Kristen Stewart looking surprisingly good and other news

March 18th, 2010 // 93 Comments

- Miley Cyrus should give lessons to Amanda Seyfried. [Lainey Gossip]

- Michelle “Bombshell” McGee pulls a Joslyn James. Or is it vice versa? [Dlisted]

- Padma Lakshmi’s baby daddy was apparently a mystery. Until now. [PopEater]

- Jessica Alba’s still has breasts. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Audrina Patridge’s wonk boobs shan’t be restrained! [HollywoodTuna]

- Rihanna’s planning Katy Perry’s bachelorette party. Hope she likes Chris Brown pinatas. [TheFABlife]

- Lindsay Lohan might be banned from India. [Huffington Post]

- Tiger Woods gets the South Park treatment in case you haven’t seen the words “alien wizards” 50,000 times today. [Amy Grindhouse]

- Beyonce and Alicia Keys. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. [Bossip]

- Kendra Wilkinson trashes Kate Gosselin. [ICYDK]

- Lady GaGa asked Boy George to sign her vagina. [Socialite Life]

- Madonna shows Lindsay Lohan she’s not fucking around. [Betty Confidential]

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  1. quadracer

    Damn… Pasty, but cute!!!

  2. hayyy yay yuk yuk look at me yee haw I’m first duh duh drool drool

  3. NM!! …oh well you get my drift…

  4. Pasty is right…and those are some chicken legs alright…they look like they had casts on them for months before these pics!

  5. Richard McBeef

    Alright SW, i literally have a hundred different computers with a hundred different IP addresses at my disposal. Unblock my favorite computer’s IP so I don’t have to slide my office chair all over the place. This is a symbiosis. I eat your shit to produce the milk that keeps you alive. Don’t you get it?

  6. PunkJr

    She still looks a little dead behind the eyes though…

  7. She’s always reminded me of that girl in highschool that would be really hot if she washed her hair, took off all that damned black, went out in the sun, and smiled every now and then.
    Even though she’s annoying as hell, I find Kristen very attractive in a strange sort of way. She looks nice here, just totally uncomfortable dressed like that.

  8. Tuppy

    #6 called it. She cleaned up a little in these pics, but she still looks pathetically stupid. At least she isn’t blatantly snarling like she has been in every other photo I’ve ever seen of her…

  9. Dan

    Why does she look so horribly sour all the time? Cheer the fuck up.

  10. Cody

    She looks better than usual, yes(hair doesn’t look completely stupid for once), but she still looks dopey as fuck with those Garfield eyes.

  11. Damn does that “and other news” crap get old or what? Retire that stupid shit, please!!!

  12. she’s so fidgity she makes me nervous. like, take a xanax or something girl

  13. gen

    Totally called it. She is beautiful.

    And pasty? What the hell? She’s caucasian and she doesn’t feel the need to fake a different skin color. What’s wrong with that? She doesn’t need to waste money or risk skin cancer so that a bunch of losers can whack off to her. Anyhow, she’s probably fucking one of the best-looking men alive, so I my hat is off to her.

  14. Randal

    Kristen is all sparkles tonight with that swirling sequenced form fitting dress that just smashes out her curves. With her midnight dark hair tied back in a bun, she’s able to show off that milky white neckline that drives every vampire crazy!


  15. Ron

    “I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ You know, I’ve been that woman! So it was very interesting to be on the outside looking in.” ”

    Boy George, well…she’s emulating you and Judy Garland.

  16. rockrocky77

    Very nice.

  17. Tony

    are you kidding me? looks like a man in drag.

  18. Ally

    I think she looks beautiful – it’s that subtle kind of beauty that isn’t in our face but when you look at her a few times it’s like ‘damn, that’s sexy.’

    Kristin is gorgeous – no not in a Tara Reid way, but in a natural, understated elegant way.

  19. Tek

    Always though she was cute and had potential to be a hottie. Well she just gained hottie status. Hope she keeps it up.

    PS – She reminds me of a young Neve Campbell.

  20. Rusty Brown

    Listen to me, mom. Kristen Stewart is beautiful. If you can’t see that then you are lost. The classy thing to do would be to admit that she’s beautiful, tell me that I have good taste, and just leave it at that. Not every girl is a skank, mom. Not every girl is average. And it should not always be a fucking mystery why I find some girls hot. I mean, look at her, mom. You heard what I said. Look at her. Look at that face. That’s the face of an angel. Maybe I’m crazy. But maybe not. Maybe you’re the crazy one, mom. Maybe you just don’t know how to recognize beauty anymore because you spend most of your time staring into the mirror. Wait! Mom! No! I was just kidding!

  21. Freebie

    Its nice to see natural breasts instead of bolted on grapefruits. But, then again she’s only 19. Men – that’s what breasts are supposed to look like. Not high and impossibly round.

  22. uncle Rough

    Of course she does, she got an understated look about her. You don’t think she got in the movies by being butch do you.

    Furthermore I think her arm is obscuring some type of CURVE there…

  23. friendlystoner

    top 5 people who look like skanky trailer park trash but are wearing an expensive dress:

    1)kristen stewart

    end of list.

  24. Poozy

    Why are her legs always purple?

  25. wut

    Damn this girl’s legs are nasty.

  26. Sonya

    She’s interesting looking, although I do see that Hollywood is beginning to work their magic makeover on her. They have a bit more to go.

  27. lorf

    Stoned 80′s movie star=good?

  28. yep

    Kristen Stewart looks like Macaulay Culkin…..

  29. Puddin' Taine

    I wanna bang the indifference right outta her

  30. Her face is 78% nostril

  31. Mr. Nice Guy

    She looks like a boring lay.

  32. kaylia

    she looks butch… her hair sucks like that

  33. krys

    she’s hot. i’d hit it. it’s good to see her as a main attraction

  34. #4 nailed it. Her legs DO look like they’ve been in casts for a long time lol. They have that weird look, but she’s still a pretty enough girl.

  35. Activestatic

    She looks like she should be Jim Breur’s sister. She always looks stoned. They have the same eyes, it’s creepy.

  36. Danny

    She looks really uncomfortable, that’s all. I like her :)

  37. Nameless

    She always has “bitch” written all over her face.

  38. AHHH the short/tight dress, HOTTEST legs EVER, killer pose.. she is killing me!

  39. Insatiable Peter

    Would it kill this bitch to smile? She aint Virginia Woolf. She’s one step up from Snooki. I hate this whole mawkish, pseudo-brooding Twilight bullshit.

  40. mike

    fuck it, i’d hit it

  41. I do see that Hollywood is beginning to work their magic makeover on her.

  42. Leah

    lol so the “right” skin color is fake and tanned amirite? Western world’s has this lamed obsession with being tanned and orange. Pale skin is gorgeous and elegant, like Kristen here and Anne Hathaway.

  43. Dean

    Huh kristen!!! She’s pretty damn BEAUTIFUL and SEXY!!!
    She’s killing me again….

  44. Dean

    Huh kristen!!! She’s pretty damn BEAUTIFUL and SEXY!!!
    She’s killing me again….

  45. Gando

    This looks better? Where’s Darth? He knows about these things.

  46. Darth

    I’m dressed in the LATEST design clothes and my thick wavy hair is modelled like i’m a rockstar.I’m thinking about to have my eyebrows waxed as well. . Who else is dying for my expert advice??

  47. Rhialto

    Could you please put that mirror finally down!? That wig looks pretty pathetic . . . Anyway,Kristen Stewart does look better this time.At least she’s trying.

  48. asdf

    oh wait

    is that a smile? almost?

    aww no.

  49. Pie

    I like her. I don’t think she’s bitchy, just uncomfortable in the spotlight. I love it that she isn’t the typical spray-tan, fake boobs, fake nose creepiness that we’re used to seeing.

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