob

      That link is total shit though. Stop being a fucking moron.

    • The way the comments usually go, I’m actually kind of relieved that there’s only one or two insane anti-vaxxer cockbats foaming and raving.

  11. Thanks, Kristin. I love getting to post this link again and again.

  12. uncle ruckus

    If her kids give Chalupa Batman Polio I’ll fucking lose it!

  13. coltonsmom

    It is not the actual vaccine that csuses autism…It is the combination of multiple LIVE viruses being injected into a child who’s immune system might not be able to handle it or that is prediposed to neurological disorders. When a child has a reaction that causes a five day fever over 104…neurological changes are a possiblity…that could be from a shot or from getting a random virus…you all slam people so quickly…have you ever read the handout that the doctor gives you that clearly says “can cause seizures’…why is it so hard to accept that all children are not made the same, so 1 vaccine may not work on all of them…that is logical…not crazy!

    • A PhD in basket weaving does not make you a medical doctor.

    • So seizures are comparable to autism how…?

      • Vanderhootchie


      • No. Now fuck off.

      • coltonsmom1

        Both are neurological…

      • So is traumatic brain injury, doesn’t mean they are comparable beyond that basic fact.

      • Bigger than Life

        Actually seizures are common in children with Autism once they hit puberty. The more ya know. Look you are all some hateful fuck sticks. You have no idea what you are talking about and furthermore the majority of you do not have a horse in the race. You have never lost anyone to a vaccinated virus, nor have you ever had anyone you loved affected by the poisonous shit. Jenn is right, it is called epigenetics, and it simply means the same as one person can smoke 50 years and never get lung cancer, someone else can smoke for 5 and die with some fucked up crippling form of cancer. I am 6’3″ and 250 lbs, most of you pussies are 5’3″ and 150, that is why you hide behind your computers and bash people for what they believe. Now given our differences in height and weight we can discern that there is a genetic difference in us, we are not the same, there for how can you logically state that a foreign substance injected into a childs are in a one size fits all and is safe for everyone, no one can make that statement and that my friends is why there are warning labels, and why there is a vaccine court, they are not safe for everyone. So great, your kids are getting them and they are good to go, by kids at around age two went backwards, lost speech, cognitive skills, and became violent, one banging his head 30-40 times daily and having to wear his hair long to cover the bruise. The other screaming at the top of his lungs for 1 hr at a time 5-6 times daily. Only once we started treating this as an injury that can be treated did we get to see our little boys again… They are 4 now, they tell me they love me, give me kisses and hugs, we still have some meltdowns and behaviors but it is a process. We are healing them, it was an injury that caused these Autism symptoms, and we know it was vaccines, we are treating them as if it were a vaccine injury and they are getting better… All of our teachers think within the next year or two they will be ready to be in mainstream classes and may even shed the autism label…. That my friends is truth, because I am living it, the rest of you don’t have a fucking clue. Oh and you know what these holier than thou GOD DOCTORS you so insanely worship told us, just have hope, and they were the tops in their field and guess what we did our own research and so doctors don’t always know everything.

    • This is what I’m seeing: “I’d rather Colton get sick and/or die from an easily-preventable illness than have to deal with raising an autistic child.”

      Attagurl, Colton’s mom.

    • Your body is more than capable of dealing with many antigens and does so on a daily basis. With vaccines, it is a simply job that plasma cells do by coding antibodies to recognize the specific virion of bacterium material…SO YOU DONT HAVE TO GET ILL OR MAKE OTHERS ILL. they are completely safe. It baffles me that people would rather risk getting the flu every year rather than opting for protection.

  14. Sp

    Kids are fucking dying because we aren’t vaccinating them. Diseases that are easily prevented are making a resurgence because of these stupid people.

    Autism has spiked because psychologists and teachers have increased what they now call the ‘spectrum’ to include anything from social awkwardness, picky eating, clumsiness, talking delays, etc to being a form of autism. Basically if you aren’t a good little robot conformist you have ADHD or autism. We can argue that they have no choice but to weed some of them out when there’s 1 teacher per 30 kids somewhere else. FYI- I’m autistic based on this scale. My wife (a doctor) is autistic. All my siblings are autistic- and/ or ‘on the spectrum.’

    Ask a parent in Africa who has lost 1, 2, or 3 kids to an easily prevented disease if they wouldn’t have given vaccinations because there kid may have had a few quirks in life- but once again: ALL RELEVANT AND SCIENTIFIC STUDIES PERFORMED SHOW NO LINK BETWEEN AUTISM AND VACCINATIONS.

    • Bigger than Life

      Exactly how many children have died due to people not getting vaccinated. How many, can anyone find that number, maybe lets just start with one virus, lets do measles… Anyone?? How about Chickenpox, oooooohhhhhhh Chickenpox is a good one, I got it when I was 6, my mom purposely took me to get it, once I got it and was ok 4-5 days later I never had to worry about it again. Same for anyone that has or has had measles, never have to worry again, 6-7 days of fever, maybe some diarrhea, some very unfortunate might get pneumonia, but still .25% will die from it, actually has not been a measles death since 2003. Wow, y

    • Bigger than Life

      You guys aren’t far off, one of the issues facing these children in antibiotics, it is called leaky gut, and it can be caused many things. Antibiotics kill everything including good probiotics and gut flora, then you introduce things like vaccines and other foreign chemicals, GMO etc.. and it is a landslide that SOME young bodies cannot handle. The ending result is an injury that is thrown under the Autism Spectrum umbrella, it is all connected. Look up leaky gut and autism as well as anything about the gut being the second brain. Doctor OZ just had a tv special on leaky gut due to GMO. There are several contributing factors to what we call Autism, but again we are not all built the same and that is why there is such a large spectrum to autism and not one kid has the exact same set of symptoms, hell even my twins have differing symptoms.

  15. Time for a Kristin Cavallari Death Count page a la this:

    God I hate these people.

  16. I’m with you Fish. When these people’s children suddenly spike a 106 fever at 2 am, have difficulty breathing, do they call Jenny McCarthy? NO! They call a doctor! The problem with these self educated mouth breathers refusing vaccinations is that they are putting the rest of the population at risk of bringing back life threatening diseases. They’re not just gambling with their own child’s life.
    I agree with Gdex above. In fact, I agree with everyone except guest psycho of the day ‘vanderhootchie’. Let me guess ‘vanderhootchie’, there’s also grey reptilian aliens controlling the government and the tv is radioactive?

    • My friend had Whooping Cough for three months. THREE FUCKING MONTHS! She could not stop these body-wracking coughs. Thanks a lot Jenny et al.
      Who the hell ever got Whooping cough? Yeah, it was practically unheard of when I was growing up, but thanks to these dipshits, we get to experience it

  17. Jennyfurr

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  18. Wow and I thought Jay Cutler was the dumb one in that relationship!

  19. Sarah

    Jesus, what a moron. I hope for her kids’ sake they don’t develop some easily preventable disease.

  20. Well you can’t fix stupid. Here is a great article from a woman who grew up unvaccinated and “healthy”. Not! She was sick the whole time growing up. Who would do this to a child?

  21. People who won’t vaccinate their kids are the same sort of idiots who won’t wear seat belts because they are afraid that if they get into just the right sort of accident under the right sort of conditions then the belt will trap them in their car instead of keeping them from being hurled through the windshield.

  22. The ant-vaxxers drive me up the wall. They themselves are vaccinated, so they have never had to experience the horrors of smallpox or whooping cough so they decide to play Russian Roulette with their kids. Jesus Hopscotch Christ, how is this legal?

  23. Burt

    The spawn of a backup quarterback and reality star needs no vaccination

  24. Ashley

    In 1998 I received a vaccination very similar to the Gardisil we have and push on today’s market. 6 Weeks after the shot, when I was told it’s potency was most notable, I suffered a spinal stroke called Transverse Myelitis and am now a paraplegic. This is one of thousands linked to the same vaccinations.

    I’m actually pro-vaccination against many things, but I can’t really blame parents either for hesitating to vaccinate against every single injection a doctor recommends. The major stuff, yes, but preventing HPV with so little proof of its success… We’re pill happy in this country.

    • Yeah, it’s much better to risk HPV and the heightened chance of cervical cancer.

      Also, I don’t believe your story.

      • Ashley

        Believing my story doesn’t mean a lick of difference to anyone. Look at the thousands of reactions and side effects to Gardisil, there are much worse than spinal stroke. The risk of cervical cancer is statistically quite small, and a sexually inactive 13 year old, or younger in most cases, are hardly going to be exposed to HPV. It’s a personal opinion and one I wish my parents took into consideration a little more, but it was pushed by a doctor and thought, “Hey, what’s the harm?”

      • sexually inactive 13 year olds grow up to be sluts, just sayin.

      • Ashley

        Maybe your kids, but it didn’t occur with me or my siblings.

      • Dr BillyBob

        Right, instead of giving the vaccine to 13 year-olds, most of whom are not sexually active, we should wait until say…. 18, when a significant number of girls are sexually active and ALREADY FUCKING HAVE HPV. And regarding your claim about the incidence of adverse effects, here is a link to a graph showing the side effects of the vaccine, which have been shown to be no more frequent than the adverse effects of getting a placebo injection and just being alive.

    • You most likely would have ended up with the same neuroolgical disorder at some time, even if you had not taken a vaccine. Its a common error in logic. Correlation does not prove causation and you are making a faulty assumption. Vaccinations are put through rigorous drug trials and are completely safe. HPV is essentially an anti-cancer vaccination; you should not be providing people with erroneous, non-scientific, and unproven information.

  25. Hmmm

    Whoa. Fish linked to an article from a peer-reviewed scholarly journal. Whoa.

  26. There is growing evidence that your gut bacteria and immune system plays a role in autism and other conditions, neurological or otherwise. Stuff like spraying bleach on everything and constant antibiotic use could play a role in preventing early exposure to microbes that are important in avoiding these conditions

    There is a noticeable decrease in autism, asthma, autoimmune diseases, etc in less developed places where kids don’t live in some sterile environment. Yes, it’s more than just underdeveloped areas not identifying these problems.

    But then again, I’ve never posed in playboy so I have no fucking idea what I’m talking about.

    • Wow, imagine that… trying to sanitize the fuck out of everything has negative consequences on the development of the immune system? Shocking.

      • yeah, I know, shocker.

        I think it is more shocking that your immune system and complex interactions between it and commensal organisms in your gut may influence things that are seemingly totally unrelated.

        Here’s another one for those interested: PANDAS (not the chinese bear thing)

      • …my mom, an older lady who had a lot of those old-timey sayings; used to say; “we all gotta eat a little dirt before we die” …there’s a lot of old-time, common wisdom that’s been ignored in our modern world …it’s been known for decades that this escalating over-use of antibiotics and anti-bacterial-everything was going to come back to kick us in the ass …have their been any studies done correlating our country’s increasing use of antibiotics/anti-bacterial-products and the upswing in cases of certain conditions & diseases, like autism? just curious…

      • Amen to that. The older generation had a hell of a lot more common sense than we do. They were more observant, without question. My grandfather would look at the night sky and tell me exactly what the weather would be like the next day. Me? I can barely look outside the window and tell you what’s happening right now.

      • Bigger than Life

        Bigger than Life
        You guys aren’t far off, one of the issues facing these children in antibiotics, it is called leaky gut, and it can be caused many things. Antibiotics kill everything including good probiotics and gut flora, then you introduce things like vaccines and other foreign chemicals, GMO etc.. and it is a landslide that SOME young bodies cannot handle. The ending result is an injury that is thrown under the Autism Spectrum umbrella, it is all connected. Look up leaky gut and autism as well as anything about the gut being the second brain. Doctor OZ just had a tv special on leaky gut due to GMO. There are several contributing factors to what we call Autism, but again we are not all built the same and that is why there is such a large spectrum to autism and not one kid has the exact same set of symptoms, hell even my twins have differing symptoms.

  27. the hot button of the day. And people that don’t vaccinate should be prosecuted for child negligence.

  28. unbelievable

    Oh my god….superficial dude…are you kidding me? apparently you just put ALL your trust in doctors. you do know that doctors used to think smoking was fine….they also prescribed medication to pregnant women for morning sickness which caused them to have deformed babies…they prescribe testosterone medication to men for NO REASON which can have major negative effects….shall i go on? there are soooo many unnecessary vaccines. also i personally was given the Rubella vaccine after i gave birth because my doctor said “i had to have it” but never asked me if i was breastfeeding (which i was) only to find out later that vaccine should NOT be given to women who are breastfeeding. So you go on boy, you pathetic sheep following the heard….just keep on doing what they tell you. just because they tell you. i could get into the whole circumcision thing but i am sure you agree that cutting off the tip of a baby boys penis hours after he is born is justifiable because it will look like everyone else. wake up please…

    • Is it half past Moron already? Wow, time sure flies.

    • Dr BillyBob

      Good to know that in circumcision you cut off the tip of the penis. I guess we’ve been doing it wrong cutting the foreskin the whole time. Go shoot yourself in the face.

      • unbelievable

        oh wow that is the one thing you focus on….yes of course i meant to say foreskin….don’t be so childish. how about focusing on the point i was making about circumcision. it is an unnecessary routine procedure. would love to hear your thoughts on that. i am sure you don”t have a son.

      • Dr BillyBob

        Actually I’m a pediatrician who has done the procedure countless times. I focused on that because it made you look like a fucking idiot who doesn’t know what they are talking about, because that’s what you are. I usually maintain better decorum consistent with my education and expertise but sometimes others’ pure idiocy that puts innocent children at risk brings out my passionate, less polished self. Have you delved deep into the actual research behind vaccination? I have. In fact we spent an entire day of medical school having a structured debate and thorough review of actual SCIENTIFIC evidence, not the dipshit arguments assholes like you spew forth out of your stupid fucking ignorant faces. So FUCK YOU and as I said before go shoot yourself in the face.

      • You should go into trauma surgery. I hear facial gunshot wounds are up like 1000% just today.

      • Jonesy

        Dr. BillyBob, so, you spent an ENTIRE DAY in med school talking about vaccinations? Where did you go to med school? On Sesame Street? If you’re a paediatrician, I’m the Dali Lama.

        Now, I’d like to address a few points to the herd on this board who do nothing but nay, without lending some very basic thought process to the world of vaccinations and the health of our children in general.

        ~ Are vaccinations good? Sure, when there is an epidemic or threat of an epidemic that presents mortal danger to a majority population, or when traveling to other places that present a high chance of contraction for a threat with a known vaccine. And yes, for anybody else that CHOOSES to vaccinate their children. If you want to blanket vaccinate your kids, then go right ahead. But don’t judge those that don’t. Especially if you’re too fucking lazy to do your research first.

        ~ If you don’t think the delivery of Vaccinations isn’t a billion dollar enterprise that adheres to the same model of capitalism and government lobbyism that every other business tied to Wall Street does, you are living with blinders on. Ask yourself why a vaccine like Gardasil gets fast tracked through the FDA process, despite its banishment in Japan and concerns from someone who was researching the vaccine and worked for the company that develops it

        ~ While the majority of parents kick and scream about other parents hesitancy in accepting blanket vaccinations for their children, the same majority feed their kids processed franken-foods that continue to contribute to a child obesity epidemic that is far more threatening its immediacy than any of the dangers presented by potential epidemics that we vaccinate against.

        ~ In our house we have vaccinated our children against real threats when traveling. But we are selective. There is no way I’d allow somebody to put Gardasil in my Daughter. We’ll talk with our kids about sex and safe sex and try to make clear that when they find a partner that they intend to have unprotected sex with, the importance of both partners getting tested for STD’s beforehand. We eat a primarily vegetable based whole food diet with no meat or poultry and a little bit of seafood. We rarely get sick, we’re all at a healthy weight and our kids don’t suffer from behavioural problems.

        ~ Don’t judge people for not wanting to throw everything they’re told they need to, into their children. And do your research before you spout off. If you do and you have half a brain in your head, there is no way that you can’t question a policy (and the business) of blanket vaccinations.

      • Dr BillyBob

        Nice to meat you, Mr Lama, I figured you’d be a little bit less of an asshole. If you’d ever attend medical school, you would be amazed in what needs to be covered in the 2 years of didactics and year or core clinical rotations. To spend a full day on any single subject actually is substantial.

        your points:

        “Sure, when there is an epidemic or threat of an epidemic that presents mortal danger to a majority population, or when traveling to other places that present a high chance of contraction for a threat with a known vaccine”
        I’m guessing what you’re trying to say here because you English is unintelligible.–We had this. It was called polio. It was called measles. It was called smallpox. The reason these aren’t epidemic is BECAUSE of vaccines and their widespread adoption. People are getting measles in NY because enough of the non-vaccinating assholes clustered together.

        –I’m not going to argue with you that there isn’t a business surrounding Gardasil. The question of the cost of it is a reasonable one, but the science is not. I have that discussion with my patients and lay out the risks of cervical cancer with my patients and their parents, but 99 out 100 times, even if they have to pay for it out of pocket, they chose to get the vaccine. It works and it’s not dangerous. See my previous posts re: adverse events.

        –Your chat with your kids about safe sex was probably similar to the one my parents had with me, and millions of other kids’ parents had with them. SURPRISE! Teenagers are idiots and many will have unprotected sex despite ANYTHING we do to try to prevent it. I’m not going to wish ill upon your daughter, but I hope if she needs to go through getting a colposcopy or a LEEP procedure, she blames you for it because you had the opportunity to do the right thing and get her vaccinated.

        I’ve done the research, I PROMISE more than you have. Vaccines, sanitation and antibiotics have been responsible for turning infectious diseases from being the primary killer in the US and the #1 killer of kids. Ask an old person how many kids they know of that died of infectious diseases. I’ve dedicated my life to keeping kids healthy. I don’t fight this fight because I have any sort of incentive other than not wanting to see an innocent kid be sick or debilitated because their parents were fucking idiots.

      • Herd immunity works by the majority of the population receiving vaccinations. If this is decreasing than there will be no herd immunity. I see you cited an article on a news website; very scholarly of you.

      • unbelievable

        oh dr. billy bob come on…we all know you are not a pediatrician. that is painfully obvious. your adorable little response to my original coment pertained to what i said about circumcision now you are going back to the vaccine topic. pick a rant and stick to it. i am not against vaccines… never said i was. you are so angry its funny. my point was not to just go with whatever a doctor (such as yourself..hahhaa) tells you. maybe you are angry because your mother circumcised you and now you have foreskin envy…

    • Linda

      oh my god, you are one of those fucktards that likes to bash doctors although even from your writing style it’s clear you have neither the IQ or wherewithal to do anything as hard and as demanding as study medicine. no one thinks doctors are perfect you jackass–they are human. but i’d trust an intelligent person with discipline who has devoted decades to studying medicine when they could have made three times as much money with a better lifestyle going for a soulless business or law degree. you have nothing but your righteous ignorant attitude to recommend you.

    • A) no one said anything about putting all their trust in doctors, so that’s just a lame ass straw man …doctors are humans, humans are flawed, there are good ones and bad ones, sounds like you had a bad one (if your story is true), the bad ones should be held accountable when they fuck up…but one bad apple does’nt spoil the whole bunch, you raving retard.
      B) guess what? we used to do A LOT of shit that turned out to be bad for us, then we stopped doing it when we realized “uh oh, this shit is fucking people up” …it’s called LEARNING, or PROGRESS (which are concepts you’re probably not familiar with seeing as most anti-vaxxers are right-wing/fundamentalist morons) …but you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.
      C) circumcision: sure, it started out as a religious thing, then just became a common custom in the US, but here are some pros…
      1. tight foreskin causes painful or impossible sexual activity, 2. it’s aesthetically pleasing (every single girl i’ve ever asked – american, eastern european, western european, asian – says she prefers it), 3.there can be issues of cleanliness and constant infections if not properly cared for (which my one uncircumcised friend used to complain about), 4. over-sensitivity which causes chronic premature ejaculation, 5. the excess foreskin can block sexual stimulation …and, in the end, being circumcised does no real harm …any grown-ass man who cries about how he was violated as a baby and wants his foreskin back needs to move out of his mother’s house and concentrate more on growing a set of balls. (and women should shut the fuck up about this in the same way they want men to shut the fuck up about their reproductive rights)
      D) i don’t know why i took this much time and effort to respond to someone who obviously dropped out of 10th grade to start working at the local supermarket and gets all of her “knowledge” from ‘the weekly world news’.

    • Virgodoll

      You guys doubt your doctors too much, I am an Indian living in India, you know the Third world country where infant mortality rate is still really really high despite the Govt implementing all these programs, I am lucky I belong to the upper class, the rich spoiled bitch and I would never ever ever even dream of not having my child my vaccinated. I know what that can do to kids, there was this girl in my class who had polio, she had to use a wheelchair when the rest of us were running around, so yes my child is getting his vaccines.
      You people live in the developed world, you are lucky in so many ways, you have access to first class healthcare and education, do not ruin it for yourselves

  29. Pound Sand

    I said it on dlisted and I’ll say it here…this is how we need to handle this:

    You are the winner of a mandatory family trip to sub-Saharan Africa! Are you vaccinating your kids before you go? If your answer is yes, whereas you would otherwise not vaccinate at home, then congratulations! You believe in herd immunity! Stop being an asshole and vaccinate your kids! If your answer is no, then sorry! You’re a negligent parent! Hope the the diseases to which you are exposed don’t maim or kill your children!

  30. YWFN

    So many holes in the editor’s “thoughts”. This website goes a long way to castigate and utterly destroy “big business”. What do you think the pharmaceutical industry is? BIG BUSINESS. So doesn’t it stand to reason that they’re trying to kill people just like banks, and insurance companies, and food companies, and……….
    The point is that you must be skeptical of ALL big business if you’re going to be suspect of any. These people aren’t angels in pharma, and they’re after those “filthy profits” that you so rail against in any other post.

    • So let me see if I grasp the business model you’re positive is happening here:

      1. Kill your entire customer base.
      2. ???????
      3. PROFIT.

      There’s skepticism, and then there’s being a giant fucking idiot who makes no sense.

    • I really enjoy the idea that if a company or something stands to make a profit off, say, vaccines, than any evidence generated that said profitable vaccines are effective must be fraudulent.

      As Dr. Billy Bob says, go shoot yourself in the face.

    • WTF! I don’t know what the hell point you are trying to argue. I hope to hell you aren’t a lawyer.

    • Not every pharmaceutical company is the Umbrella Corporation, Paranoid Pete.

    • Dr. JFever

      Bless your heart at least you tried. But ya f’d up and said something stupid after all.

  31. whatever

    Assuming that this autism link isn’t the load of bullshit that it is: It sure is heartwarming that these parents would rather have a dead child, than possibly have to deal with an autistic child.

  32. Nothing says like good Xmas gift of Polio and chicken pox.

  33. Scott

    Sorry but I agree w/her – and no, I’m not stupid. There is strong support of this from the medical community, but big gov loves big pharma so that’s all you will hear from. Anyhow, good for her for researching something. Most spend more time researching what brand of TV to buy than what they’re doing to their family.

  34. Boobs, please. This is getting boring.

  35. Dr. JFever

    Now this moron has done it. The Chicago sports media has the story and at least one outlet has asked the Bears front office for comment. If Cutler becomes an embarrassment off the field then his days are truly numbered.

  36. Kristin Cavallari Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Rigorous testing? Have YOU ever read ANYTHING about vaccines except what you’re told? If you took even a day to do a half ass job of research you’d see testing is done by the pharmaceutical company or company’s who are FUNDED BY THE MANUFACTURES, and testing never lasts more than a few months (no long term study’s). Ever heard the saying “it had to be approved by the FDA before it was recalled”.. Theres a reason for that. They approve anything as long as these “study’s” “prove” it does what it says.. Then lowe and behold, it mangles and kills too many so its recalled.
    And if you dont think vaccines cause autism. Look up TRIPEDEA (which was not even recalled, it was known to cause these side effects and once it was USED UP in**2011** it was no longer manufactured!) TAKEN FROM THE FDA’S OWN WEBSITE: “Adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, ***SIDS***,
    anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, ***autism***, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence
    and apnea” – SO FUCK YOU!

    • Dr BillyBob

      Hard to take you seriously when you can’t spell the name of the vaccine right, or the word MANUFACTURERS, or to even use the correct word, “STUDIES” – no possessive there, dumbass. Tripedia stopped being manufactured because they came up with a MORE EFFECTIVE VACCINE.

      IMMEDIATELY AFTER those things in the FDA brief, it says: “it is not always possible to reliably estimate their frequencies or to
      establish a causal relationship to components of Tripedia vaccine.” If you knew a goddamn thing about how FDA approval studies work – and I do, as I referenced before I am a pediatrician who has studied this EXTENSIVELY – they report anything that happens AT ALL to kids who took the vaccine, whether it had anything to do with the vaccine or not. If a kid got got mauled to death by a tiger during the surveillance period, they would be required to put being mauled by a tiger as a potential adverse event. So please, just shut the fuck up and go back to whatever stupid shit you usually do, like trying to dig up Obama’s “real” birth certificate.

  37. j.aces

    Amen, thank you for the post!
    The continued belief in this study baffles me-but so does the amount of pseudoscience crapping up legitimate work that is based on that most inconvenient of parameters: facts.

  38. ace11

    I would like to vaccinate this little whore’s tounge

    God Cutler is a lunk head for pregnating her

  39. I’m so sick of these morons who have a public platform and start spouting this nonsense. There is no proof that vaccines cause autism. Everyone I know or have ever known, myself and my child included has received vaccines and none of these ppl have autism. And even if there is a remote chance of it causing autism I would rather take that risk than risk losing a child to a preventable disease. I would be interested in seeing how many non vaccinated children in the world have been diagnosed with autism. Have all children who have not received vaccines avoided autism 100%? Does this evidence present itself in all their research?

    • Reds

      Watch what you wish for, raising a child with autism is no picnic….. There are court cases and parents have been awarded settlements from vaccine injuries. Heres a study for you, the amish don’t vaccinate, check out that study.

      • Jentilly

        First off I wouldn’t wish to have a child with autism or any disorder but I also don t want my child to die from measles or some other preventable disease. There is currently an outbreak of measles and this concerns me, I’m pregnant and this puts my baby at risk. As for the Amish not having autistic children that is untrue. There are cases of autism within their community. They may not have as many but maybe this is related to their environment rather than vaccines. They eat mostly organic food that they grow themselves. Their meat is not pumped full of hormones and other harmful chemicals. Look I’m not a dr so I don’t know for sure what causes autism, but I would rather listen to my dr over some 2-bit former realty star.

  40. Reds

    Unvaccinated kids are not bringing back measles dumb ass! It’s all the foreigners we let visit our country that bring that and bed bugs and so many other things…. If your worried, then get vaccinated, you’ll be fine. Vaccines do cause Autism! The drug companies spend enough money each year to tear done the accurate findings on autism. Vaccines cause millions of injuries, you want proof, google it.

    • Joe

      “Unvaccinated kids are not bringing back measles dumb ass! It’s all the foreigners ”

      No, it isn’t.

      ” Vaccines do cause Autism!”

      No, they don’t.

      “Vaccines cause millions of injuries, you want proof, google it

      I did. The opposite result came up. Vaccines save millions of people from dying. The only people that say they don’t happen to be non-medical scientists with no data to back up their claims, and retards like you.

    • Jentilly

      Lol because Google has all the answers! Just because you read it on the internet it doesn’t mean it’s true, try doing some real research and then come back to the conversation.

  41. Fuck you, Kristin Cavallari. Go right ahead and not vaccinate your kids. When the kid gets sick, don’t you dare take it to a doctor. What do they know about anything?

    • The thing is that she’s rich, her kids are never going to hurt for medical care, and they will be surrounded by people who have been vaccinated, so it’s unlikely THEY will ever get sick from preventable disease. However, yet another celebrity spouting anti-vaccination bullshit will lead other folks to not get vaccinated, and it’s these people and their communities that are going to suffer for it. Probably not immediately, but as their herd immunity wanes the likelihood of an epidemic increases. If Kristin Cavallari’s kids were the ones who were going to die, it’d just make her a shit parent; but it’s going to be other people’s kids that die because she opened her ignorant mouth.

  42. ohtheirony

    Well put all of you caring social crusaders!! Can’t wait for the great circumcision debate. And now back to the regularly scheduled misogynistic objectivization.

    • …well, he/she does make a great point.

    • It was only a matter of time before somebody came on here to call people misogynists. Typical feminist shaming tactic. Fuck off.

      • ohtheirony

        Oh I didn’t mean you Don. Your posts clearly indicate that you don’t hate women – quite the opposite. Mine was a more general statement of the fantastic scientific immunology debate taking place on this site (of all sites) when the usual comments are dumb cunt, whore, etc.

  43. There is so much assholery on both sides when it comes to this debate, as usual. I sort of the fall in the middle. I’m not against vaccines, but also don’t think they should be given to infants. Babies leave the womb before they are developed so they can fit through the vagina. They don’t even have fully formed skulls. Maybe it’s best not to inject them with aluminum, mercury, emulsifiers when they weigh 7 pounds.

    Autism is also a very complex disorder. Since we don’t actually know what is causing the massive spike in numbers, I don’t think it’s completely fair to rule vaccines out as a possibility. Especially since the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has ruled in favor of several parents who claim that vaccines have caused encephalopathy and symptoms of autism in their children. These people have even been compensated by the program.

    Like I said, I’m not against vaccines at all. I’m just skeptical, even when it comes to skepticism. Do your own research and come to our own conclusions. 99% of anti-vaxxers are mentally retarded, but that doesn’t mean you need to immediately jump to the other end of the spectrum.

    (no pun intended)

    • You should read the article posted by Equinox above:

      It debunks any claimed scientific basis for NVIC settlements:

      “The goal of the NVIC is not to determine scientifically if there is a link between a particular vaccine and a particular side effect. That is determined by the scientific community. Rather, the NVIC’s charge is to determine if “compensation is appropriate” in specific cases. They also give the benefit of the doubt to the families.

      In many cases families do not have to prove that a vaccine caused a specific injury, only that their child had a certain medical outcome within a specific time frame of being vaccinated. Further, certain outcomes are considered “table injuries,” meaning that all the family has to do is establish that the child has the condition and the onset was within a certain window after getting a vaccine, and then compensation is automatic.”

  44. Mikky

    Yeah, follow the herd mentality. Look is her first kid dead with the swine flu? No?! Then the decision she made for her family is working out. You took the vaccinations and you’re not dead or sick?! Then your decision worked for you. If her kids drop dead tomorrow then you can criticize. Until then stfu. Because her kids are still alive.

    • Yeah, because the kids of some C-list celebrity are the issue, not the fact that celebrity support for the anti-vaccination fucknuggets is eroding our herd immunity because people who don’t know any better decided it would be a fine idea and suddenly we have massive pertussis outbreaks. And it’s not like their are immunocompromised folks who can’t get vaccines that depend on herd immunity to not die or anything…

      Go die in a fire.

  45. Jenn

    This woman is ate up with the dumbass. I had febrile seizures because of vaccines when I was a kid. I still have seizures, I take meds for it but don’t have autism. I am a bitch, that’s genetic though.

  46. Kristin Cavallari Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t know why I even bother, but if you are going to quote stuff, make sure you include the entire thing.

    That “autism” adverse effect that you copied/pasted has a sentence right below there that says:

    “Events were included in this list because of the seriousness or frequency of reporting. Because these events are reported voluntarily from a population of uncertain size, it is NOT ALWAYS possible to reliably estimate their frequencies ***OR TO ESTABLISH A CAUSAL RELATIONSHIP to components of Tripedia vaccine.***”

    Instead of spouting off antivax crap, I challenge YOU to “think for yourself.” Vaccines are not perfect, but they sure as hell have prevented a lot of illnesses. While I go and clean up the measles outbreak that you guys have made in the hospital (because I am that doctor that you keep coming back to), why don’t you get a little reading done? While you are at it, you might want to look into what actually goes into Phase I-IV trials.

    Also, if you are indeed going to your doctor for everything else under the sun, did it ever occur to you that we may actually know what we are talking about when it comes to vaccines?

    So no, good sir, I say you “THINK FOR YOURSELF” AND “FUCK YOU”.

  47. Mel

    Do the people defending the safety of vaccines realize that they’re made with mercury? Just checking.

    • Most modern vaccinations do not contain mercury derivatives (thimerasol); although completely safe, they removed it because of the population’s negative perpective on mercury (even in such a harmless and minute concentration). FYI- Mercury is found in soil, air, water, flourescent lights, and most cold water fish.

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