Kristen Stewart looking surprisingly good and other news

March 18th, 2010 // 93 Comments

- Miley Cyrus should give lessons to Amanda Seyfried. [Lainey Gossip]

- Michelle “Bombshell” McGee pulls a Joslyn James. Or is it vice versa? [Dlisted]

- Padma Lakshmi’s baby daddy was apparently a mystery. Until now. [PopEater]

- Jessica Alba’s still has breasts. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Audrina Patridge’s wonk boobs shan’t be restrained! [HollywoodTuna]

- Rihanna’s planning Katy Perry’s bachelorette party. Hope she likes Chris Brown pinatas. [TheFABlife]

- Lindsay Lohan might be banned from India. [Huffington Post]

- Tiger Woods gets the South Park treatment in case you haven’t seen the words “alien wizards” 50,000 times today. [Amy Grindhouse]

- Beyonce and Alicia Keys. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. [Bossip]

- Kendra Wilkinson trashes Kate Gosselin. [ICYDK]

- Lady GaGa asked Boy George to sign her vagina. [Socialite Life]

- Madonna shows Lindsay Lohan she’s not fucking around. [Betty Confidential]

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  1. She doesn’t need to waste money or risk skin cancer so that a bunch of losers can whack off to her. Anyhow, she’s probably fucking one of the best-looking men alive, so I my hat is off to her.

  2. Krys

    Pasty? She’s WHITE.

    If you want hot pictures of SHAQUANDA go look at BET … vanilla ice.

  3. Gueibor

    “I shall not smile. Ever.”

  4. Bob

    she is not anywhere near good looking. Having said that i would still do her from behind and not call back! ok maybe call once or twice.

  5. boomrpup

    Why does this chick always look high like Jim Brewer? Oh, right…

  6. captain america

    Michael Jackson had also an oxygen-chamber.
    but sorry, IT DIDN’T HELP HIM!!

  7. This chick makes Rumer Willis look hot…


    She’s naturally gorgeous! She needs nothing.

  9. Kyle

    She’s a slightly less-hot, non-smiling Emmy Rossum.

  10. juge

    damn she doesn’t just know how to work her body

  11. Kangaroo

    Her legs look like raw sausages.

  12. She is very beautiful. I love how she looks here. Naturally gorgeous.

  13. cc

    She does look pretty.

    Sure hates smiling though…she must be Canadian. (Canadian women DO NOT smile, I don’t know why.)

  14. Mike Nike

    I would pound her ass till it gaped.

  15. Philippa

    She is totally a lesbian
    100% dyke.
    how can everyone not see this? First time I saw her, I noticed, and it’s getting more apparent as she gets older

  16. whocares

    this dress is so wrong for her on so many levels

  17. Hmmmm

    Home girl needs to do some push ups…girls her age should not have flabby, pasty arms and shoulders.

  18. Hmmmm

    I’m with you #66. I’ve been saying that for a year now.

  19. Respectful Critic

    There’s nothing wrong with her skin (she’s fair, plus I’m sure during the Twilight filming she was told to stay out of the sun) but she just looks off to me.

    Not horrendous; but I wouldn’t call her beautiful. Something about her is just…weird.Plus that dress is just wrong for her.
    Maybe it is her expression and eyes. But I doubt even smiling would shake my feeling.

    Eh. There’s MUCH better… but then again there is MUCH worse.

  20. Shitballs


    She licks her lips, she bites her lower lip.

  21. She always looks like drugged xD

  22. Hi everyone!!

    This disgusting crack whore is a shining example of the beauty coming from our entertainment industry these days. All young girls should look up to her. Dead eyes, yes. Malnourished looking…hot! Simultaneously skinny AND flabby! Fabulous!!


  23. Kathryn

    The coloring of her legs is absolutely disgusting. Yes, she does look better than she has other times, but she seriously needs to do something about her legs. Gross.

  24. She really looks good. She’s gone a long long way from Jodie Foster’s daughter in panic room to Bella Swan. And she’s definitely showing it off.

  25. Hayley`

    Kristen looks lovely, fresh, and young. She has made smart but difficult career choices. She was raked over the coals for cutting her hair and dying it jett-black. Now she is getting excellent reviews for The Runaways. CNN review says she steals the film. NYTimes says she is the spine and soul of the film. Variety says she is a nice fit for Joan Jett. Congratulations Kristen.

  26. Eli

    Hair style & dress are classy. Best look ever for Kristen. I give her an A.

  27. I think her acting was TERRIBLE in New Moon! Show some emotion and quit with the funny breathing!

  28. KLala

    Her eyes look like that because she’s stoned a lot. I’ve seen quite a few pictures of her smoking weed. HMMM.. Not gonna lie, I toke up too… some strains just happen to make people feel socially awkward/act awkward/look awkward. I think she just needs to find a good sativa strain and she’ll be fine :)

    smiley, slightly giggly, and still a little dead behind the eyes…

  29. Look at that face. That’s the face of an angel. Maybe I’m crazy. But maybe not. Maybe you’re the crazy one, mom.

  30. GOD

    You sound like a bunch of whiny, stinky, welfare people. Stop hating so much and your life just might improve. This tomboy is dead sexy and everybody knows it.

  31. Thank you for your sharing.

  32. Sarah

    I’m sorry,, but I really DO NOT think that Kristen looks good in these pictures. I don’t get why people are on about her legs though? :S but still,, shes always looked good in pictures and I loved her with her long hair,, but I’m sorry I HATE THIS DRESS!!!

  33. Weird seeing her dressed up

  34. I think she looks beautiful – it’s that subtle kind of beauty that isn’t in our face but when you look at her a few times it’s like ‘damn, that’s sexy. So beautiful

  35. jen

    you people are f’d up how is it bad to be white?? sorry maybe she doesnt want to look like you fake mofo’s who are orange…. ok she has skinny legs… how many guys you see with guys that have a upper body then what do you know you look at their legs and they are chicken legs!! thats worse!!

  36. jen

    also i would LOVE to see wtf you guys look like saying bad comments!! haha probly nasty yourself!!

  37. Katy

    She looks a lot like a young Demi Moore in the first photo. She’s a pretty girl in a plain, natural sort of way, but her personality ruins it.. She’s extremely rude from what I’ve seen in interviews, seems condescending, and whines about being famous. I don’t know about you, but if people were handing me millions of dollars to be in movies, I wouldn’t be complaining. It’s crushing because I ttried to like her. Ah, well.

  38. ou people are f’d up how is it bad to be white?? sorry maybe she doesnt want to look like you fake mofo’s who are orange…. ok she has skinny legs… how many guys you see with guys that have a upper body then what do you know you look at their legs and they are chicken legs!! thats worse!!

  39. TLK_1983

    I don’t know what most of you are smoking, Kristen is the most beautiful woman alive! And you can quote me on that.

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