Kristen Stewart craps on Twilight

February 25th, 2009 // 93 Comments

Robert Pattinson presented an award at the Oscars but noticeably absent was his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart. Turns out she hates financially successful films. Why not? Access Hollywood reports:

Access’ Billy Bush got the answer on the red carpet, when he asked Kristen’s father, John Stewart, why she wasn’t presenting with Robert Pattinson.
John responded that Kristen would present at the Oscars, “When it’s a great movie, not just one that makes a lot of money.”

Somebody’s going to be a joy to work with for the next three films. Then again, the studio could always recast Bella Swan. It’s not like Twilight fans are a collective of pure fucking insanity capable of God knows what. Nah, they’ll be fine.

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  1. Emily


  2. beep beep


  3. Danielle is back...

    You would think the person chosen to play Bella Swan would actually be attractive.

    Who the hell casted for this film anyway? Stevie Wonder’s second cousin?

  4. mike

    stevie wonder’s second cousin? PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

    oh i get, you’re saying that because stevie wonder is blind, his second cousin must be also. wow.

    anyway, as a non-fan of twilight, i just want to point out that the second film ought to be better, what with the casting of dakota fanning and one of those weitz brothers directing.

  5. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Girls only watch this shit for the sparkling vampire dude. They could give a shit less about Bella. She’s just a plain Jane cookie cutout they can project themselves on to. Easily replaced.

  6. Bickus Dickus

    She must give good head or something, because she sucks as an actress and is butt-fugly. Well, it’s probably not her giving head, it’s probably her dad, since all the Hollywood bigwigs are fucking homo’s, they’d have no use for underage female head. Just desperate overbearing father head.

    P.S. Fuck Obomma and liberals

  7. Jen

    as a fan of twilight, i can speak for a good portion of us when i say that she makes a crappy bella anyways. we wouldn’t care if bella got recast. bring it.

  8. File this under LOSS… right under Bobby Jindal’s speech and right on top of Sarah Palin’s resume…

  9. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Almost forgot, if she keeps this shit up, she’ll end up just like Mischa Fatass.
    I hope your contract is solid honey.

  10. WTB

    I love it when ignorant people misspell the names of the people they’re trying to insult. :)

    As for Kristin Stewart, I’d be surprised if anyone even noticed if her role were re-cast. She’s mediocre. If she doesn’t appreciate the movie’s success, there are literally thousands of other, better actresses who would gladly take her place.

    With an attitude like that, directors and producers will certainly steer clear of Her Snarkiness in the future, and boy, won’t she miss her “Twilight” days then…

  11. CandyO

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  12. Bobaloo

    Hey, Kristen, if you want to be in great movies, you need to have talent. Count your blessings and take whatever job offers come your way because you aren’t good enough to have principles.

  13. #11 – (ahem…)

    Your poem’s don’t leave me in a stitich
    Blow me twice you stupid bitch

  14. annie

    I think she is the most sexy celebrity, so there are so many men are talking about her at ____MillionaireLoving. C O M____ forum, they are interested in posting her naked photos and private news.

  15. missywissy

    Yeah, I agree with lack of talent. She seems really arrogant, too. She should count her blessings she was cast in a mainstream film in the first place. I hope they find a new Bella. I can’t wait to see Taylor Hicks, if I was ten years younger… reeeow! That’s pretty shitty for an actress to dog her own movie. How professional!

  16. RichPort's Ghost

    was anyone else moved by last night’s speech by the Messiah, Biraq Obomma? Upon hearing his voice, I immediately got a boner, a full 3/4″, and had to go rub one out. I must’ve came 20 times during his speech. He’s such a great speaker, and he is going to bring such great change. The Muslim Terrorists have already sent word that they love Americans now that Obomma is President. Plus, everyone is going to have a free house, car, and all their bills paid by Obomma, and none of us liberals will have to get jobs! We’ll be taken care of forever by the Annointed One!! Yippee! I gotta go rub another one out just thinking of my new master, Biraq Obomma!!! Asalamalakem my brutha!!!!!!

  17. #16 – Massa/ Apes/ Sheeva/ Random Fuck – Your homoerotic rantings may impress your priest, but I just think they’re wierd, dude…

  18. testing

    Dumb bitch is biting the hand that feeds her.

    Plus I thought she was a dude in Panic Room

  19. Oh to be young and to still give a shit about anything. To think that your petulant anti-establishment stances are of consequence beyond making you fodder for Internet mockery.

    I’d hit it?

  20. CandyO

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  21. Mr Hobbes

    I think she’s smoking hot

    But I’m sure no one cares…

  22. Colby

    Bobby Jindal reminded me of the Indian version of Mr. Rogers. Patronizing fuck.

  23. Julie Ann

    What is it with everyone bitching and moaning about Obama on a site for “celebrity news”?

    He’s the President, deal with it. He’s been in office for a month…you’ve got a while yet to contend with him so just give it a freaking rest.

    Oh and Twilight…never saw it.

  24. Fuzzy Tingle Times

    ahhhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… good luck with the career.

  25. PunkA

    Looking at those photos of her Dad, it is suddenly clear to me why this personality-less and humorless bitch loves to smoke her bud. I bet her dad is her supplier. you’d think it would make her more mellow though. I just wonder how serious and jacked up she’d be without the weed.

    P.S. She sucks as an actress.

  26. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    What would be great is if she wasn’t even asked to present, so her dad spews this bullshit. “Well they didn’t ask, but if they did, she wouldn’t have done it anyways, because she’s like a serious actress….diarrhea fart vomit”.

  27. Darth

    If McCarthy could read this,he would be spinning around in his grave.

  28. swizz


    LMFAO ! nice!

  29. v00m

    She’s ugly and a lousy actress. Her dad left out the part that she wasn’t even invited to the Oscars.

  30. Danklin24

    The sad thing is, people think Kristen Stewart is a great actress because she plays the lost soul emo kid so well. This isnt acting folks, this girl is fucked up. Have you ever once seen this chick smile? Yeah, me neither. At least not a real smile. She sits in front of her house smoking pot all day not giving a shit who sees her. Yeah, this chick is well balanced.

  31. Trust me – not too many would lose sleep if Kristen Stewart were recast. We discuss this tomorrow on our blog and just go to Twitter and see how disgusted the Twilight fans are of her.

  32. Danklin24

    Jamie Lynn Spears smiles more than Kristen Stewart, now thats saying something. That girl is always grumpy.

  33. Dr. Drew

    #30. Amen. Chances are good that daddy treats her like his personal blow up doll. She seems that messed up for sure. She sports the classic signs of an abused little girl.

  34. Sarah

    Someone needs to tell her that her acting sucks! I am sick of the whinny twillight actors. They should support their own films.

  35. Twilight Nerd

    Jeeeeziz — so she knows a shite movie when she sees one. Big Deal.

  36. liz

    whatever kristren stewart. no one watches twilight for her and i dont think that a single rabid teenaged fan would shed a tear if she left

  37. Adult Twilight Fan

    Umm…I have never seen the movie- only ever read the books- and this girl SUCKS as Bella just by looking at her. Bella is supposed to be pale and normal but , I don’t know, ATTRACTIVE as well. This girl is awful. I don’t think any of us would care if she was re-cast.

  38. whatever, yo

    The most terrible thing about the Twilight film is Kristen. She’s terrible as Bella!!

    She is also full of herself… but aren’t most actors who grow up in LA??

  39. Adrienne

    That is so funny. She must live in outerspace. She is by far the worst actor in the whole Twilight movie. Remember that scene at the end when she’s in the hospital. It was so bad I thought I was going to have a kidney stone.

  40. Hollie

    Ignoring my own feelings about the movie and the actress, did no one even comprehend the line that said it was her father’s comment. Not hers. Why was her father even interviewed? Parent or not, he can’t know this. And it’s much more likely she just wasn’t asked. She’s not the true star of the movie.

  41. p0nk

    on a positve note, this pretty much assures us that we’ll never see her presenting awards.

  42. Hefe

    They need to just drop her from the franchise already.

    Ungrateful pig acts like she’s the next Meryl Streep or something.


  43. sam

    It’s true bad things come in threes — first car-draping douchebags, then out-of -touch douchebag XL, and now ungrateful douchebagette.

    I thought she was a good pick for Bella but I am sick of her whiny, grumpy, “I’m better than this” attitude. She could milk a whole damn career out of this role and all she does is bitch.

    And can’t she ever SMILE ? You would think hittin’ the gange would make her look happy at least once in a while.

    Recast the f-ing role! NEW BELLA! NEW BELLA!

  44. Valerie

    @20–nice, it HAD to be done.

    Has anyone ever noticed KristEN (@10 the irony is not lost on me) Stewart is slack-jawed the entire movie? I HAD to see it on megavideo or whatever because I took note of the psycho fans, and although I don’t think she’s unattractive, I kinda wanted to tell her “don’t look up, a flock of seagulls are flying over!”

  45. yodeler

    A great movie requires a great actress. This whiny little bitch doesn’t seem to fit the bill.

  46. Valerie

    WHOA she’s slack jawed right now!

  47. uhhhno

    she can’t even support her own film? what a spoiled brat and i hope she gets fired from the upcoming twilight movies. how dare she not be greatful. there are thousands of girls her age who would kill to be in her position and she has the nerve to talk shit? i hope she falls into oblivion

  48. L Ron Hubbard

    Never heard of the bitch

  49. gossip junkie

    i think she’s kinda cute lol.

  50. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    Wow, at least one of the actors realizes how much of a shit this movie was. I can’t believe some retards even like this shit. What’s wrong with Kristen Stewart, why don’t you check your own heads first if you even remotely liked this piece of crap?
    At least she realizes that the movie was a piece of shit. She’s not going to get fired, everybody that’s worked on the movie knows how terrible it was. She’s just the only one that went public with it. And good for her. Maybe this will convince the producers not to make another Twilight retarded crap again!

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